Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why do I love being submissive to my wife? I don't know. I just know I love it. Last year I finally revealed to my wife of 3 years that I want her to be the dominant partner in our marriage. I'm a happy submissive husband and I'd like to share our journey with you.

I've had these feelings for years but was afraid to reveal them in other relationships. Now that I've accepted them I feel releived. Thankfully my wife also embraced my submission :)


At 2:56 AM, Blogger metman said...

Good for you subhub. You will learn more each day being sub to her. I have been sub to my wife/mistress for 38 yrs of marriage. It all started with me massaging her feet on our first date.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you my friend i hope to follow in your path.

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck bioth of you and your journey. i think its better life than normal.woman is always best and men under woman .i beleive this ideas.i am now introducing my wife to this life style.she enjoying

At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly recomend all family, D/s life style is very happy and spice of your life.always respect wife and obey them.its not a shame.our wife we want to keep happy and help her all the way like a servant. same time dom wife also sexually satisfy their sub husband well. if we do ths way we can be happy and life will go her every small things. like wash dishes, clean house, wash rooms, do laundrying, help cooking, massage her body and feet , any small small help make our life happy and very interesting.I am follow all the wife some time humiliate me if i do wrong. that also interesting. even most of the time she slap me if i do wrong or not doing properly. that means she is trying to correct and teach dissipline.i am happy sub husband to my wife. so good luck of your journey.

At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love this life style very much.i always obey my wife.she is very strict and very knowlede woman. i always learn lots from her. so i can be obey and do all house work including wash her cloths.she punish me only if i do wrong or not doing. its ok for me. i love her very much. when we have sex she lick my cock. so i am very happy.i always lick her pussy and feet nicly as a dog.

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

am a submissive husband. I sometimes need a spanking, something that she has become very good at delivering. But more than that, I need to serve the one who loves me, to meet her needs as she meets mine.

One issue we encounter is that she is so completely acculturated to pleasing me. I work hard to draw her out, to get clarity from her on how best to meet her needs. I will do anything she asks me to.

At 3:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your way that you have courage to say that you are submissive to your dominant wife.I am also completely submissive husband and i obey all the rule designed by my mistress.I am 55 years old man and my wife is 42 years old and I married her 25 years back.after 3 years of marriage She showed me her domination and I started obeying her.I am very proud to say that She has made very good human being .I am looking after house from last 22 years.She is into business so I completely looking after home.She is very intelligent and wise lady so their is no question to ask any question to her.From last 22 years I have got weekend spanking without any intervention.My spanking is for me to improve as much I can.I do all her personal work also including giving her bath , help in dressing and help in all the work which she demands.I have been sleeping on the floor from last 22 years.So whenever she woke in night or even in morning she puts her Foot on my face.She always give me healthy piss drink into my mouth daily.I really love her and I owe all my life to her.My motto of life is to keep happy her.She is happy with my work and know she spanks me in front of her younger sister which live with her.I always kiss her foot daily and after that she gives me slap and i love that.

At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For several years my older husband has been unable to sexually satisfy me.Over the years I have become more and more Dominant with my husband and it now turns me on to tease and humiliate him.But I am in a relationship in which I spanks my slave husband regularly. I am so lucky that my slave husband never speaks any words against me and he can do anything for me and I reciprocate this by giving him very hard spanking.He wash clothes, cooked and cleaned the house while I sleep and caught up on TV shows.Actually he is my slave boy.He is not allowed to sit on bed or chair when I am sitting .I put my feet on his face while watching TV or he has to lick my feet or cunt.Poor cunt slave boy has nothing freedom to do.He wears my old panties and old clothes.He is serving me from last 20 years.I feel every husband should be like my husband , cool and calm and when I am very happy I piss into mouth of my slave spanked husband.Wow , what lucky woman I am who had such a fantastic slave sissy boy..

At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always spank my husband. Yet again. He was crying and apologizing profusely. I hugged him, rubbing his back, calming him down.
"I'm sorry Jenny" he cried. I knew he meant it. He always did after I had spanked him.I loved him though. I wouldn't be so strict if I didn't care and certainly wouldn't be prepared to spend my time disciplining him to try to teach him to be better behaved. No way.
I was 22 years old the first time when I spanked my slave husband, and he was 24.22 years ago now.Whilst I did all the cleaning he did all the messing up. I wasn't happy about that. It was grating with me.He was so childish with it and sometimes even rude to me and soon he got completely out of control, making my life a misery and untolerable. I did not want that to happen now.
one day I said , tersely, "come over here now I am going to spank you as you act like a child and be treated like one." I just knew this was our last chance. Either he had to change or there was no future for us.
My poor husband looked at me for a moment, and the sneer went, replaced by open eyes, an almost scared look, and asked "You're not really going to spank me Jenny?"
"Yes I am" I said smartly. "Now come over here before I get really angry".y slave husbnad came slowly over, unsure, and stood next to me, looking dismayed. I was in over drive though. I took down his trousers and pants and pulled him over my knee. He did not resist at all and lay there, not moving, his arms on the floor in front of him. I decided just to lay straight in to him. Scolding will come later.
So I gave him spank after spank on his bare bottom, turning his bare bouncing bottom cheeks first pink and then a deeper red. I just thrashed him as hard as I could, almost blind with rage, but after about 10 minutes I had calmed down. I was thinking I should not be doing this. I am his wife and not his mother. I rubbed my hand around his bottom while I was thinking, giving the occasional few smacks just to make sure he did not try to get up.
Then I decided what the heck? He deserved to be disciplined because he really did hurt me, and, here he was, across my lap and taking his punishment. I decided to continue. If he doesn't like it we will be splitting up anyway.
He still lay there, now grunting each time I hit him. I was beginning to relish disciplining my brat of a husband. I was very calm now, focused on turning his bottom as deep a shade of red as I could, his smooth flesh bouncing as my flat hand smacked home and he grunted and groaned and moaned and eventually started to sob.
"Am I getting through to you slave?"
A very wet "yes" was his answer. Well, that encouraged me. He was accepting his punishment so I kept spanking him until his bottom was bright red.My slave husband was crying freely, a grown man being thrashed by his young wife. The tears flowing down his face told me he was suffering, and maybe I had got through to him. I gave him a dozen more even harder spanks before stopping. I let him get up, and he threw his arms around my neck, hugged me, and said he was sorry. I hugged him back until he had calmed down and he promised to be more adult in future.This was first spanking and from that day he has become good slave boy but I have not stopped spanking him. I spank him on weekends after reviewing his work and to make more better slave husband of Dominant wife.
I was pleasantly surprised when sissy husband was much better behaved afterwords. He helped around the house, and his silly antics stopped.I always call him Poor Donkey...

At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I (49 years old) obey my wonderful Wife(45 years) without question from last 26 years. She is 100% in control of our marriage & we are very open about it.
She took control & my spankings/paddling started on our wedding night. She wanted to make it quite clear from the beginning who was in charge, & it wasn't to be me. On our wedding night She took me over Her lap & paddled me with Her hairbrush before we actually consummated our marriage by making love. In fact to my Wife, the actual consummation of our marriage was Her paddling me & taking charge, not in making love. That was no light little session either. By the time She was finished paddling me, my bottom was deep red to purple, I was begging Her to stop through my tears & sobbing, & I was hoarse from crying. She put me in the corner & told me to get used to it, for She was in charge & that's how it was going to be. She had Her priorities in order from the beginning. The entire week we were on our honeymoon, & the rest of the first month of our marriage, each day began & ended with me over Her lap getting spanked & spending time crying in the corner, not including when She needed to punish me for something, just to remind me who was in charge. Each session, for punishment or as a reminder ended with me in tears & begging my Wife to stop, & it's been that way every time for nearly 26 years now. My Wife shows no mercy & cuts no corners when spanking/paddling me, for any reason.

When we were first married & I was learning Her rules, I was spanked by Her at least once a day, every day for falling short of Her rules & expectations, & usually 2-3 times a day on average just for that, not including the regular maintenance sessions. It took about three months for me to get to where it was an average of once a day, & about nine months before it was less than once a day. There were also a minimum of 3 days a week, (usually 4-5), after the first month that each day began & ended with my being over Her lap & every night I was over Her lap, for the first year of our marriage as She molded me into the man I needed to be & that She preferred. My Wife let me know She wasn't going to tolerate what She considered "typical male behavior" & She was determined to & would break me of those habits. She also made it very clear that She preferred & would have a "Good & obedient little boy for a husband rather than an overly macho man that would try to assert his male 'authority'.", as She put it Herself. She so much as told me that the biggest reason that She married me, (besides loving me), is that She could tell I would be easy to train, dominate & control, & that's what She was looking for.

Now, after 26 years of marriage, I get a weekly discipline session every Sunday to remind me of who is in charge in our marriage, ensure that I remain Her obedient husband & "good little boy", & because She knows being a man, that I've done something wrong that She didn't know about. I also get unannounced random spankings during the week, (at the very least 2-3 a week extra, usually 4-5), for the same reason that I had to have done something wrong. Even after 25 years of marriage, I still fall short at least once a month, (usually more often), & receive the full fledged punishment spankings as well. There is no begging, no pleading, & no negotiating when She feels I need to be spanked or paddled. It will happen. She uses Her hand, a hairbrush, a paddle or a belt, depending on what I have done. She will also use mouth soaping if She feels it's needed as well as corner time, (corner time is a given, no matter why I am spanked).

I learned if I wanted to be with Her, that She was going to be in charge, I was going to obey Her without question & be disciplined & punished when She saw fit, & I had one of two choices if I stayed with Her, learn to love it or learn to accept it, either would do, & it didn't matter to Her which I chose, for I was going to obey Her if I was going to be with Her. Once She took over & I accepted it, there was no more discussion or going back.
My wonderful Wife is a firm believer that men are nothing more than "overgrown little boys" that need the firm & loving hand of a Woman, be it their Mother, their Wife, Sister/Sister in law or another woman that the man has consented to being disciplined by to discipline, correct, punish, & guide them into what they should be. In fact, during my discipline or punishment sessions, I am only allowed to refer to my Wife as "Mommy" .

My younger Sister-in-law(35 years old) has also spanked/paddled me more times than I can count over the years for being disrespectful, disobedient, etc. Whenever She spanks me, I know I will receive the same from my Wife, both for being disrespectful or disobedient to Her sister, & for having to be punished by Her sister. If I disrespect or disobey my Sister-in-law in front of my Wife, I can expect to be spanked/paddled by them both, one after the other.My sister in law is also spanking from last 20 years and she also pisses in to my mouth after giving me very hard spanking.

All my spankings/paddling, whether by my wonderful Wife or my Sister-in-law are done with me completely nude, & are always followed by nude corner time as well.
My wonderful Wife is 100% in charge of me & our marriage, & I am expected to obey Her without question.I am doing all the household work from last 26 year and I have to wear her old panties under my Pant.I have been never allowed to sleep on bed but I have to sleep on floor so whenever she woke up she puts first her legs on my body.
After so many years of this lifestyle, I find I crave, need & love the structure & discipline it gives us.
I truly feel that if more women punished/disciplined their men, that marriages & relationships would be much better. I know that I've learned to be very obedient, docile & well behaved or I suffer the consequences.

At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every night My Goddesses Wife gives me a minimum of 15 swats over her lap, with the hairbrush, on my bare bottom. After that it's corner time, 1 minute for each swat. This is just my daily discipline session. I am also punished when needed, & it is very hard spanking session. I'm against the wall for punishment, with a combination of the hairbrush & a belt. I'm also spanked at any time at home when She wants to. It's rare I go more than 1 day without being over my Wife's lap, & Her using Her hand, the hairbrush, or a leather paddle on my bare bottom. She firmly believes that men are nothing more than "overgrown little poor boys", & must be kept in line. Needless to say I am a very obedient & slave husband. I love every moment of spanking by my Mistresses and punishment given to me .From last 10 years I am serving here and she is controlling me.

At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband has been my maid and servant from last 12 years. Recently, I Got the courage to invite his 5 year younger dominate sister over when I learned that she played house with him when he was young boy. She had dressed him as a baby girl complete with diapers, spanked him like child and a little girl party dress.
Well, the day finally came when his sister was to come. My husband did not know his sister was coming. He also, did not know he would be feminized when his sister came. It was a day I looked forward to with anticipation.
When his sister arrived my husband Dolly (I named him that after I feminized him) answered the door, not knowing who was coming over. When he opened the door and saw his sister, he almost died from embarrassment. I watched Sally, his sister smile as she looked at Dolly(her little slave brother), who was dressed in panties, bra and a cute dress. (Under his panties he had a pretty pink ribbon tied around his little cock). I could tell she totally approved of my feminized husband’s appearance. When I ordered my husband to bring her a glass of wine, Sally lifted up the back of her dress and she gave her a swat on her panties bottom, I knew by her action, that we were in for a fun evening.
After the first glass of wine, Sally suggested that Dolly should polish my shoes with her tongue and of course Dolly complied immediately. After a few minutes of licking my shoes, I told Dolly to stand up and remove her dress and pull down her panties, so Sally could see the pretty pink ribbon tied to her cock. Sally laughed as she saw Dolly’s pretty little cock with a cute pink ribbon. I than told Dolly to get back down and lick my boots again with her tongue. As Dolly started licking, I started to get aroused, I told Dolly to take down my panties with her teeth and to lick my pussy. I had made certain my big pussy had been filled with my lovers cum prior to Sally’s arrival. Dolly slowly slid down my panties. I opened my legs so Sally could see the cum dripping from my pussy, My Cuckolded husband Dolly watched as the cum dripped to the floor. Sally was so turned on, she slide off her panties and started to play with her pussy. I was glad that I suggested she wear a dress, because I had planned to have Dolly pleasure Sally as well as me. I could tell, Sally really enjoyed watching Dolly lick the lips of my pussy with the cum oozing out. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed Dolly’s tongue licking deep inside my pussy. It usually takes me a long time to cum, but knowing that Sally was watching was a real turn on for me, it only took 10 minutes for Dolly to get me moaning. I gaped Dolly’s head and pushed her face deep between my legs into my pussy. I coated her face with my feminine juices and cum and almost smothered her in the process. Only when I was done, and after I had three cum's did I release Dolly’s head. Dolly fell to the floor exhausted and was gasping for air. Her face was a mess of pussy juice and cum. Her cock was rock hard by the look of the tent on her panties.

Sally told me that it appeared Dolly knew how to really please a woman, and She asked if my husband had ever licked another woman's ass. I assured her he had and Sally turned on the couch put her knees on the couch with her stomach over the couch and then lifted her dress. I told Dolly to go and lick her pretty ass and do it right now. Dolly looked at me almost begging me to not require her to do this, but I pointed at Sally and told her she either licked her ass, or her ass would be red from my paddle. Dolly obediently went over to the couch and started to lick her ass. Sally was enjoying this almost as much as the sight of my husband’s submissiveness was to me. Slowly, Dolly got bolder and her tongue was going deeper inside of Sally’s brown asshole and then Sally Said, “ Lick my pussy ”. Dolly meekly complied. I masturbated as I watched Dolly lap and use her tongue in the same way she has used it on me.
I knew Sally was in for a real treat. Slowly, Dolly started to build Sally up to a climax, getting her almost ready to cum and then slowing down her licking so Sally could stay aroused and at the same time not climax. Then Dolly really started sucking and licking her pussy in earnest and I knew Sally was about to cum. She was moaning and asking Dolly to Lick faster and deeper and then she let out a scream “ Yes, suck me” as she came. I could tell it had been a long time since she had her last cum, because of the volume of her juices. They were gushing from her pussy Dolly’s face and hairs were completely wet with her cunt juice. Dolly was there to savor every drop of her wetness. After Sally came she said, “ I have to pee”. I told her to piss in Dolly’s mouth. I told Dolly to open her mouth and drink Sally’s piss. Dolly kneed down and Sally squatted over Dolly’s mouth and started to piss. Dolly was ordered to shallow every drop of it or the paddle would be her reward.
Later that night Dolly was allowed to join us in our bed and lick and suck our pussies, That is after we beat her cock with a whip and pushed pins in her balls and made her fuck the floor. Oh, and yes, after Sally and I forced Dolly to drink more of our piss. We were happy by the service of Dolly my salve husband than Sally spanked very hard her spanking to Dolly and also encouraged me to give him hard spanking. I have started spanking him know.

At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your website very useful as I am dominating 3 males from last 7 years.I am a woman of 29 years and My husband is of 31 years. I am having 3 Children of the age of 10, 6 (girls) and 2 years (boy). I run a Shop of women clothes . My father in Law who is retired from Arm forces is the age of 52 and he lives with me as Mother in Law got divorced from him.
From last 7 years my Father in Law is completely submissive to me he do all my house hold work (preparing food and looking after of children and even washes my undergarments) and treats me like his Mistresses .He also wears my old panties .He also demand Spanking from me initially it was very difficult for me to do so. But know I am also enjoying the same role as I told all this to my husband.He says he is Psychic.I punishes my (father in Law) whenever I am in mood.I completely dominant him and he loves my domination. I treat him like my slave and he says he love this. From last 2 years he demanded me to suck my milk from my breast then I asked him why then he told me that he see his mother in me and for that he do all the things for me. I do not know what to do . But one thing is that I love dominating him and now I am giving same treatment to my Husband also and for which He does not Object. Now I am completely dominating over them(My husband and Father in Law) . From last six months I spanks Father in Law in front of my husband. I make love with Father in Law in front of husband. Only once my husband objected and I gave him severe spanking and he is completely surrender to me. Now both men (Husband & Father in Law ) both are in my control and they do all my needful and also they give me all their money to me. My father in law is very rich person and My husband is only his child .
I sit like queen in front of both. As my children are studying in Boarding School I do not have any restriction.Both my slave are ready to serve me like any thing. I do not know what is happening . I could not understand why my Father in law is completely submissive to me.Now I am becoming more and more dominant and I spank very severely specially to my Father in Law but never forget to spank my slave husband .This is really true story in my house. I am boss of the house and and both males behaves like salve and treats me like as a Queen..I do not know but I enjoy it.

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife has always spanked me to keep me "in my place", as she says. It has always been a private thing, and up until recently, no one else had really known about it. My wife always has me strip down to my birthday suit when I am spanked, and she usually starts with an over the knee spanking, and then continues from there. I am usually spanked for doing something that annoys her or that she feels is "naughty". I have actually begun to enjoy the spanking now. I guess it shows me that she really cares about me.

My wife spanks me very hard mercilessly till I don't cry and beg to stop. It's a fact. Whenever I break one of her rules or do something to annoy her, she pulls my pants down, puts me over her knee and spanks my bare bottom until she is convinced I have learned my lesson. Then I am sent to the corner where I stand a minimum of twenty minutes to think over the lesson just learned.
This treatment is nothing new. My Mistresses has been spanking me for many years and says that she will continue to do so until one or both of us are physically unable. Not only do I get spanked for breaking her rules, I'm spanked on my birthday, her birthday and our anniversary. I also get a just because paddling anytime she feels it would be beneficial to me. That's what I said My Goddesses spanks me because she knows I have a real need for it. Having my butt reddened on a regular basis is a necessary to me as eating when I'm hungry.
My wife usually spank me in two parts. At first, an over the knee spanking by hand, followed by me bending over a chair, sofa, or whatever; and then getting the paddle, hairbrush, slipper, wooden spoon, or whatever else she wanted to use on me.I am her slut slave and obey all the rule laid done by her and worship her.

At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will not go into detail here on how it came to be, but I, have been enslaved by my wife, Goddess. She has managed to put me under her complete control. I must do exactly as she commands at all times, or face punishment. She is in general a stern though loving mistress. She ensures that I behave properly, but rewards good behavior, and has my best interests at heart as long as I behave and serve her well. On the whole, my servitude has overcome my natural inclinations to laziness, procrastination, unhealthful diet, improper lusts and lack of exercise. She has truly "whipped me into shape" and improved my character in many ways. In short, she has made all those improvements in my male defects that women everywhere wish or hope they could make in their men, but usually do not have the power to achieve.
She generally prefers to keep me completely naked around the house. She says she enjoys having a naked male slave serving her and waiting on her attentively, and she says she enjoys watching my body as I go about my duties. It tends to increase her sexual desire, which is fine with both of us, however I have no choice in the matter regardless. I must satisfy her desires, but any sexual pleasure I may be permitted is entirely at her whim. She also says that being able to see at a glance the state of my penis helps her know what I am thinking or feeling. It makes it completely impossible for me to hide my male thoughts from her at any time. It also affords her complete access to my body, for control, discipline or reward (should she so desire) or to use or abuse as she pleases.. She seems to enjoy being so completely in control of me, and being able to all but read my male mind, which of course is primarily centered in my cock and balls.
My bondage however is severe and complete. I am owned and controlled body and soul. I would of course prefer to return to my more natural habits and behavior, and would do so if she were to relax her control. While I admit to the improvements it has made in me, it is of course utterly humiliating for a male to be so controlled by a female, and aside from this anonymous account that she has required me to write, I try to keep it as secret as I possibly can. Having other people notice how controlled I am, even in small or ordinary ways, is emasculating and humiliating in the extreme. Being seen as "hen-pecked" or "pussy whipped" is about the ultimate embarrassment or indignity for a male. Admitting it, even in secret, is totally humbling and embarrassing.

She has total control of my diet and exercise and has me fitter than ever. She says that if she is going to keep a naked slave, he is not going to be just a fat slob husband. She wants to enjoy looking at my body, so she keeps it well toned, and she closely monitors my rigorous exercise plan. She has set me up with a personal trainer at the gym, female of course - as my mistress strongly believes that males need constant female control. My trainer, to my total shame, is completely informed of my enslavement, and has been given authority to command me. This eliminates any need for her to ask or persuade me to do what I need to do She simply orders that I do it or be punished, either on the spot or when my trainer reports any problems to my wife later. While punishment by my wife is bad enough, to be publicly punished in the gym by another woman would add even greater humiliation, so I work very hard to meet her directives. The result is, I have lost about 50 pounds, and am trim and fit.
I do still have to go to work during the week to support us. Lisa makes sure I am doing my job well in order to support her well. There is no chance for me to slack off while I am at work, as she reviews my performance evaluations, and keeps track of me during my work day by numerous methods. A web cam in my office allows her check on me and make sure I am staying on task at all times. She has even threatened to call my female boss, or perhaps worse my secretary, and have a discussion with them of my situation. I am always aware that if I fail in any way, such ultimate humiliations are always within my wife's power. Strangely, I find the thought of such ultimate incredible humiliation to be arousing, a fact I am unable to conceal from my wife, just as I am unable to conceal anything from her. But though imagining such a humiliation is arousing, the reality would be horrible beyond imagining.
Usually when I get home, she has reserved the time to assure my discipline and good behavior. I am required to immediately strip completely naked as soon as I come in the back door. I must then present myself for her inspection, then with her permission, drop to all fours to kiss her feet, and then beg to be allowed to pee. Sometimes she is busy when I get home in which case of course I just have to wait as patiently as I can, and not disturb her in whatever she may be doing. If she is talking on the phone or whatever, she certainly does not want me interrupting her with my "problem" like a little boy nagging at her to ask to go pee-pee. So if I see that she is busy, I must stand quietly, naked, out of her way, with my bladder ready to burst. and my penis locked up in her control device, usually hard as a rock as well, which means that even after she releases the pee-lock, it is still pretty hard to pee through my erection. I try not to whine or dance too much, as it will only earn me some discipline of one sort or another, maybe a paddling on the spot, a spanking a little later, a night without sexual release, or just having to wait even longer to pee. If I am good and wait patiently without bothering her, she is apt to reward me with a little light stroking of my penis after my pee, or some kindly petting of my bare bottom.

At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slave husband training
Here are some ideas, to help you tease and tantalize slave husband, until he's willing to do anything you want him to do. Try this routine with him tonight and you'll own him -- mind, body and soul -- as of tomorrow morning!

1. Invite him up to your bedroom and undress him -- while you stand before him in your sexiest outfit. Ask him if he's been a "good boy" for you as you run your fingernails between his thighs.

2. Ask him to kneel down to rub your tired feet. Then tell him that he may kiss them if he wishes to. Allow him to kiss your feet, all the way up your legs, to the crux of your thighs, a part of your anatomy which will now be referred to as his "place of privilege." Stroke his hair and ask him if he's "earned his place."

3. Turn around and have him give your bottom a smooch, to demonstrate his sincerity.

4. Tie his hands behind his back with a silken scarf. Then have him attempt to undress you with his mouth/teeth. If he slobbers, give him a playful smack across the face. He mustn't muss his lady!

5. By the way: Don't let him touch or otherwise arouse himself. That's what those beautifully manicured fingernails of yours are for! Use them to keep him aroused.

6. Now have him take his place at your feet while you read a romance novel or watch a sexy movie. Keep him occupied with a peek at your panties. Once you're in the mood, ask him if he'd like to "kiss his queen's throne."

7. Meanwhile, keep him teased and aroused with your toes. Make sure he has a big stiffy, but only touch it when he needs prodding. Bring him to the brink, but don't let him release! Use this opportunity to manipulate him deeper into his submissive role. Make him confess his fetishistic desires and proclaim his adulation for you.

8. Avail him to your now-musky panty crotch. Allow him to sniff it. Ask him if he'd like to kiss it. Tell him that if he'd like to cross your panty threshold into the gates of paradise, he's going to have to compose an impromptu "Ode To His Lady's Lair." (If the quality of his verse is abysmal, make him stand on his head and say a nursery rhyme).

9. Allow him to remove your panties with his teeth. Then pull his face toward your lair. Tell him to "kiss" and "lick" on your command. Issue these commands as if you were training a pup. You are! If he disobeys you, gag him with your panties and make him nuzzle you with his nose.

10. When his session of oral servitude is complete to your supreme satisfaction, escort him to your four-poster. Push him down on his back and tie his legs to the bedposts.

11. Straddle him. Sit on his chest and find out what he would do to be allowed to kiss your breasts. Hover over him. Get close enough for him to suckle your nipples, then pull away. Slap his face. Make him beg.

12. Turn around and avail him to your bottom. Allow him to kiss your cheeks as you pinch and tickle his joystick. Make him reach with the tip of his tongue to taste the fruit between your legs. Ask him if he's ready to assume the role of your "Personal Ass Kisser" for life. Let him audition for the role. Tell him that whether you make love to him that night depends on the lust and eagerness he exhibits in worshipping your netherhole.

13. By this time, he should be ready to explode. So, naturally you'll want to take a break. Retire to the kitchen for a glass of wine, leaving him to ponder more ways in which he can please his new boss. Drape your moist paints over his face, to give him something to inspire him.

14. When you return, give him a rousing massage between his legs, to stoke those fires within his loins.

15. Verbal stimulation is often very effective, tell him things you might do to reward him, tease him with ideas you know he'd enjoy, threaten to humiliate him if he doesn't satisfy you.

Then grab your riding crop, straddle his hips and take that young buck of yours for the ride of your lives!

Admonishments: Once he'll "do anything to please you" here's some ideas that will keep hubby attentive, while keeping you blissfully entertained.

1. Have him pamper you. Make him...

- give you a foot/back/full body massage - give you a pedicure/manicure, - paint your finger/toe nails. - bathe you/shave your legs. - cook and serve you a nice dinner.

2. Make him hand-launder your panties and lingerie.

3. Make him polish your pumps with his tongue.

4. Make him do the housework: naked, but for his "Hubby" apron and his rubber gloves!

5. Make him wear a collar and lead him around with a leash; Here pooch....Heel! Beg! Roll over...good hubby!

6. Make him earn his rewards; for example: Allow him to kiss your bottom after he does the dishes. 1 minute of pleasure for him for 10 minutes of yours. 1 orgasm for him after he makes you cum 5 times.

7. Spank him 5 times for each minute it takes him to make you climax.

8. Order him to bring himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there until you give him permission. When you give the command he must cum within 5 seconds or he will be punished and/or not allowed to cum at all. (keep him that way for 30 minutes, an hour...or as long as you want)

9. Always make him lick you clean after sex.

10. When You go out, order him to be kneeling at the door for you when You arrive. Give him plenty of chores to do while you're gone.

Punishments: If he's not performing to your satisfaction, or you just feel the need to assert yourself...

1. Spank him. (wooden spoon, hair brush, belt, ruler, ping pong paddle.)

2. Double up on his domestic chores, make them more difficult: make him use a toothbrush to clean the toilet.

3. Deny him orgasms for a long period of time (days, weeks?).

4. Humiliate him in public...take him shopping for sissy panties/lingerie.

If at first you're apprehensive about taking the reins of your relationship, just relax and start small. Try this: after work tonight, tell hubby to pour you a glass of wine and give you a foot massage. Then let one of your stockinged feet worm it's way between his knees. In just a few seconds, you're going to have a completely compliant man on your hands. Have fun with your power over him! Once you're comfortable calling the shots, you'll feel as if you'd been doing it for years. And, believe it or not, he's going to love it, too!

At 2:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Professor of the age of 56 years in reputed University of U.S.A and I am living in USA from last 35 years.I went their when I was 21 years old for doing Masters degree and I was very much educationalists so I did my
PhD.d and finally I got the Job at university. I never thought of marriage
but when I was 35 years old I came in to touch of a girl of the age of 21 years old who was divorcee and having a girl of 3 years old she was running her boutique.I am small in height 5 foot 5 inch but she was 6 feet but she was very beautiful and gregarious girl and I fall in love. Within six months of dating we got married. Soon in 4 years we got 2 more girls
children and her business started running very fast then demand of house hold work started. I have never got the love of Mother ,sister and any lady. So this was observed by my wife and she is very intelligent lady. I have a habit of laziness and also I forget the work which was told by my wife. She used to tell me whenever I take bath I must wash my inner garments and also I was not much organized person.I used to put any thing at any place and due to this my wife was very much puzzled. One night when I came from university and after taking meal she called me angrily in
bedroom , I am very coward person and soon she started scolding for all the negligence and she got very much hot . As I did not felt sorry for that she straight forward pull my hair and get my pant and brief down and started spanking from her hand severely. I could not imagine for this but
I was thinking that I deserved this for all the negligence. After giving me 50 SMACK on my bare butt she make me stand and take my penis in her hand and spoke in anger you salve if you will disobey me I will cut your
penis , you understand. Then simply took her slippers and slapped on my butt . From today you are my salve you understand . You will do all the house hold work and give me all the updates of household work. You will
wash my all lingerie by hand and as you are not interested in wearing your inner garments so you will wear my old inner .She garments simply puther legs on my mouth and said you are place is in my foot , do youunderstand slave.
From that day I am serving her as my mistresses it has been near 17 years and I have done all for her.You cannot imagine by giving me
sever spanking I have corrected my all the bad habits. I do wash
panties , bra of my Wife and in house I live life of Petticoat. I give bath to her , and I have to help in wearing of cloths , Shoes,
wearing Ornaments. She taught me how to comb the hairs of Girls/Women. I have to do all house hod work which includes cleaning of house, mopping ,
cooking of Food , Washing of clothes , cleaning of Utensil and also look after of my 2 daughters.My wife like me to lick her hairy Armpit , hairy Cunt. I have to clean her hairs from Armpit , cunt and also from body .
You will be glad to know that I have all the collections of removed hair with me. That is my great assets to me.
She sleeps on Bed and I have to sleep on floor .
whenever She gets up she puts her legs first on my body. She also treats me like her stool and also she is happy she give me bath of piss on my whole body. I wear
her old panties which she wants to throw out. I am not allowed in to financial matter she looks in to all. Igive all my salary by putting on her cunt and reciprocates by giving me sever spanking with different paddles.
My Sister in law studied in boarding and when she completed her high school and she returned to my university. My wife never treated her as a sister but as
a friend. When She joined college she was 19 years old.My wife told her how she behaves with me and gave me standing order to me do all the work assigned by her .
The moment she told her and she ordered me be naked and I have to be as my Goddess has given me order and she gave me severe Spanking .After getting severe spanking she ordered me to lick her cunt and I started licking it
and both laughed a lot. When I finished my work my wife told me that your butt is made only for getting spanking and your Sister in law also loved to spank you.
I simply kissed her leg and said My motto of life is to keep you happy and I will do all the work which makes you happy .My wife simply told me to stand , I did same . She started fondling my
instrument and it erected up to 12 inches and it's thickness was
around 6 inch . Seeing this my Sister in law came near to me and
my wife put my penis in to her cunt and said to me this my gift
of doing service to me . Fuck her and obey her .That was really
wonderful gift for me.
I am serving both ladies as usual and getting severe spanking as my prize. I love female domination.I am writing all this permission with my wife.

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 54 years old man and I am less educated then my wife.My wife is much younger then me as she is 39 years old only and she owns very big shop.I came in to contact 21 years earlier( at the age of 33) when she was need of one office assistant.After 6 months of dating she married me as I was very much submissive to her.As I was aware for dominance from dating time I did not get upset when she gave me hard spanking on our wedding night.I think that was my memorable spanking.She did everything to me so I should obey her rule.From that day I am obeying all the rule but even she gets unhappy from me and to humiliate me she has started spanking me even in front of our daughters.Once I resisted she said this is none of your business to give her advice.She is giving training to her daughter to make dominant girls.Please advice me how can I make happy my dominant mistresses. My life is for only to make happy my wife.

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to train a man to be a good slave husband (Slave husband training)
Men are basically grown up child and they always need control, domination and spanking from time to time to keep them to behave and live happily. Any woman who want to make her husband as slave must dominate him completely .To dominate slave husband a dominate woman must laid down the rules and slave husband must obey the rule .If tries to disobey then Wife must punish him mercilessly and tears must be in his eyes and he should beg you to stop spanking and should commit that if will not commit the same mistake again. If your slave obey the rule as it is then maintenance spanking must be given to him from time to time to remind him who is the boss of family.
Fact is, once you sexually arouse a man, he'll turn circus tricks for the privilege of a ride on his queen's throne. By exploiting this fact -- and tempting him and teasing him with sexy suggestiveness, you can have him on his knees begging you to allow him to kiss your feet, wait on you, clean for you, satisfy you sexually, even humiliate himself for you, if need be. The possibilities are endless. For men go absolutely gaga when confronted with a take-charge woman. Sexually aggressive women get what they want in life from their men, and that goes way beyond the bedroom. Making your man beg for your good graces makes him even more aroused, more beholden to your charms, and (best of all) more willing to do your bidding.

Here are some ideas, to help you tease and tantalize him, until he's willing to do anything you want him to do. Try this routine with him tonight and you'll own him -- mind, body and soul -- as of tomorrow morning!

1. Invite him up to your bedroom and undress him -- while you stand before him in your sexiest outfit. Ask him if he's been a "good boy" for you as you run your fingernails between his thighs.
2. Ask him to kneel down to rub your tired feet. Then tell him that he may kiss them if he wishes to. Allow him to kiss your feet, all the way up your legs, to the crux of your thighs, a part of your anatomy, which will now be referred to as his "place of privilege." Stroke his hair and ask him if he's "earned his place."
3. Turn around and have him give your bottom a smooch, to demonstrate his sincerity.
4. Tie his hands behind his back with a silken scarf. Then have him attempt to undress you with his mouth/teeth. If he slobbers, give him a playful smack across the face. He mustn't muss his lady!
5. By the way: Don't let him touch or otherwise arouse himself. That's what those beautifully manicured fingernails of yours are for! Use them to keep him aroused.
6. Now have him take his place at your feet while you read a romance novel or watch a sexy movie. Keep him occupied with a peek at your panties. Once you're in the mood, ask him if he'd like to "kiss his queen's throne."
7. Meanwhile, keep him teased and aroused with your toes. Make sure he has a big stiff, but only touch it when he needs prodding. Bring him to the brink, but don't let him release! Use this opportunity to manipulate him deeper into his submissive role. Make him confess his fetishistic desires and proclaim his adulation for you.
8. Avail him to your now-musky panty crotch. Allow him to sniff it. Ask him if he'd like to kiss it. Tell him that if he'd like to cross your panty threshold into the gates of paradise, he's going to have to compose an impromptu "Ode To His Lady's Lair." (If the quality of his verse is abysmal, make him stand on his head and say a nursery rhyme).
9. Allow him to remove your panties with his teeth. Then pull his face toward your lair. Tell him to "kiss" and "lick" on your command. Issue these commands as if you were training a pup. You are! If he disobeys you, gag him with your panties and make him nuzzle you with his nose.
10. When his session of oral servitude is complete to your supreme satisfaction, escort him to your four-poster. Push him down on his back and tie his legs to the bedposts.
11. Straddle him. Sit on his chest and find out what he would do to be allowed to kiss your breasts. Hover over him. Get close enough for him to suckle your nipples, and then pull away. Slap his face. Make him beg.
12. Turn around and avail him to your bottom. Allow him to kiss your cheeks as you pinch and tickle his joystick. Make him reach with the tip of his tongue to taste the fruit between your legs. Ask him if he's ready to assume the role of your "Personal Ass Kisser" for life. Let him audition for the role. Tell him that whether you make love to him that night depends on the lust and eagerness he exhibits in worshiping your nether hole.
13. By this time, he should be ready to explode. So, naturally you'll want to take a break. Retire to the kitchen for a glass of wine, leaving him to ponder more ways in which he can please his new boss. Drape your moist paints over his face, to give him something to inspire him.
14. When you return, give him a rousing massage between his legs, to stoke those fires within his loins and always piss into his mouth and spank him if he drops piss on the ground.
15. Verbal stimulation is often very effective, tell him things you might do to reward him, tease him with ideas you know he'd enjoy, threaten to humiliate him if he doesn't satisfy you. Then grab your riding crop, straddle his hips and take that young buck of yours for the ride of your lives!

Here are some ideas that will keep hubby attentive, while keeping you blissfully entertained.
1. Have him pamper you. Make him...
- Give you a foot/back/full body massage - give you a pedicure/manicure, - paint your finger/toe nails. - Bathe you/shave your legs. - Cook and serve you a nice dinner.
2. Make him hand-launder your panties and lingerie.
3. Make him polish your pumps with his tongue.
4. Make him do the housework: naked, but for his "Hubby" apron and his rubber gloves!
5. Make him wear a collar and lead him around with a leash; Here pooch.... Heel! Beg! Roll over...good hubby!
6. Make him earn his rewards
7. Spank him 5 times for each minute it takes him to make you climax.
8. Order him to bring himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there until you give him permission. When you give the command he must cum within 5 seconds or he will be punished and/or not allowed to cum at all. (keep him that way for 30 minutes, an hour...or as long as you want)
9. Always make him lick you clean after sex.
10. When you go out, order him to be kneeling at the door for you when you arrive. Give him plenty of chores to do while you're gone.
Punishments: If he's not performing to your satisfaction, or you just feel the need to assert yourself...

1. Spank him severe daily to remind him who is the in charge. (Wooden spoon, hairbrush, belt, ruler, ping-pong paddle.)
2. Double up on his domestic chores, make them more difficult: make him use a toothbrush to clean the toilet.
3. Deny him orgasms for a long period of time (days, weeks?).
4. Humiliate him in public...take him shopping for sissy panties/lingerie.
5.Call your close friend , your Sister , his Sister and humiliate and spank him in presence of them .Also allow them to spank him.

Try this: after work tonight, tells hubby to pour you a glass of wine and give you a foot massage. Then let one of your stocking feet worms it's way between his knees. In just a few seconds, you're going to have a completely compliant man on your hands. Have fun with your power over him! Once you're comfortable calling the shots, you'll feel as if you'd been doing it for years. And, believe it or not, he's going to love it, too!

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been married for 30 years. For the last 20 I have been spanked by my wife. At first it was when ever I screwed up. Now I am spanked every Saturday night. If I've had a good week, it is an easy over-the-knee spanking with her hand or a hair brush.
it's always on the bare bottom (although it often starts over a pair of panties) with a hairbrush and he truly can't sit comfortably for a while afterwords.
It sometimes takes 5 or 10 minutes her with over her knee to make me point and bring me form the excitement of the pending spanking to the reality that I am naked over her lap getting a childish punishment. That always makes me better behaved afterwords and brings us closer together.
If I have forgotten choirs, made her angry or messed up in some other way, I am spanked naked after ten minutes of corner time. Usually with a leather strap followed by her 18" long paddle.

Only once I made her so angry (drove home after drinking) she included an enema with a very hard long spanking. I've never done that again.

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This happened last year when I went to my younger step-sister's house. She is twenty-two years old and a very bubbly lady. But, she has also been a very dominating girl from childhood. Her husband was gone on a foreign trip and she had one year old son. That son used to drink less milk than she produced. When she had pain in her big breasts from being overfilled, she requested I suck her breast milk so she could get out of pain as her pump was not working. I was reluctant to drink her milk and she got very angry. She is much more powerful than I am, so she simply pulled my hair and slapped me until I complied. She also made me undress and she started spanking me on my bare butt. She was scolding and spanking me until I begged her to stop. She did, and then said, "You are a sissy brother-in-law. Will you disobey me?" I said, "My mistresses, I will not disobey you." I lived there for two months and did all the activity she wanted everyday.
My sister in law intimated my wife and now My wife spanks me when I've done something wrong or sometimes when we have disagreementent that we can ressolvelve and it seems to work well. We've been married over 5 years. My wife is independent woman who has a great job with a good salary and I have to admit I am completely submissive husband . My WIFE give me a WEEKLY spanking we'd end up arguing about pointless things for days. This could really damage relationship, as neither of us will back down and both of us used to end up getting frustrated with each other.

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife Governess has given me permission to share my feelings. I am named Panty slave Husband, and I am the submissive body servant and love slave to Governess, who I am proud to say my dominant wife. As her personal body servant I am honored to bath her, massage her, shave her, douche her, and fix her hair and nails. While serving her I am dressed up like a female with wig, make up, dress, heels and the whole works. My favorite time is the role-playing time. During this time my Governess makes sure that I am well spanked. She has five different wooden hairbrushes, which she uses on me. I am always spanked over her knee and with my panties down around my ankles. She allows me to squirm and kick like a spoiled little girl would do while her naughty little bottom was being soundly spanked. My Governess is an expert at scolding me while I am being soundly spanked. I love being questioned and forced to answer during my spankings. I also love the way She firmly holds my wrists together behind my back with much authority. I am spanked till my tears begin to roll down my cheeks, then She will change to the large wooden paddle and spank me even harder till my will is broken down and my tears flow without any embarrassment on my part and I give in completely to my spanking. To me this is such an intimate moment between me and my Governess that my tears flow and my crying turns to sobbing and whimpering. I am usually then placed standing in a corner on a marked spot, with my nose touching the wall and my hand cuffed behind my back. Rubbing my sore and burning bottom is never allowed. When my Governess is ready, She comes for me and sets me on Her lap and kisses my tears away, which I should say continue to roll down my cheeks. She is so loving, kind and gentle at the same time as she allows me to drink her breast milk. She is so strong, dominant, firm, and no nonsense. I truly love this combination. I am then marched into the bathroom where She washes my mouth out with soap, followed by a series of three or more enemas. She uses lavender and castile soap followed by a mixture of oil of peppermint and lavender. When She allows me to give her body worship and she always pisses 3 times into my mouth and I feel so honored and special for allowing me drink her piss . I am really happy to have such a wonderful dominant wife, which has molded me to completely submissive to her. My motto of life is to server her and keeps her happy.

At 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought I was going to have a marriage where she cooked and washed my clothes. But I did not get that kind of marriage. We were married for just over two months, when I came home very drunk one Friday and had spent all of my paycheck on wine women and song. I woke up the next morning thinking I would bum around all day without doing any chores that might need done.I went to the television and started watching a girl and a guy working on trucks.
My wife came in and told me she wanted to talk to me and she turned off the television.
She asks about the money to pay the bills. I suddenly remembered what I had done the night before. I thought for a second and said oh the boss did not have the checks he will have them on Monday. She told me that she was going home to her mother. I beg her not too. She said that she would not leave if I did everything she said. I said ok just don't leave me. She told me to go shower, I went and did as she said I hoped that this would make her want to stay.
I got out of the shower and my clothes were gone. I went to the bedroom closet and all my clothes were gone. I called to her and ask were my clothes were she told me to go to the spare room. As I entered the spare bedroom I jumped seeing her younger sister standing there. I tried to cover up and tried to exit the room as I turned I pulled the door open and it hit me right between the eyes. I fell backwards onto the bed. She walked over to the bed and told me to turn over I started to say go to hell when she grabbed my arm and turned me over then she sat on my back facing toward my ass. I heard whips of wind in the air just before my ass felt the pain of a riding crop. She whipped me for I don't know how long but I was crying like a baby. She turned and pulled me head back by my hair. She ask me if the boss had not given me a check I told her he did but I spent it. She pulled my arm up into an arm lock I could not move and I felt my ass being whipped again. I was crying like a baby before she stopped. When she stopped I lay their sobbing into the bedspread. She pulled me to my feet and she stood me in the corner and told me to think of my crime. In about a hour she returned and ask me what I had done to deserve a whipping? I told her between sobs that I had spent all of my money on drinking and that I had lied about it to my wife. She then took something out of her pocket, she handed me a pair of bright yellow panties. I knew what she wanted me to do I stepped into them with tears running down my cheeks. I had to wear panties everyday from then on. I was told to stopped at my sister-in-laws house every Friday and she spank me very hard mercilessly and I have to give all the services demanded by her .If failed to give service to my sister-in-law she would follow me around telling people the story of my spanking. I have never disobeyed her or my wife from that day to this. My sister in law is more strict then my wife.
I also have to tell my sectary what color panties I am wearing every morning when I arrive at work. My sectary has come to my sister-in-laws on a few Fridays and watched me be spanked and standing the corner. She has pictures to prove it so at work I am sometimes spanked by my sectary.

At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was still quite young when I first get my bottom being smacked, or beaten, or being made red in whatever way. Before it had just been an occasional childhood experience, but after my first spanking I discovered a curiosity in myself to see a reddened bottom whenever I could.
I used to live with my Aunt as I lost my parents in early stage. My Aunt had one daughter Kelly who was 3 years younger then me. She had very good business of toys. She was 20 years old and I was 23 years old at that time. As I used to do nothing and passes time in wondering here and they're drinking Wine, gambling and involved all in bad activities. My aunt went for foreign trip for 2 years and she told Kelly to look after
One day when Kelly came with her friend Jenny (19) and they found me playing card home with my friends and my cousin Sister Kelly get annoyed at me and started scolding me. At that moment Jenny said bad boys never understand by words they only understand voice of Spanking. Kelly angrily came to me and slapped me till I could control myself she took of my pant with brief down and lowered me on her lap and started me spanking from her hand. I could not understand but I thought that I really did bad things to her so I really deserve it. After 10 minutes of spanking from hand Jenny gave her hairbrush. Kelly started spanking me from hairbrush. What fascinated me that time was that the hairbrush was marking his bottom vividly with fierce red marks and even bruises, and was making loud thwacking noises each time my aunt brought it down onto my buttocks.
Things were starting to happen to my body at that time and I was surprised to notice that the scene was giving me a discrete, but distinct, heated feeling in my young, but maturing, private parts. It was caused I think by a mixture of watching my cousins friend watching my bottom going red and seeing how a so-called rough and tough boy could be tamed and reduced to a pleading, newly obedient child again - by the application of some female firmness and strength of will by my beloved aunt. This was a lesson that has stayed with me ever since.
From that day I was totally control by my cousin Kelly. As Jenny knew this and after one year she got married to me as She wanted Slave husband and I was perfect choice. I have been married for 28 years and I have been petticoat for 30 years. I am not a transvestite and would gladly not wear female clothing. I am a big six-foot man, but have always been under wife's control. I found that when not petticoat I return to being the rude selfish male. Using petticoat and good old fashion spanking, I becomes loving and obedient. Things changed when the children came along, but I still do all the housework, and had to wear knickers under my clothes all the time, and were still spanked when the children were not around.
I promised her that when the children left things would change. That was a year ago and change they did. This is how his life is now. I am not allowed to wear trousers in the house except when visitors call. My knickers are all big and frilly; most are bloomer style made in silk or nylon in pinks and other girlish colors. After 30 years My wife still can’t stop laughing when She see allow Kelly to spank me in her presence and I still goes bright red and can’t look at me. Both Kelly and my wife jenny play with me and do what ever they like and they always discuss my first spanking. I have a housework routine pinned up in the kitchen detailing what work is done everyday. When doing the housework I have to dress in French maids' uniform and behave as a servant (curtsy when ever I sees her or My wife give me instruction, and I am not allowed to speak without permission). At 6pm every night I must be washed and wear old panty of my wife with nightwear. This can be my pink pajamas, short pink nightdress or a baby doll set. It is at this time I get l spanking from my wife.
Punishments are straightforward: She will spank me 3 to 4 times a week even if I have been good. She spanks me as if I am a child. Knickers down, and over her knee and with a strap or hairbrush on my bottom and tights. She uses the strap more, this is because it hurts, makes my bottom a lovely red color, and does not cause too much damage so I can be spanked often. After a spanking She sent me to the corner for 15 minutes with his knickers down. I am a lucky boy who is househusband and serve two ladies.

At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my first experiences with 'tights punishment' occurred when I was 24 years old. I went over to a sister in law's home and was invited in to the living room by my younger sister in law. I learned later that she was very much angry as I misbehave with my wife and she has decided to punish me for my behavior. I discussed this with some friends at home, and hoped no one else was listening but my wife's young sister (five years younger) came to know all the events. Then, one-day years later, my young sister in law was walking up the stairs. She wore a yellow party dress with red tights. I peeked up her dress from the landing and saw the white nylon panties beneath, and the seam running straight up her bottom. I laughed up a storm and she turned around really mad. I didn't know Mother in Law was at the foot of the stairs and she came up, grabbing me by the ear, and marched me into the bathroom. I had my mouth thoroughly washed with bar soap. She stripped me of all my clothes and gave me a bubble bath in pink suds. This was humiliating. A washcloth with soapsuds in my mouth kept me quiet for the remainder of the bath. Then she made me stand, and applied a thick pink lotion that denuded me of all body hair from the waist down.
The feeling on my legs was one of total nakedness. Somehow the leg hair acted like clothing. The silkiness of my legs was the first change I noticed, and I didn't like it one bit. She marched me into the bedroom and put a turtleneck long sleeve shirt on me. It was my Sister in Law. The funny thing was is that it was the middle of summer, and hot for such a garment. Next she forced me to sit and put on a pair of white nylon panties, with hearts on them, and handed a pair of rolled up red tights. I was told I was to be punished by losing my trousers for looking up her dress, and that tights would become my new pants. I complained, but she ignored me. The anger turned to tears and pleading, much to her delight I suppose, and she just kept on talking to me like a child, and saying how pretty I looked.
Once I stood up, she drew up the tights and stretched them over my buttocks. She snapped the waistband several times and straightened out the seam in front and back. She took some straight pins and rolled up the shirt until the waistband of the tights was in view. She then took my shirt off with the pins marking the margin, and sewed the material in place. Now the underpants and tights were in full view for all to see. I was sat back down and a pair of clumsy platform shoes with two-inch heels were put on and tied. These shoes were very clumsy and awkward, and I protested.
Mother in Law said that I would now act better, and be subjected to further punishment. I later learned that public exposure in the outfit would be common, spankings regular, and early to bed punishment was to be my way of life for that summer. Incidentally bed was 3pm each day after seven hours of 'tights punishment'. It was hard having to go to bed so early during a hot summer day, with your baby sister in Law's monitor in place and the room darkened and locked.
Well that's how my experience with 'tights punishment' started. I was not at all pleased with this treatment. I cried for trousers and my jockey shorts, but was met with deaf ears. I was tights punished often, the outfit varied from one of my sister in Law's super short silky blouses, turtleneck shirts, and sometimes just a colored T-shirt. I always wore her panties, and this I found demeaning and humiliating. I wore my outfit outside in the yard and was taken for walks around the block dressed this way, with often my sister in Law's snotty little friends catcalling, laughing, and running their fingers up the seam to irritate me. I was humiliated and ashamed - but well behaved just as Mother in Law said I would be.
At parties, and even if visitors were present, I was 'tights punished'. The things I hated the most was the feeling of the panties, the sense of nakedness from my legs being silky smooth, and those damn clumsy tie shoes. I felt foolish and couldn't face anyone. The teasing and ridiculing of others stopped because all I concentrated on was this humiliating outfit. Often my female cousins and little sister in Law's friends would run a finger up my backside causing me to get angry and yell. A bar of soap, a spanking, and slap in the face soon stopped all that.
Occasions would arise when I was made to wear a dress that had a high bodice and waistline, and ended about halfway down the panties. On Sundays, when we would visit relatives, I was dressed this way and my cousins loved to tease and annoy me with all kinds of name-calling and humiliation. Bar soap was in my mouth a lot and kept there for long periods for swearing and talking back. Mother in Law also used castor oil on a spoon. Incidentally, the girls in my teen years wore garter belts and nylons, not pantyhose: tights looked very babyish.

'Tights and panty punishment' was used on me quite often in my teen years, but I hated every minute of it. One more incident that irritated me a great deal occurred on a Saturday. I remember I was watching television at around noon and my sister in Law and three friends were cackling so loud that I couldn't hear. I told them all to 'shut up and leave'. My sister in Law told my Mother in Law, who marched me upstairs and dressed me in tights and a childish pajama top, and I had to stand in a corner for several hours before going to bed at 2pm in the afternoon. The girls laughed and chided me for the entire time. At bedtime they got to see me tucked in, and ridiculed me as if I were a child. My sister in Law was always getting me into trouble. I still hate her to this day!
This treatment is continued till today as my wife has taken over the charge from last 10 years.

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am my wife's slut slave and my wife has control of all part of my life and she is free to have casual sex with anyone she chooses whilst I am hers alone. She does not include other men in our liaisons and in return I worship at her feet, she needs for nothing, I do all the housework, cooking, go out to work to earn us a living and I am at her beck and call. During sex there is only one thing she considers and that is her own satisfaction, there is also only one thing I consider and, unsurprisingly, it is her satisfaction, my wife’s orgasms are the most important thing in the world to me, whether they be induced by me, or someone else because I know that it is how she most receive satisfaction. She is my Goddess and I am completely devoted to her. She is a kind Mistress, she often lets me voice my opinions and doesn't punish me unless I truly deserve it, sometimes, when my punishment is denial of orgasm, she will relent before the full term of denial is complete, but I have to be really, really good to receive that leniency. When I have done something wrong and deserve punishment I accept it without question, even if my Mistress makes a mistake and spanks me unnecessarily and I accept it like a good slave. She had lay down the rules of the house to me. First, all my money goes into our joint account. Moreover, she has a separate account to which I have no access. Second, must I have to bring her refreshments when she snaps her fingers? Third, when she tells me to shut up I must relent in the conversation. Third, she is in total control in the bedroom, but I am lucky because she makes sure that I enjoy it too. However, now she makes me do things that are degrading. She now sits on my face, so my nose is pressed against her anus. She also makes me sniff and lick her tight, red butt hole. I have to go to sleep with my face pressed against her butt with my nose between her butt cheeks. And no matter if she farts, I am not allowed to move unless I do so in my sleep. She has assured me that this is just the beginning. When I feel the sting of a riding crop on my ass I feel absolved because I know I am paying for the sin of letting down my Mistress.

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It all started when my mom and dad divorced and I had to live with dad as mom traveled too much and I was 17 years old at that time. Soon after the divorce dad marry to new lad lady who had a daughter who was 15 years old but very dominating girl. Dad sold the house we lived in and moved into Step Mom's house with her daughter. My stepsister was an attractive teen with height of 5' 8"", 135 lbs who liked sports and she was very attractive girl. I had a thing for female feet and didn’t understand why, but I enjoyed sniffing their dirty socks, stockings and panties. I was only 5’1”, 110lbs and was a wimpy kid. I liked sports, but was too small to play most or not aggressive enough to be worth a damn to any team. I mostly hung out with the nerdy kids as we had more in common. One day my step Mom and stepsister were out for shopping so I decided I would sit on the couch and eat my lunch. I lost track of time and forgot about stepsister coming home and figured I better clean up the mess. I had crumbs all over and drippings of Oreo and milk were on the couch. If I didn’t clean up the stains, my step mom would Skin me alive. I was trying to clean it up when stepsister walked in and asked what was I doing. I froze in terror, as I knew my stepsister would surely tell her mom how I broke the couch rule as she was always trying to get me in trouble. I think she liked seeing me get punished by her mom. Dad would just yell, but step Mom would punish me with groundings, sometimes spankings or put me in embarrassing situations. By embarrassing situations, sometimes step mom would let stepsister to punish me or assist in ministering it as most of the time I was doing something to stepsister. Some of them were like giving foot rubs after marching practice and/or to step Mom after work or a workout, hand washing their stockings and panties and when really bad, they would use a belt to spank me. Often times, I deserved it as I was always giving them rude answers or not coming home on time and needed stricter punishments then just groundings. Dad often didn’t know about what went on and we all agreed it would stay between us. My step Mom always told me that dad told her she could punish me as she say fit and he even said it to me when we moved in that My step Mom would correct my wrong doings when needed. I told my stepsister she should go shower and mind her own business. That was stupid to say as now stepsister knew better and came closer to see I had spilled on the couch. She also saw the bag of Oreo’s and milk glass. She mentioned how her mom was going to be furious and there would be serious consequences now. I pleaded with her to help me and that I was sorry for being sassy, but I was scared what her mom would do if I couldn’t clean the mess up. My stepsister laughed at me and said, I was in serious trouble and left to go upstairs. I scrubbed and scrubbed the spots, but they wouldn’t come out and now there were wet spots on the couch. My stepsister came back down almost as fast as she left with a digital camera and began to take pictures and taunting me. I was furious and threw a couch pillow at her and the camera smacked her in the head. I yelled, “I’m sorry” as I ran for safety. She told me I was dead and gave chase telling me how she was going to kick my ass for hitting her and staining her mom’s couch. I love being chased by her, but knew this time I was in for it big time. Because of my puny stature, my stepsister was quick to catch me and began slapping the shit out of me. She even yanked my hair. I was soon in tears and begging her to stop. She had me pinned and was sitting on my chest. Her knees had my arms pinned and her crotch was close to my chin. She was breathing heavy and I was all teary eyed. She began to tell me how I was in so much trouble, not just for the couch, but also for throwing the pillow at her that caused the camera to smack her eye. She then went to say she enjoyed making me cry and beg for mercy and she had no intention of showing me any. I began to plead with her to let me up as my arms were killing me and her ass was giving me some energy and began to buck and squirm to knock her off me. It worked and I was soon on the run again. I didn’t even make the stairs before she kicked the feet out from under me and sent me sailing to the floor. I hit the floor with a loud thump and she pounced on me again. She rolled me over and asked what the hell did I say about her ass. I started to giggle because I was nervous as all hell and apologized, but my stepsister wasn’t having any of it. “So you think my ass is fat do you?", she said, I told her I was just kidding and could she let me up. She said no way am I letting you up, you are going to pay for the pillow throw and for staining my mom’s new couch and now for your smart-ass mouth. First, you pay for the pillow throw. She stood up and grabbed me by the hair and marched me upstairs to her room. She then threw me on her bed and told me not to move or else. She found some stockings and then grabbed a pair of her panties from the hamper and came over to the bed where I was. She said she was going to tie me up so I couldn’t run away and so she proceeded to tie my legs and arms with her stockings. Once she had me all trussed up, she left the room and came back with one of her mom’s used panties. She told me she was going to ask me several questions and I had better tell her the truth or she would make me smell her mom’s dirty panties. I screamed for help, but no one could hear. She laughed at me and said no one was going to help my sorry ass except me. If I did as she ordered she wouldn’t tell her mom. She then turned them inside out and showed me the gusset, which was soiled, and it scared me. I never fancied myself a panty sniffed and didn’t want to start now. She then removed her shorts and was wearing bikini panties and climbed onto the bed and sat astride my back and started spanking from her hand. I was in pain but i thought I really deserve it. She was scolding as much she can "You small bitch" I will spank you whole life , do you understand. I begged lot for but my stepsister was mercilessly spanking me sometimes by hairbrush and some times by paddle. She thane took my erected loin in hand and said from today onward gear of your life is in my hand do you understand slave. I said yes mistress.
She said I might as well get used to her scents, as she would be regularly face sitting me with and without panties. She said one of her best friends told her how she could enslave me and was willing to help her out. She made me smell her panties for several minutes and got her pussy scent and her ass scent rubbed into my nose. Her scents had my little cock so hard and were turned on by her domineering ways. She moved the panties and told me to brace myself for the real thing and she inched forward until she was sitting comfortably on my face. I could feel the moisture from her excitement through her panties as she began to grind herself into my face. She continued to grind away until her body tensed and shook. Her panties became really wet and her breathing was heavy. As she dismounted she smiled at me and said, “first of many for you”. She peeled off her panties and turned them inside out and told me to open my mouth, I didn’t have much choice and did so. She put her wet panties into my mouth and told me to suck them clean. She then turned around and was facing her ass. She told me to smell her ass and lowered it to my nose. I begged, but she just lowered her sweaty ass to my nose and I sniffed it until she lifted. Her ass had a strong but bearable scent, but never would imagine she would make me smell her ass like that. After a good half hour she removed her panties from my mouth and got off of me. She asked a few more questions and then untied me after I promised to listen to her and do what she says from now on.

She put her shorts back on without her panties and we went downstairs to order pizza and order a
Movie. She said she would keep the pictures to show her mom if I disobeyed any orders she gave
Me. Turned out the couch had stain guard protection and I was so happy when I saw the couch
Was spotless. My stepsister asked what I wanted on the pizza and then we ordered. She said I could smell her feet until the pizza came. She sat on the couch and I lay on the floor and she rested her feet on my face. They had a nice strong smell and she called her friend and told her Everything while I sniffed away. I was in heaven and thought to myself that being her slave might

My young stepsister and her mom dominated me for more than 6 years. One of her best friend who knew about my submissiveness to my young stepsister and who too has spanked and dominated me from last 5 years requested my stepsister to marry me. My stepsister happily allowed me to marry her. Both my wife and stepsister are dominating me from last 20 years. They do whatever they like and I am serving both mistresses. I am sissy slave husband as well sissy slave brother also. What a lucky guy I am serving two dominating ladies. My wife and stepsister has taught me that in the Fem Dom lifestyle, the woman disciplines the man so he becomes a better man and a better servant to her. The man is disciplined in order to be corrected so that he becomes that better husband and servant. A weekly discipline session is so the Mistress or Dominant Wife can grade the man's performance in his assigned goals and tasks. He is given correction via discipline so that his performance will improve and so that he is properly trained in how to better serve his Mistress or Dominant wife.

A punishment is a judgment or a sentence for the violation of the law that the Dominant woman has laid down. The man that knowingly has violated one of his Queen's commands is punished to pay her retribution for his unlawful behavior. An example would be, say the Dominant Wife forbids her husband to masturbate. If he violates her known rules, he then should be punished to learn his lesson and to pay her retribution for his infraction.

Contrary, the submissive husband is regularly disciplined, whether he has violated any rules or not. He is discipline because his Dominant Wife is training him. A D&S activity like a whipping or a spanking can be either a discipline or a punishment. But the purpose and the severity will vary depending if it is for training or for rebuke. A punishment would be more severe than a discipline.

Discipline is a good thing and the submissive man can be taken to subspace by the loving yet authoritative hand of correction from his Mistress. Discipline is necessary for the Dominant Female to properly train her husband. A man without regular discipline is usually a disobedient husband who becomes self-centered and lazy. By nature, men need to be disciplined by a woman. The more a man is disciplined, the less he will need to be punished because he will be more obedient. Punishment is a bad thing and is not intended to be submissively fulfilling. It is intended to punish wrong doings in a manner so that the wrong doings do not happen again. A punishment is also an act of love but its purpose is to rebuke and reprimand. The terms discipline and punishment are easily intermingled and sometimes we refer to a punishment as discipline and vice versa. However, the terminology is not as important as the purpose of the correction. If it is to train, guide and alter a male's behavior and attitude, then it is Discipline. If it is to reprove, penalize and chastise a male for disobedience, then it is Punishment.

At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband obeys me without question, & I am 100% in charge of our marriage & make all the decisions. He is only allowed to give me his input if I ask him for it.
I've been controlling & spanking my husband since before we were married, & that's been almost 20 years now. Keep a man's butt blistered & deny & control his orgasms on a regular basis & he'll learn to behave & obey, I guarantee!! In our case I initiated it, as I planned to, for I had controlled & spanked my elder brother in law in the past.
He learned if he wanted to be with me, that I was going to be in charge, he was going to obey me & be disciplined & punished when I deemed he needed it, & he had one of two choices if he stayed with me, learn to love it or learn to accept it, either would do, & I really didn't care which he chose, for he was going to obey me if he was going to be with me.

If more wives would take charge of their marriages, punish their husbands when they need it, & help them to get rid of so many of those ridiculous macho tendencies, marriages would be much more harmonious & peaceful, & with less problems, strife & stress. My husband is very obedient, respectful, attentive & loving, & that's because I "wear the pants" in our marriage and he serves me carefully otherwise ready to get spanking.

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am submissive man and my wife is dominant, and she dearly loves to crush the male.
We have been married four years. I am 34 and my wife is 24. My wife is 5' 10", measure 37-25-36, and have won several beauty contests. My dominant wife is 64 Kg and slender, and only my money attracted her. At age 23, he inherited a thriving business when his parents died; at 24, he inherited considerable stocks and bonds from an aunt.
When we dated, and I discovered she could be completely dominated, I decided to share the wealth. I proposed, and learned I would be her slave. She agreed. After our wedding she took over the charge of my business and I started looking after houses became househusband from businessman.
Daily I used to greet my wife at the door, as she used to come home from work. I led her to the sofa, and sat her down pulling a small cushion over for me to sit on. Silently I slide my hands across her face feeling the softness of my goddesses skin. I walk back naked except for a loincloth covering my crotch, carrying two glasses, a bottle of wine, and a can of frosting. I sit back down on the cushion setting the items on the floor next to me. I pour us each a glass of wine after handing her a glass I gently take her right foot into my hands. Holding her heel in my hand a slowly remove her shoe, I look at her, cute beautiful toes in their nylon confines. Placing her foot in my lap I go to the next one. After removing both of her shoes I slide my hands up her right leg, starting at the top of her foot. I reach the lacey edge of her stockings and unclip the garter straps and I slide the stocking down you leg kissing the exposed flesh as I work my way back down to her foot. When I reach her toes I throw the stocking to the floor next to me. Now that I exposed her whole foot I massage it and rub her sole and toes. She lean back and sigh sipping on her glass of wine. I suck on her toes taking each into my mouth licking between her toes as I move to the next toe in line. While I lick her foot to massage, her free foot slides under my loincloth; she start to massage my throbbing hard cock with her nylon-covered foot. I reach over and scoop up and finger full of frosting and smear it all over her foot, covering the toes and the top of her foot to the ankle. Once her foot is covered in frosting I start to suck and lick the frosting off as I rub my free and up her bare leg to her inner thigh lightly touching her silk panties then lightly caressing her leg on the way down to her ankle again. She wiggles as my light touch tickles she and my wet tongue snakes between her toes to get every bit of frosting. I finish with her foot and place it in my lap and pick up her other leg. She instantly move her bare foot to my cock; it is still wet and sticky from the tongue lashing and frosting, and feels so good against my hard cock. I unwrap her left leg the same way and give it the same treatment, she start to squirm on the sofa her hands start to move toward her waistband of her skirt I stop her by pushing her hands away. I notice her empty glass a refill it.

I take both of her feet into my hands when I finish with her frosting covered foot. I lift both feet to my face feeling the soft soles against my cheeks she wiggle her toes. I move her legs to my shoulders so I can look up at her, but she don’t notice her eyes are closed and her head is tilted back as she take in the pleasure of me worshipping her feet. I see her panties are dark with her juices. I rock up onto my knees and kiss her lips thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth, she gasp and kiss me back. She try to grab my head and I gently pull her hands away and slide my hands down the sides of her face. I reach her neck and start to unbutton her shirt. The flesh I uncover with each button I kiss tenderly then when I reach the bottom I open her shirt to expose her nice beautiful tits. You dominating wife removed her bra before you came home from work, I look up at her and she smile knowing exactly what I am thinking. I then unbutton her skirt and she lift her hips just enough to let me slide the skirt down her legs and throw it to the floor. She hurry and remove her top before I can stop her and laugh at her naughtiness.

Her legs on my shoulders I start to massage her thighs and just slightly touch her moist panties. She try and wiggle to meet my fingers but I pull away each time she try, she moan and pout in displeasure, but there still is a smile on her lips no matter how displeased she try to look. I don’t keep you waiting too long I grab her panties and pull them down her legs to my face and lick her panties tasting her delicious juices. She move her legs so I can remove her panties. I move so I get closer to her nice warm, wet pussy. She teasingly suck on one of her fingers sliding it in and out of her mouth. I start to lick her inner thigh up to her hot pussy, passing it and continuing to her belly button flicking the piercing she just recently got. I grab her hips and slide her closer to the edge of the sofa and grab her legs and move her feet to my shoulders. I start to lick all over her crotch not quite touching the wet area but taking advantage of her clean-shaven pubic area. I move my tongue across her wet swollen lips she moan and slide her feet down off my shoulders and down my back. I push my tongue between her pussy lips as she pull me into her with her legs. I slide my hands up her stomach to her tits and start to massage them tweaking her nipples as she squirm and wiggle. I continue to lick and suck on her clit feeling the wet pussy juices flow across my chin.

My tongue slides deep into her wet, hot hole. She take the little bit of her left over wine and pour it so it flows over her clit and pussy. I lick up the wine and start to thrust my tongue in and out of her love hole faster and faster I can feel her muscle trying to grasp my tongue with each thrust. I move my hands under her ass I thrust my finger deep into her anus. She grunt and moan in pleasure as an orgasm rips through her body. Her legs wrap tight around my head as another orgasm hits you. I slide my finger out of her anus and stand up. She looks up at me with her sexy eyes and smile. I bend over and kiss her deeply and passionately thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth so you can taste her juices. She breaks the kiss and starts to lick her pussy juices off my face. I move her over onto her side on the sofa making room for me. I drop the loincloth to the ground so I am completely naked. I lay behind her and wrap my leg and arm around her body pulling her closer to my cock finding a spot nestled in her pussy. I whisper in her ear you are the most beautiful woman in the world and I enjoyed giving her the pleasure she so deserved.

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Wife Spanked Me in front Of my daughters

This is really embarrassing but the other night I called my wife's mother a [bad word] she flipped me over her knee and gave me a bare bottom spanking right in front of my 2 daughters in college and one teenage daughter. She also scolded me while spanking me. It was really humiliating me because it was unknown secret from last 20 years and known to my daughters. She said every man is only grown up child only and they should spank these men frequently to behave them well. She also declared that from know onwards my spanking session will be in front of my daughters as they are matured and they can learn how to spank their husband in future. Ever since I cannot even imagine coming back to my own home to face them since I left for a few weeks to live with my younger sister. But when my wife came to know about that she explained all my bad habits and behavior ad why she has been spanking me from last 20 years. As my younger sister was friend of my dominating wife from childhood she too get angry on me. She too spanked me very severely and made the movie of that and threatened me that if I disobey my wife she will show this video to my entire friend circle. Know I came to my house and I getting regular spanking in front of my daughters. What should I do?

At 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me. It's a fact. Whenever I break one of her rules or do something to annoy her, she pulls my pants down, puts me over her knee and spanks my bare bottom until she is convinced I have learned my lesson. Then I am sent to the corner where I stand a minimum of twenty minutes to think over the lesson just learned. This treatment is nothing new. Ketty has been spanking me from last 15 years and says that she will continue to do so until one or both of us are physically unable. Not only do I get spanked for breaking her rules, I'm spanked on my birthday, her birthday and our anniversary. I also get a just because paddling anytime she feels it would be beneficial to me. That's what I said Ketty spanks me because she knows I have a real need for it. Having my butt reddened on a regular basis is a necessary to me as eating when I'm hungry. Although spankings hurt and even now can and does make me cry, there is something about it that makes me want more. I don't know if it's the intimacy and the love I feel when someone cares enough to correct me or the warm feeling after the sting and fire are just a memory, maybe it is a combination of all, I just know that I have to be spanked and conscientiously or conscientiously continue to do things to make certain it happens often. My wife Ketty and I go back a long way. I was about Thirty-five when Ketty and her widowed mother moved next door. She was 19 Years age and in my college and although even at that time she was somewhat bigger than I, she became a very good friend and perhaps more importantly, confidant. As I was in business so I left study after the age of 19 and I joined the college at the age of 35. I knew I could tell Ketty anything and she would listen without judging and she knew she could do the same with me. Many of our classmates thought it crazy for us to spend so much time together because it was mismatch .As I was 16 years older than Ketty . I was an outcast among boys of that age because 'I liked a girl', but I didn't let that deter me, Ketty was my friend and I didn't care that she was a girl. In fact it was several years before I even gave a thought to the differences and by then we were so into each other that falling in love with her seemed the most natural thing in the world. There was one seemingly insurmountable problem however, our relative sizes. As I said at ten Ketty was somewhat larger than me and also very young than me. Over the years Ketty had continued to grow while I was grown. Although it didn't seem to bother her, I was sure that when it came to anything beyond friendship, I had no chance of winning her heart. True we did go to most college functions as a couple and we spent a lot of time together doing things like teenagers(to keep happy ketty) do, going to the mall, to the movies, bike riding and the like. We were of course the brunt of a lot of tall/short jokes, but I enjoyed being with Ketty and she seemed feel the same about me, so we let them have their fun and went on as we always had, being the best of friends. But height was not the only hurtle I felt powerless to jump not only did she tower over me by many inches but her beauty was such that any guy would have been proud to be with her. As a child she was considered cute which later developed in to pretty graduating to gorgeous. With a well-proportioned body, long beautiful legs and a face worthy of any fashion magazine cover, deep green eyes, perfectly shaped nose, generous mouth with full sensuous lips all topped by a fall of thick, naturally curly, impossibly red hair that reached just below mid back. Yes Ketty was a sight to behold and though I suppose I'm not exactly ugly, still I was certain my chances of making her mine were slim to none. My Thirty-Sixth birthday fell on a Wednesday. My mom and Ketty planned a party for the weekend but the actual day of the event was free. I had gotten up kind of late. Mom was long gone to work. I sat in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal and wondering if I could get together with Ketty when the phone rang. "Hello." "Hi Stan, happy birthday," Ketty's voice was always music to my ears. "Thank you," I said. "What's up? How about we go to a movie this afternoon?" "Sounds good, but I'll have to take a rain check. I'm going to be busy with other things this afternoon. I called because I really need a favor. Could you to come over and help me for a little while this morning? That is, if you have the time." "No problem, I'm free all day," I returned, "When do you want me?" "As soon as you can get here," she said, "and thanks, I really appreciate it." "Five minutes," I said, and hung up. I cleaned up my mess in the kitchen and on the way out the door made certain I was presentable to Ketty. Personal grooming was now a habit instilled in me by my best friend and mentor, when I showed up a couple of times to take her somewhere without giving much thought to my looks and she refused to go anywhere with me until I cleaned up and changed. After I decided I would pass muster it was out the door and the short walk to Ketty's. I rang the bell and waited. Soon the door opened and what I saw made me gasp. First off she had a wide ribbon normally seen in beauty pageants cutting diagonally across a very shear one-piece dress that hid virtually nothing. The ribbon was red and instead of 'Miss USA' it said, 'YOU ARE MINE'. In addition to the ribbon she wore a white bow in her long red tresses, not the kind a lady might wear as an accessory; rather the type one would see on a gift box. The skirt of her light-blue see-trough dress was very short showing almost all of her very long and beautiful legs plus she was wearing heels making her even taller than normal. She stood there and let me take it all in for a while and finally she looked at me and smiled. "Happy birthday baby." 'Baby, what's with that? She never called me anything but Stan, or when she was discussed with me, Stanley, never Baby.' "Hi Ketty," I stuttered, "What's with the outfit and why the new handle?" She said nothing. Just smile and looked into my eyes with her lovely greens until suddenly I felt very hot. Then I noticed that until then her hands were behind her back, now her right was in front. Hanging from one of her long French manicured fingers was a gift tag. It was swinging and twisting crazily so I reached out and took hold of it turning it so I could see what was written on the tag. It said, 'Happy Birthday Baby, from this day forward you are my personal property.' I asked what happened Ketty?Ketty said your Mom told me that you are unorganized person and you are not looking into business now also.I said sorry Ketty soon everything will be in well direction. We argued she said she was going to spank me. I thought Ketty was joking, but it seams she was serious about it. I felt something special in her attitude. Later...I learned what was so special! I recognized that as a man with a childish side In some "minor" aspects my childish side emerged. After observing me carefully, my girlfriend, quietly told me one day, “I will give you the discipline you deserve, to improve your behavior, and make of you the best of boyfriends, and, probably, future husband.” I was amazed by her words because right from childhood I was brat person and Know body talked me like this, and amazed about all I was feeling. She was in charge and had authority over me. I just wasn't able do feel that correctly. But my astonishment was far from being finished. She told me in an imperative way, "Now you must acquire the implement with which I will discipline you - a good slipper. I will use the slipper to give you some discipline". I found myself looking for a pair of slippers; and I did a very nice package trying to impress her and avoid the promised discipline. Do you like pain?” she asked.I answered, “Probably not.” The idea of pain is obviously exciting, so is the beginning of it. According to everything I have read about, the pleasure disappears after the first spanks, the comes the real pain. But the recipients quickly replace the pleasure of pain for the pleasure of obedience. Then they will assume a lifestyle of pleasurable obedience, or else... That conversation didn’t go further.In one yank, she grabbed my arm and pulled me across her lap, head down and my butt pointing up.She circled her waist with her left hand and held me in place a she rested the head of the brush on each cheek checking her aim. I couldn't believe the excitement that shot through him each time the brush met his butt cheeks ... I suddenly had a picture of what I must look like, a grown man in a $1200.00 suit draped like a young boy over his mommy's lap. My faced turned bright red as I lay there in that position as she began scolding me for my behavior. I felt embarrassed as all hell, and nervous about what was to WHACK!"Ketty, not so --" WHACK!!The second smack directed at his right butt cheek came down equally as hard as the first and completely wiped the remaining words of my plea to Ketty from her lips. WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!Ketty was taking this spanking seriously, and the spanks were coming hard, fast and furious and her right leg had clamped down over my thighs in response to her squirming so there was no escaping the assault on my now stinging butt."Oooww! OW! Please ... Ketty, I'm —" WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!"Too late, Mister." WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!"Save your breath" WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!"You KNEW what you were asking for when you asked for this" WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! I was so overwhelmed with the combination of searing pain in my ass cheeks and the humiliation of being punished this way, but worst of all, I felt awful knowing that this was the only way. Ketty stopped spanking, and told me to stand up. I was relieved, thinking that I was getting off relatively easily although this was by far one of the most painful spankings Ketty had ever administered. Surprised, I looked down at Ketty as she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I felt a little weak as I realized the spanking was not over. In one yank, she pulled my pants down to my ankles, thankfully leaving my briefs up. She grabbed my arm and pulled me back across her lap, for round number two.MY ass was already sore from Ketty's applications of that brush thus far, and now the loss of my pants as a measure of protection from it had me truly worried. I had been over Ketty's lap many times before, and although the spankings were somewhat uncomfortable, I never recalled being worried of fearful of what was to come next. Ketty once again went through the ritual of lining up the brush on each cheek although this time I did not feel the excitement and experienced the first time Ketty executed this same alignment procedure just a few minutes earlier. As a matter of fact, just having the head of the brush resting on my sore ass caused another wave of adrenaline to shoot through him. Bolstered by this latest wave of fear, I tried to talk my way out of any more attention from the brush."Please, please, please, honey ... I can't --" WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!The brush had much more of a sting now that my pants were not in the way to cushion the impact. It didn't feel like my briefs were providing any protection at all. Each new smack of the brush brought a new level of fire to my backside. And it was that growing fire in my ass that was forcing out the fog I had been living in for the past few weeks. "I don't want to hear it" Ketty scolded. WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!"I'll bet you didn't think I had it in my to give you the kind of spanking you needed, did you mister?" WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! My mind registered the full reality of this last volley from Ketty now that the fog in his mind was gone. I no longer felt the individual smacks per se, but instead felt as if he was sitting on a hot bed of coals which were searing my flesh in slow motion. And then Ketty stopped to examine the state of my ass. She wanted to make sure she could proceed to the part of the spanking that was more for her benefit than his. "Sweetheart, my mind is clear now, can we call an end to this," I asked in a very humble voice. "I'm very glad to hear from you are better honey. You were really starting to worry me and by the time we're done here tonight, I know you will be as right as rain. However, we are not quite done yet. Realizing my ass was bare and there was nothing to protect it from the bite of that brush, and I already feeling like I couldn't take any more, panic set in and I lost all pretense of decorum as I begged to stop."Ketty PLEASE," I begged in a voice that was cracking with tears. "My ass is on fire. I won't be able to sit comfortably for days. I'm sorry about my behavior, I REALLY AM! Can't we work out another arrangement?" "Well, you certainly do sound contrite and your ass does appear to be on fire given its lovely deep shade of red. I would agree that you have received a significant spanking this evening. Let me think about this for a minute or two," Ketty said coyly. And without warning Ketty brought the brush down hard and fast on my naked red ass. WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! I was caught off guard and cried out like he never had before, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!" The pain seared through him like a wild fire in the desert. My eyes immediately bust with tears that flowed down my face, and my nose started running. "You -- WHACK – had -- WHACK -- better -- WHACK –- not -- WHACK – forget -- WHACK – our -- WHACK -- appointments -- WHACK -- from -- WHACK – now -- WHACK – on -- WHACK"This last punctuated series of smacks had reduced her powerful corporate executive to a bawling little boy who was begging and pleading for her to stop through wailing tears, with my legs kicking wildly in the air ."How dare you try to manipulate your way out of the consequences of your actions? Do you think I'm really that easy?" And with that, she hauled off and lit into my crimson colored ass yet again.WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! Each smack felt like Ketty was tearing the flesh from my backside. I didn't care what I looked like. Howling, I tried to cover my butt, but Ketty would have none of that. She grabbed my hand and held it firmly behind my back pinning me to her lap for one final punctuated volley."I -- WHACK – do -- WHACK -- not -- WHACK – want -- WHACK – to -- WHACK – have -- WHACK -- to -- WHACK – do -- WHACK – this -- WHACK -- again!"And with that, Ketty was done. I was sobbing uncontrollably. It took me quite a while to regain his composure. Once I had, Ketty helped me upright and directed me to go stand in a corner with my pants and underwear still down around my ankles, ordering me to stay there until she called me. Ketty let me stand in the corner for half an hour before returning to the family room. "You may now come out of the corner Tom," Ketty said. "Do you have anything to say to me, young man?""Thank you. From that day I have been serving Ketty and I have never been allowed to take decision independently.In true words I am slut slave of Ketty.

At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am dominating my submissive husband from the day I married. I spanked him on wedding day also. He knew that who is the in charge of home. When I day came home and saw my husband making their nightly dinner. He was wearing his bright red panties and his high heels as instructed by his wife. In our marriage I believed that my husband should submit to me for every whim since he was inferior to me. My slave husband was the slut bitch of the house, and thus, it was his job to do all the cooking, cleaning and housework. In addition, he had to serve my needs and must wear his husband uniform (panties and heels) at all times while he was at home.
Upon seeing me, my sissy slave ran to me, picked up, brought me to the living room sofa, took off my heels and began to give a foot massage. This included linking my soles and sucking each of my toes. I had been walking on her feet on day, and thus her feet were hot, smelly and hurting.
After the foot massage, I ordered my sissy husband to stand up and to bend over, touching his toes. He was going to get his regular, bare-bottom spanking before dinner. I began to spank his round, taut ass, as my husband yelped and yelled ouch, ouch after each spank. I looked forward to spanking my slave husband each evening after work. I loved how my slave husband would scream out in pain and rub his ass after each hard spank. I was the wife of the family and enjoyed seeing his muscular, proud husband crying in pain and begging for her forgiveness.
After about 100 spanks, sissy's ass was brightly red. He was still bent over; touching his toes, and vigorously rubbing his ass, as I just smiled and taunted, " can't my big, strong husband take a bare bottom spanking from his wife?" After the spanking, I ordered my slave husband to kneel in front of me and to eat my pussy. "Since you can't sit on your ass, you will kneel on your knees and please my pussy till I cum." After about an hour of eating and sucking my pussy, slave husband began to grow tired. I sensed this and ordered my sissy donkey husband to bring the hairbrush. Yes!! My slave was going to get another spanking. This time, it was going to be over my knee and with my wooden brush. As my sissy donkey husband went over my knees, I began to spank his ass hard. After about 50 spanks, I left him go. My sissy husband was sobbing out loud, holding his sore, red cheeks in his hands. I smiled and ordered him to serve the dinner. Carole knew this and ordered Kim to stand on his feet during the entire dinner. Poor donkey husband was rubbing both his red ass and his sore feet as I laughed at my slave husband. I was happy that I was the wife and my poor slave husband was the Bitch husband of the family. After dinner, I was going to strap on her dick and fuck slave donkey husband in his ass. After all, I was in charge.

At 2:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 6-foot, 185-pound, 64-year-old sales executive who works out five days a week at a health spa and plays over 100 rounds of golf a year. I attended college on an athletic scholarship, spent four years in the military, and played semi-pro sports until age 55. I lost my daughter in law 10 years ago and I had one son at that time of the age of 20 .I could not forgot my daughter in law so I indulge into bad behavior. When my son married to Angela Kay Kay thins changed very much .She is very methodical and decent lady. Angela Kay my daughter in law is a 5 foot 8 inch, 130-pound, 26-year-old divorcee with one son of 4 years. She is a former fashion model and professional dancer who is an aerobic teacher and dancing instructor. As my son was marketing manager so he used to remains on tour .My daughter in law daughter in law told me, shortly that if you want to live her, that for our union to be happy, vibrant, and successful she expected obedience, loyalty, fidelity, honesty, and respect. She clearly told me that she would not expect bad behavior from me. I was shocked to hear such dominant tone from my daughter in law. I always did my work and behaved on my wish. I did not listen warning of daughter in law that " Whenever my misbehavior upset her, I would receive a spanking with the wooden paddle she would hang on the wall in bedroom".
My Spanking Experience:--
One evening two years ago, while my daughter in law, Angela Kay, and I were returning home from a concert, my daughter in law informed Angela Kay how my macho attitude and unacceptable behavior had angered her over the past weeks. When we arrived home, she was going to give me a spanking, inviting Angela Kay to watch if she so desired. Angela Kay replied, "Let me spank him. It is something I have wanted to do for all the times he angered me and upset you."
Angela Kay wasn't joking. I recalled the times I had angered her, only to be told that if we were alone she would blister my rear. Since I often had fantasized about being playfully spanked by my daughter in law's beautiful friend, when my daughter in law accepted her offer I immediately realized my dreams were to come true.
Upon arriving home, they escorted me into the guest bedroom where my daughter in law gave Angela Kay the wooden paddle frequently used on me during our twenty years of marital bliss. Angela Kay told me to remove my pants and position my frame across the cedar chest with my head at one end and feet at the other end. When in place, Angela Kay bent my right arm, pressing it firmly to my back, and began to spank my lightly clad rear. Thinking the spanking would be of mild intensity and lighthearted, I became irritated when my fanny began to burn, so I grabbed her arm, preventing the paddle from finding its mark, telling Angela Kay she was not going to continue unless she agreed not to spank so hard.
When she tried to free herself my male strength twisted her arm, forcing the paddle from her hand. In an angry tone Angela Kay told me that for hurting her arm and being such a macho smart-ale, telling her what she could and could not do, I was going to get a spanking to be long remembered.
Moving to the end of the cedar chest, she grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked me back down on the chest, straddled my head and crossed her ankles, securing my neck in a standing scissor. Her dancer legs applied excruciating pressure that forced me to plead with her to stop, as I was about to pass out. Easing the tension of her thigh-vise, she hammer locked my arms, holding them firmly to my back with our fingers entwined to render me helpless, saying, "I've got you now and there is no way you can escape." My daughter in law chimed in, "I wish your golfing buddies could be here. Wouldn't they get a thrill seeing how helpless you are, just waiting to be spanked?
With my neck imprisoned and arms hammer locked, Angela Kay had my daughter in law remove my under shorts. The paddle began to spank one exposed cheek then the other in hard, rhythmic smacks that quickly set fire to my bare rear. The spanking went on until the pain became unbearable and my eyes watered. Tears trickled down Angela Kay's nylon-clad legs and onto her high heels. Seeing the discomfort I was in, my daughter in law told Angela Kay to stop, as it was obvious I had learned my lesson. Angela Kay said to me that, when I apologized to both of them for my actions and promised to be a model husband she would let me go free. After I complied with her wishes, Angela Kay released my neck and arms, saying that, in the future, she would spank me whenever my actions and behavior so warranted.
In the past two years, in addition to the spankings my daughter in law has given to me, Angela Kay has seen fit to spank me twelve times. Eight were moderately discomforting, with three over her knee, my right arm hammer locked; two over her left thigh with her right leg over the backs of my legs; two kneeling on all fours; and one bent over holding onto my ankles. The other four spankings were extremely painful, with two draped over a piano bench with my neck between her thighs; and two across the end of her bed with my neck in a standing scissor.
Before the first spanking and the twelve in the past two years, I would never have believed my daughter in law's beautiful friend capable of turning me into an obedient and submissive Father in Law.I really love to serve my daughter in law know.

At 3:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daughter in Law Spanks Me

She has a very dominant personality and has used the threat of leaving me for her business to make me accept a submissive role. The act of strongly dominating and humiliating me gets her excited. Though I can't explain it, it also gets me excited through I really don't like the punishment.

She spanks me whenever she wants to for any reason whatever. She spanks me on one side at a time so there is a healed side to spank. It takes about 5 days for the soreness to subside.and my wife is getting starting to get a little bit suspicious.

There has been a progression of greater and greater dominance/submission. I now have to voluntarily ask for it, beg to get it, and thank her for the spanking afterward. The extreme submission causes me to become very excited and I will do anything she wants to excite her. She denies me fulfillment to extend her pleasure and sometimes lets me climax on a shoe, etc.

At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All Women are Sacred. They deserves worship and service from all men. Each Woman is a Goddess. Thats why every man has the desire to worship, adore and serve Woman. The only thing that deserves worship is Woman. Woman is the Creator. She must rule this world and punish men. As a man, I worship and adore all Women in this world.

At 1:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While growing up my mother did all of the spanking in our house and that included spanking my father. My mother thought it was necessary to blister my backside a few times but my brothers were on the receiving end much more often. She explained to me several times that boys needed serious discipline if they were going to be worth anything later. She never told me that she spanked my father but I know that she did because I could hear the spanking sessions through the furnace duct in my room on the second floor because she spanked him in the basement. She would also make comments to dad if she were mad at him that she "would take care of him later". When she said this, I knew dad was in for a spanking. I made sure that I would stay up that night to hear the proceedings. There were times when I heard the familiar whack of the paddle or strap on my dads behind followed by the pleading and apologizing. There were also times when I could hear my father begging for mercy but I could not hear what was causing him so much discomfort. One time I dared to go downstairs to listen to one of these sessions and when I got to the top of the basement stairs I could hear a whistling sound and a slight whack which was followed by my dads pleading for mercy. I did not know at the time what she was using but I found out later that it was a cane because she used it on my brothers when they got older. I would watch my dad with great interest the day after I knew he had gotten punished and noticed him sitting gently at the dinner table. He explained that he had a "bad back" but it sure did look like my brothers when they tried to sit after a spanking. Mom just smiled at his lame explanation.

So now I spank my husband like Mom used to spank dad. He needs a spanking several times a year and I do my handiwork in the basement of our house also. I use a paddle or a strap for general laziness and I always leave him bruised and sore for a few days. I save the cane for more serious infractions like the time he got a speeding ticket or if he treats me disrespectfully in front of friends. It never ceases to amaze me how a session with the cane improves his behavior. In general our yard is always immaculate and he has become a very good housekeeper and cook. My mother definitely knew what she was talking about!

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am married to a very beautiful and sexy woman who would bring her black boyfriends back to our home for me to serve drinks, change sheets and perform cleanup duties. It was extremely satisfying for me to serve my Mistresses.
I love to next undress her and take her bra, panties and nylons into the bathroom and hand wash them out and hang them up to dry. The next morning I would take the clean lingerie, fold it up and put it away in her lingerie drawer so they would be clean and available for her next date.My dominant wife reciprocate me by giving me piss drink into my mouth and severe spanking.I really love to get spanking from my dominant wife.

At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am spanked by my younger sister from last 3 years and she in charge of all my activities. Let me narrate the whole incident .I am 23-year-old living in my parents' house along with my younger sister, Ayni. Ayni is 20 and 5'10", 185 pounds, with shoulder-length blonde curly hair. She is a bossy sister who dresses provocatively in short skirts and sleeveless blouses. Last weekend our parents were out of town and they put Ayni in charge of me. I don't think it is right for a grown man to be under the care of his older sister! Momma put a 22:00 curfew in effect, but I didn't worry about the curfew as Ayni said she was going out dancing with her friends and wouldn't return until late. I enjoyed the clear spring evening with my friends at an outdoor INGSOC lecture and returned home around 23:00. I was stunned to find my sister waiting for me with her arms crossed in the entryway of our split-level house.
Ayni frowned at me and said, "G, where have you been?"
"Out at an INGSOC lecture," I said.
"Your are lying to me! I bet you were out with some slut of a friends!" Ayni spoke in a shrill voice. I felt the outrage of a person accused of a lie who is telling the truth. I said, "I'm not lying!"Ayni waved a finger at me and said, "Liar! And to top it off you are back after curfew! Momma told me to spank you if you violate curfew!"

I felt a pain in my stomach and said, "S-s-s-spank me? But I did nothing wrong! How can you spank you elder brother. Ayni scolded and said boys are always child to their Mom and sisters and put her face and inch from mine. It was a sharp contrast between how she smelled and how she glared. "I am going to spank your bare bottom, little man! You are a shrimp and are going to pay for the nasty attitude you've shown me for years." It's true that I'm a little man as I stand 5'2" 120 pounds. I am tiny compared to my sister. She continued in a devilish whisper, "I've waited for Momma to give me authority over you and now I have it!" At this she grabbed my right wrist and dragged me to the kitchen. She fished a spatula out of a kitchen drawer with her free hand and held onto me with the other. She slapped the plastic spatula on the wooden counter and turned her full attention to me. She stared down at me right in the eyes and said, "Young man, you are going to get the spanking of your life." She reached down to the crotch of my jeans toward the zipper, and I tried to stop her but her hands were too strong and she overpowered me. She jerked my jeans down to my knees and, while I stood before her, she reached her long red fingernails into my underwear and tugged them down to the tops of my thighs.
I can't tell how humiliated I was to stand in this position with my cock hanging flaccid in front of my younger sister. She looked down at my small recoiled penis and laughed. She took hold of my wrists and led me to a chair. It was hard for me to follow her with my jeans around my knees and my underwear around my thighs. She sat down in a chair and, how easily she placed me over her lap. She was in one of her favorite white sleeveless blouses that showed off how thick and powerful her biceps are. She bent me over her lap and thighs, which were barely covered in her short black skirt. I ended up face down across her lap, and I stared face down at the green kitchen tiles. My penis was pressed against a fold of smooth fabric in her skirt, and I felt hopeless and humiliated exposed in this position. Ayni lectured me, "You rotten little boy. I can't tell you what a naughty thing you are having to have your bare bottom spanked by your own younger sister! This is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me." With that I felt her right palm SMACK against my bare bottom. I reached back with my hands to try to cover my bottom, but Ayni grasped both of my puny wrists with her left hand and pinned my wrists to the small of my back and she commenced spanking me. She fired off a rapid series of sharp stinging spanks against the lower half of my bare bottom. I tried to wiggle about her lap to duck the spanks but it was pointless as she had me pinned against her warm smooth lap. She stopped spanking me for a moment and began to reach across the kitchen counter while keeping me pinned down.
My mind raced to figure out what she was doing and then I remembered: the spatula! Ayni rubbed the cold plastic of the spatula against my burning bottom. Ayni said to me, " Tell me the truth about my yellow panties disappearing from my dresser last month. You stole them, didn't you? Yes Ayni, I stole it. Don't call me by name say me Mistresses, you cunt slave and Ayni spanked me very hard. yes Mistresses I replied. With this she set forth a violent series of spanks that caused me to grind my groin about her lap in effort to move my body away from her blows. I felt a dizzy shameful sensation of an approaching orgasm and my penis kept rubbing against the smooth fabric of her skirt. Horribly, and against my will, my penis shot off a load of sperm on her skirt, and the semen leaked onto her naked thighs and down her legs. Ayni shouted, "You evil little monster! How could you cum on your own sister?" At this she picked me up by the wrists and tossed me off her lap and onto the floor. She took out her panties and put it into my mouth and said me to stand in corner. From that day she has taken all the charge of mine.

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Brat man Nick (40) marries a dominating girl Jenny (20) owning her big business exactly half his age and learns that disciplined girl doing work on time becomes difficult to cope with her. First Jenny finds Nick jumping rope in the back yard instead of getting ready to go to his boss' bar-be-que. A chase ensues and Jenny finally catches Nick,
turns him under her arm and spanks him, first with her hand and then with a ping-pong paddle, until he yields and promises to go and get dressed. A few minutes later, Jenny finds Nick with his nose in a graphic novel while lazily licking an ice cream cone! Jenny gives Nick a second vigorous spanking to impress him with the importance of getting to his boss' home in a timely manner. Grand Finale. Jenny indignantly confronts Nick with him embarrassing behavior at the bar-be-que and again turns him over her knee for the longest, hardest spanking yet, using not only her hand, but a paddle, a strop and a hair brush. In between spates of spanking, Jenny stands Nick up against the wall with him
nude to remind him of how naughty he has been and how she intends to
continue punishing him until he shows some contrition. And then he does just that what did his wife command. Severe spanking, classic scolding and the superb reactions was give by dominant wife to lazy husband.

At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a wife who has spanked her husband for several years and till now she is spanked and serving me like slave. We are both in our early 50's. I spank him a few times a month when his behavior warrants it.One day it was really embarrassing in night my husbands called my mother a [bad word] and I got really angry and I flipped him over my knee and gave me a bare bottom spanking right in front of
my three teenage daughters ( 19, 17, 15) . Now I give weekly spanking to my sissy husband in front of daughter to train them .So in future they may also take charge of their husband.I also allow them to spank him for their practice.My poor husband has know option except to take spanking from 4 women.

At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry my dominant wife is a bread earner and i am serving her from last 3 years without any hesitation.Serving Queen Merry is an honor she has bestowed upon this slave, kneeling at her heavenly feet is without doubt something I find most fulfilling and it gives me a sense of purpose. The mighty Queen is a sight to behold, a single look can render breathless and enslave any man who is fortunate enough to worship at her feet. I have the enviable privilege of being Queen Merry’s personal slave.. Oh how many men would die for such an honor. When serving her I’m in ecstasy, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my mistress, I am entirely her property, her plaything, her servant… her slave.
I awake every morning in eager anticipation of what my mistress has in store for me. I bathe, put on my slave uniform (a loin cloth and a slave collar with a leash) and prepare my mistress’s breakfast. At 8 am I present myself at the door of my mistress’s room and knock. Upon gaining permission to enter I place the breakfast tray on the bedside table, the tray also contains a freshly picked out flower in a vase to signify my undying devotion to my Queen.
I then kneel at my mistress’s feet in silence awaiting my mistress’s permission to speak. According to Queen Merry, a slave should remain silent until given permission to speak, failure to obey her commands result in a severe punishment, whipping, caning or an extremely exhausting chore. My Queen fixes me with a look that sends pleasurable shivers down my body “You may speak slave” she says “Good morning my Queen, I hope you had a good night’s sleep?” I reply, “I did, though the same can’t be said for you slave I’m sure, when was the last time I let you loose?” I gaze into the eyes of my mistress, my frustration building, the knowledge that my long imprisonment is a source of entertainment to my Queen only heightens my excitement and pleadingly ask “May I please be granted a release my Queen. It's been so long since the last time”. The Queen responds with a stinging slap, grasping my hair, she pulls my head back and responds “That is entirely my decision slave, it’s not your place to tell me how long its been”. “I’m.. I’m sorry my Queen, I… I didn’t mean” I stammer. “Silence!” she cuts across my apology “You will be whipped for this later” I shiver with partial fear and also a sense of anticipation at the thought of my Queen standing over me wielding a whip. “Worship my feet slave” my mistress commands, I hasten to obey and set my tongue to work licking My Queen’s gorgeous feet with a passion while she enjoys her breakfast. My Queen throws scraps of food periodically for me, reminding me while I eat them that I’m nothing more than a dog at his mistress feet. After breakfast my mistress dismisses me with the command to wait for her to summon me. I bow low and leave with the breakfast tray.
At 9.30 am I hear the tinkle of the slave bell, I once again present my self at my mistress’s feet while she sets me a list of chores to perform, these chores mainly involve shopping, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring around my Queen etc. Sometimes Queen Merry is in the mood for some fun she sets me chores like scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush, failure to perform the task up to her satisfaction of course results in punishment.
Sometime Queen Merry summons me while I’m performing some task and slaps me without reason, she then asks me the reason as to why she slapped me, and when I do she reminds me that I’m her slave, her property, she can do as she pleases with me and needs no reason to punish me. I of course love the power she exerts over me. At around 11 am Queen Merry gets ready to step out of the house telling me I can rest when I finish my chores until she returns. I finish cooking and cleaning and I return to my slave quarters (the smallest room in the house) awaiting My Queen.
At 1.30 pm my mistress returns with a couple of friends and I’m instantly summoned. To most of my mistress’s acquaintances I’m the manservant, only a select few of my mistress’s closest friends know of my enslavement. The two lady friends of my mistress fully aware of enslavement show no sign of surprise on seeing me wearing only a loin cloth and a collar. Once again I kneel at my mistress feet awaiting her orders. My Queen informs my that her friends will be staying for supper and I am to wait on them until they finish. They take their place while I serve supper and I then take my usual place at my mistress feet. Once they have finished with supper Queen Merry dismisses me and I’m allowed to have my meal.
At 3 pm I’m again summoned by my mistress, I am ordered to prepare and serve coffee to her and her guest which I do and kneel at my mistress feet in silence while she’s engaged in a conversation with her friends.
At 5.30 pm,the guests leave and my mistress orders me to draw her a bath. Once the bathtub is ready for my mistress she orders me to help her undress, as I do so my excitement knows no bounds and I’m lost in the wonderment at the sight of her majestic body, my Queen senses this and delivers another powerful slap “Stop drooling slave, maybe a few more weeks of being denied would do you good?” I tremble at her words knowing fully well that she means every word. Once undressed Queen Merry then leads me by my slave leash to the bathtub and steps into it ordering me to bathe her beautiful body. As I lather the back of my Queen with soap I am transported into the realms of pure joy, Queen Merry fully aware of how much I love bathing her and smiles a knowing smile. Once the bath is done I help my Queen to towel off. She then leads me once again by my slave leash and orders me to massage her body. This is something every slave lives for, I fetch the massage lotions and get to work starting from the mistress’s legs, working my way upwards to her back, the mistress moans softly and says “You deserve a reward slave, maybe later………”
At exactly 9 pm I serve dinner and again wait on my mistress at her feet, my dinner consists of scraps from her table, which she throws for me again reminding me of my dog like situation.
At 10 pm once I’ve done the dishes Queen Merry summons me to her bedroom. “Its time for your punishment slave” I stiffen at her words “for your insolence this morning you shall receive 25 lashes of the whip” I resign my self to my punishment in silence, Queen Merry handcuffs me to the side of her bed and cracks the whip, the sound heightening my fear as I lay kneeling on the floor helpless. The first lash lands on my bare back sending a painful stinging sensation, I let out a low cry which only serves to excite my mistress even more, she delivers a severe whipping as I am overcome with both pain and pleasure. Once the whipping stops, Queen Merry grasps my hair again pulling it upwards and whispers, “Your punishment is by no means done slave, for your shameful drooling while I undressed you deserve 15 strokes from the cane. “At her words I cannot control myself I try begging “Please mistress”, she lands a stroke on my back in response “shut up slave, did I grant you permission to speak?” I fall silent immediately “perhaps 5 strokes extra will help you follow my orders more efficiently”. There is nothing I can do; I helplessly offer my buttocks for caning. The first stroke sends a painful burning sensation up my ass, as the second stroke lands I can’t control my tears and they stream down my face. My Queen is highly aroused by my tears and intensifies my punishment till the last stroke.
Un cuffing me she sits on the bed and lifts my face towards her with her foot." Did that hurt slave?” she asks “It did my Queen, but if it makes me a better servant to you I’d gladly accept many such punishments” I reply. She smiles at my reply and says “Your night hasn’t ended yet, for the wonderful massage you can lick my ass for 3 minutes” I am overjoyed at her words can barely express my gratitude in words, I manage to stumble out some words of thanks as she lays on her bed like a true Queen. “Well get to work slave” she says and I press my quivering lips to her heavenly ass. As I lick Queen Merry’s ass the pain from my punishment seems to evaporate and I’m lost as worship my Queen’s wonderful behind.
“That’s enough slave” her words bring me back to reality and I get back on my knees on the floor. “You may go now slave, make sure you don’t delay with my breakfast tomorrow” She offers me her foot to kiss, which I do submissively, I then bow low and leave the room. As I retire to my room, the aches from the whipping and the stings from the caning return as I reflect on the day that went by. I am extremely proud of being Queen Merry’s slave, servant and worshiper and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

At 2:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are a married couple and few years back my husband has lost his job and he tried a lot for but did not get any job. I am a working Woman and I told him not to worry so much as whatever I earn we can live well without having problems but he is now having some inferiority complex. So he is doing all household works like cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. Yesterday he told me that he is just good for nothing for outside work and requested me not to divorce him and keep him as my slave. I tried to convince him in many ways that I love him and do not want to divorce for such a small reason. But he is saying that he wants at least to do some work and working as my slave is no problem for him. Yesterday morning I found him polishing my boots and as I tried to stop him from doing it he became sentimental and told that I am thinking that he is so useless that he do not have capability to be my slave even. So I did not intervene him in any ways. Our married life is ok but all the time he behaves as if I am his Mistress and he is my slave. I saw him today scrubbing floors while I woke up and as I woke up he came rushing with morning bed tea. He kissed me but while I was having my breakfast he sat on floor and massage my feet. I am being treated as a queen, which I was not used to. But then I started enjoying this type of life. Know we are very happy couple for 9 years. He know always listen to my orders and do what I say. He always help me with housework like, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning washrooms, gardens, washing, laundering and ironing my cloths. This is the way he serves me and being a happy submissive slave husband. He always cares of my health. He massages my feet, body, my breast and my pussy area every single night. He always ask me to massage my big nice breast 36 D This is his fetishes. I am like a goddess. Very beauties, perfect body, big and nice boobs and perfect butt and legs gives me upper edge to my slave husband .He love me very much and I treat him like bad slave and also good husband. This way he is keeping me happy. One day he asked me if you are not satisfied with my cock, he can arrange a big one and you can have whenever you want. I liked this idea. One day I ask him to call his step uncle. He went to a nightclub few days and finally find a step uncle who was a white handsome man with very good physique of 45 years old. I am 34 and my slave husband is 38. One day He invited him to my birthday party. Some one rings the doorbell. I went to open the door. His step uncle was there. I took him inside and closed the door and asked him to sit our sofa. I went to bedroom and told my slave husband I have received a gift from you. You want to see it now I said and I took him to our living room he saw his step uncle. He said this is your birthday gift for you. I was very happy and kissed him then I asked him to sit on a chair and took his step uncle to our bedroom. I said do not move until I called you. He did not move, If he will move, I will not happy this I knew that. Also, I will spank him. So he sits on the chair for almost 1 hour. After one hour his step uncle and I came to meet my slave husband and his step uncle said good-bye and I send him out and locked the front door and came to my slave husband. I was very happy. He asked what happened. I said it was secret. And went to bed. Then every day his step uncle came to our house and go to our bedroom. I always out of bedroom. This continues for 2 months. He did not ask me anything. Because, he is afraid to ask melody wise I will spank him. One day his step uncle came to my bedroom. I did not say anything. My slave husband was watching what is gong on. I kissed my husband's step uncle and remove his clothes one by one and suck his cock. Then he lift me and put on bed and started to eat pussy and fuck hardly and massge my pussy and breast very often was very happy when my slave husband was watching and enjoying. I allowed watching this scene. I said you are very good slave boy for me have fun with his step uncle. Now his step uncle is like our family member. But My slave husband have to do all the house work and massage my feet and lick my feet and pussy without touching my hands, this is the only happy things I allowed him to do. My slave husband can watch me always naked when I take a bath, my slave always helps me and I asked him to save all water after I take bath. Then my slave husband has to use my body washed water to take bath for him. This is the way my happy spanked slave husband for me for almost 10 years. After I finish my bath he wash my pussy and collect the water in a container to use drinking water for him. He is very happy to drink this holy water. One day I ordered him to suck his step uncle’s cock. He did as I ordered .Now every time when his step uncle coming to us, my slave husband does this thing. My happy spanked slave husband loves me and has committed me to serve me for the rest of my life. He always licks my pussy and feet with complete submissiveness' and I never forget to spank him for longer duration.I along with my husband's step uncle enjoy the life.

At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 48 years old man and I married at the age of 45 years. My Wife is a businesswoman and she is 30 years old and I am an actor. I think part of the attraction is how opposite we are. I am open minded, playful and somewhat feminine for a man. And my Wife is strong, conservative, hard working, and has a very dominant personality. It was only a matter of time before she discovered what a sissy I am, and I discovered her need to dominate and control me. When I would sleep over at my Wife’s house, she would get up and go to work early, and I would stay home until it was time to go to the theater. I began to go through her drawers and her closet and find the sexy and sluttish outfits to wear after she had left the apartment. I would try on her stockings, high heels, garter belts, panties and bras, and even her nightgowns. I would dress up like my Wife, and add her perfume and make up and then prance around her flat looking at myself in the mirror. Then I would masturbate, undress, take a hot bubble bath, and go to work.
I have been cross dressing off and on since I was about 19. Once I told my ex Wife about it, and we broke up. I learned that most women do not want a cross dresser as a boyfriend and I have had to keep it a secret ever since. I am not gay, although I may be bi-sexual because at times I fantasize about being taken by a man. However I am not attracted to men, and prefer to have sex with women. But I always have the desire to cross dress and I have always wanted to share that with my Wife. I have always wanted to be submissive about sex, and let my Wife dominate me. It’s a secret I carry around and often I am forced to act like a strong man during sex, when in fact, I am just a sissy.
One rainy morning, I fixed my Wife breakfast, kissed her off to her job, and then went back to sleep for an hour. I woke up, and began my usual routine of dressing up in the silk and lace of my pretty Wife's clothes like the secret sissy that I am. I picked out pink stockings with a red garter belt and white lace panties. The panties were always my favorite and I wore them almost everyday. I attached the belt to the stockings and tightened it. I slipped on a pair of very slutty red high heels that my feet barely fit in. Then I fastened on a red bra. To finish my sissy ensemble, I placed a lace white teddy over my head that went down just past my butt. I went into the bathroom and put my long hair in pink pigtails, applied eye shadow and white makeup to my face. And topped it all off with my Wife's red lipstick. I worried she must know by now that I am cross dressing because I keep using her lipstick and it’s about gone.
About that time, I heard a noise in my closet that scared me have to death and I screamed, “who’s there?” Slowly my Wife crawled out of the closet and stood over me looking very upset. “I can explain” I said. “You see, I am working an a play at the theater and this is method acting. I am trying to get into the head of my co-star.” I begged my Wife. “You are caught you little sissy. I caught you cross-dressing in my clothes. You have been caught red-handed wearing my clothes. I know you are a little sissy. I have suspected it for some time now.” My Wife said.
“No, you don’t understand, I was just rehearsing for the play. Please believe me.” I pleaded.

“It’s bad enough that you have been stealing my lingerie and expensive sexy outfits to dress yourself in. You have been stretching them all out, forgetting to put them back in the proper place, and using my entire make up. Don’t lie to me on top of all that and say you are not secretly wearing my clothes, when it is obvious that you love to cross dress because you are a little sissy boy. A panty boy. Isn’t that true my little sissy slut?” My Wife said.
I was speechless. I buried my head in the pillow and began to cry. It was true. All true. I was a little sissy, and had been caught cross-dressing. I was so ashamed.
I continued to sob like a little girl. I looked up into my Wife's eyes. She was seeing me in a very vulnerable state. She took my held and held it in her lap and stroked my hair in pigtails." It's ok, sissy boy. I accept you and love you the way you are. Even if you are a panty slut. It’s the dishonestly that bothers me and I am going to have to punish you for it. Do you understand?” My Wife said.
“Yes”, I sobbed. “I am so very sorry. Please forgive me. I love you very much and don’t want to lose you.”
“I want you to lay over my lap and stick that little sissy butt up in the air. Do it now.” She said.
I crawled like a slug across my Wife's lap, she lifted up my white lace teddy and exposed my panties butt. She massaged my ass for a moment, then forcefully pulled down my panties and began to spank me many times.“From now on, (spank) you will always (spank) tell me (spank) when you (spank) want to wear (spank) my sissy clothes. (spank). Do you understand panty boy?” She said.
“Yes”, I cried. “Yes, yes.” When my Wife had finished administering my punishment, she held me for a long time as I cried in her chest.
“There my sweet boyfriend. It’s going to be ok. Now it’s all out in the open and you can come out of the closet.” She said.
.My dominant Wife kissed me. We lay down together and she stroked my cock in her panties until it was poking out of the top of the lace. I reached under her business suit and began to finger her swollen clit until she was moaning heavily in my ear.
“Are you my sweet sissy boy?” She asked.
“Yes, I will always be your sissy boy” I said.
“Make love to me now like the girly boy that you are.” She said.
My Wife took my hard cock out of my panties and slowly placed it in her wet pussy. She controlled my movement and I allowed her to do so.
“You are such a sweet and soft lover. From now on, when I leave for work, I am going to place your sissy clothes on the bed. You want that don’t you?” She asked.
“Yes, very much.” I replied.
“And when you get home at night, I am going to place different clothes for my sissy boyfriend to wear around the house. You want that too don’t you my panty slut? “ She said. “Yes, I want that too.” I said.
“And from now on, you are going to be both my man, and lesbian lover aren’t you? You are going to fuck me like a man when I want, and fuck me like a girl too.” She said.
“Yes, oh yes” I cried.
My Wife began to climax and cum all over my pantied cock. The sound of my lace teddy against her business suit was too much and I exploded inside of her pussy and she came. We collapsed together and held each other tightly and kissed and hugged. It was wonderful.
“Sweetie,” she said. “I think it’s time for the new Glamour magazine to be out. Would you mind picking us up one on your way home from the theater?”
“I would be delighted to.” I said.
“That’s why I love my little sissy boyfriend.” She said.

At 2:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was 7 years old my mom died and I lived with my father. When I was 22 my father married with a divorcee lady who had 16 years a daughter. My step mom was very strict. She laid the few rules for me to obey and also she had authorized my stepsister to take control of me if I do something wrong.. Karen my stepsister is 19 and 5'10", 185 pounds, with shoulder-length blonde curly hair. She is a bossy sister who dresses provocatively in short skirts and sleeveless blouses. But one night before my 25 th birthday one incident happen our parents were out of town and they put Karen in charge of me. I don't think it is right for a grown man to be under the care of his younger stepsister! Momma put a 22:00 curfew in effect, but I didn't worry about the curfew as Karen said she was going out dancing with her friends and wouldn't return until late. I enjoyed the clear spring evening with my friends at an outdoor INGSOC lecture and returned home around 23:00. I was stunned to find my younger sister waiting for me with her arms crossed in the entryway of our split-level house.
Karen frowned at me and said, "George, where have you been?" Out at an INGSOC lecture," I said." You are lying to me! I bet you were out with some slut of a parole!" Karen spoke in a shrill voice. I felt the outrage of a person accused of a lie who is telling the truth. I said, "I'm not lying!"
Karen waved a finger at me and said, "Liar! And to top it off you are back after curfew! Momma told me to spank you if you violate curfew!" I felt a pain in my stomach and said, "S-s-s-spank me? But I did nothing wrong! I don't believe Momma said that for a second! I haven't been spanked in last 18 years. Karen scowled and put her face and inch from mine. Her perfume smelled sweet and her breath smelled of cinnamon. It was a sharp contrast between how she smelled and how she glared. "I am going to spank your bare bottom, little man! You are a shrimp and are going to pay for the nasty attitude you've shown me from 3 years." It's true that I'm a little man as I stand 5'2" 120 pounds. I am tiny compared to my stepsister. She continued in a devilish whisper, "I've waited for Momma to give me authority over you and now I have it!" At this she grabbed my right wrist and dragged me to the kitchen. She fished a spatula out of a kitchen drawer with her free hand and held onto me with the other. She slapped the plastic spatula on the wooden counter and turned her full attention to me. She stared down at me right in the eyes and said, "Young man, you are going to get the spanking of your life." She reached down to the crotch of my jeans toward the zipper, and I tried to stop her but her hands were too strong and she overpowered me. She jerked my jeans down to my knees and, while I stood before her, she reached her long red fingernails into my underwear and tugged them down to the tops of my thighs. I can't tell how humiliated I was to stand in this position with my cock hanging flaccid in front of my young stepsister. She looked down at my small recoiled penis and laughed. It was mortifying. She took hold of my wrists and led me to a chair. It was hard for me to follow her with my jeans around my knees and my underwear around my thighs. She sat down in a chair and, oh, how easily she placed me over her lap. She was in one of her favorite white sleeveless blouses that showed off how thick and powerful her biceps are. She bent me over her lap and thighs, which were barely covered in her short black skirt. I ended up face down across her lap, and I stared face down at the green kitchen tiles. My penis was pressed against a fold of smooth fabric in her skirt, and I felt hopeless and humiliated exposed in this position. Karen lectured me, "You rotten little boy. I can't tell you what a naughty thing you are having to have your bare bottom spanked by your own younger stepsister! This is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me." With that I felt her right palm SMACK against my bare bottom. I reached back with my hands to try to cover my bottom, but Karen grasped both of my puny wrists with her left hand and pinned my wrists to the small of my back and she commenced spanking me. She fired off a rapid series of sharp stinging spanks against the lower half of my bare bottom. I tried to wiggle about her lap to duck the spanks but it was pointless as she had me pinned against her warm smooth lap. She stopped spanking me for a moment and began to reach across the kitchen counter while keeping me pinned down. My mind raced to figure out what she was doing and then I remembered: the spatula! Karen rubbed the cold plastic of the spatula against my burning bottom. Karen said to me, "George, tell me the truth about my yellow panties disappearing from my dresser last month. You stole them, didn't you?"
I had stole them, wore them (mind you very loosely around my waist as they were way too big for me) and I rubbed my penis against the satin fabric until I came on my sister's panties. Then, out of guilt and horror, I tucked them into bag and dumped them in a rubbish heap on the street. While I laid across my sister's lap, the memory of stealing her panties made me ashamed and aroused. I felt my penis getting hard against my sister's thighs. My erect penis was now throbbing, but I lied and said, "I don't know what you are talking about, Karen!"
Karen said, "You are lying to me again!" With this she set forth a violent series of spanks that caused me to grind my groin about her lap in effort to move my body away from her blows. I felt a dizzy shameful sensation of an approaching orgasm and my penis kept rubbing against the smooth fabric of her skirt. Horribly, and against my will, my penis shot off a load of sperm on her skirt, and the semen leaked onto her naked thighs and down her legs. Karen shouted, "You evil little monster! How could you cum on your own dominant sister?" At this she picked me up by the wrists and tossed me off her lap and onto the floor. She charged out of the room and into her bedroom to change clothes.
From that day she had made me her sissy slave. I am not allowed to do any work without her permission. I have to do all her personal work actually I am her sissy slave brother.

At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I like back at my married life of 30 years I found that I am most
happiest dominant women on earth.I am 53 years old woman and my slave husband
is 67 years old.I was 18 years old when I get first married and after one year
I gave birth to my son Jack but soon our disputes started and soon we get separated.
At that time I was very desparate as I don't have any job and also responsibility of
my one year son.Luckily I came into contact of one lawer who was in need of assistant.
Lawer Mr.K.Mike was 34 years old and very good fellow.I joined his office and I found that
he was very good lawer and earned very handsomely but was very Brat person but when I tried
to dominate him and he soon become my submussive to me.Within a one year when I was 22 I
got married to Mike.That was turning point of my life.
On our honeymoon we were making love one morning and my husband bit my
nipple one too many times and decided to show me what it felt like and
sucked on and bit both of mine . I told him you sounded like a little boy and said just so I don't forget to be a good boy
mamma is going to show you what naughty little boys get. I sat up and
turned him over my knee and gave him my first spanking just as the just
as the housekeeper came in he tried to get up but I was too strong for
him and held him down as I spanked on. I am 6'3" and 225 lbs.
while my husband is only 5'10" and 175 lbs. My husband was not ready for this but
I spanked him mercilessly and he cried like little boy.I told him that even you are
14 years older than me but I will treat you like child
and I caned him severly.My husband accepted all the pain I gave him.
From that day I took all the control over him.When we return after honeymoon
things were changed.I tool all control over finance and opned one boutique.I instructed him
that he have to perform all the chores of home and also do his work.I will instruct him
daily by pinning the paper in kitchen regarding work.I found that after my weekly
spanking to my husband he started working and behaving better then earlier.I also gave
him the responsibilty of his step son.I gave birth to ne daughter after 4 years of our marriage.
Now I am queen of house and I have two princess my daughter in law and daughter
also live with me.Every weekend we have good spanking session for grown up boys.I allow
my daughter in law and daughter to spank their husband respectively.One day my daughter in
law was in funny mood and she spanked Mike severly in front of me and ir really enjoyed.
Poor sissy slave boys.

At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife is on a 3 week holiday, and i have been told to report to, and obey my MIL in her abcence. and to submit to what ever discipline she found needed
she left the day before
yesterday, and i vent to town with some frends, an got home late, (verry late) when i got home i found a littel note, from MIL, telling me to report to her early the next morning.
I could se at the answering machine that she had been caling me a lot af times that evening, and night, last was less than 1 hour ago, so i had no chance to tell a lie about my night.
I did not sleep well for the rest of that night, because it is still werry new to me, to get punishd, an spanked by my MIL. I find it werry humilating, and ashamed, but there was nothing that i could do about my fate but meet it.
My MIL is a widow,so i hoped for her to be alone when i reported to her, but unfortunately she was not.
My wifes 11 year younger sister was the person to open the door when I arived.She had a very smirking, and leer smile on her face, when she leed in to the living-room where MIL was waiting.
At the table was a large cloth brush, also waiting to get to work, on my soon to be, very hot and burning, deeply red, and sore bottom, which i was sure also had to be bare, here in front of my SIL. I was close to panic.
You know why you are here, so just let us get it over with, shall, we she say,"Prepare yourself right now young man"
I took of my trouser, and vent to her starting to get over her knee.
You forgot something did you not ? she asked, you know very well that this is a bare bottom meeting you are having with this brush. Thats the way it is in your home, and ther is no need to change that habbit in this house. Then whith that smirking, and leer smile on her face, my SIL came over to me, and pull my underware down to bare my bottom. The humilating was complete.Few second later, i was on the lap of my younger Sister in Law ,whineing and howling, and beging her to stop. I was told that she/they would make sure to teach me to stay in line, to obey, and "please" them in any way they want.This was one of my hardest spanking i have ever had. werry painefull, an extremly humilating, and there is no doubt in my mind, that this will not be the only spanking i shall have in the next 3weeks

At 1:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Janet was tired of having to pick up after her husband Jerry. Although they had only been married a few months, she was rapidly getting sick of always having to clean up after him like his mother used to do. So what to do about it? Janet had the answer! "If you want to act like a spoiled brat" she sneered "Then I'm going to spank you like one! Get across my lap NOW!" Jerry tried to resist, but in an instant she had stripped his clothes off and was throwing him across her lap. "I just bought a brand new black leather belt" she hissed "And now it's going to get it's first taste of my husband's naughty bare bottom!" Jerry struggled and writhed, but his wife had him by the hair and he couldn;t shake free of her grasp.."
She Grabbed Her New Leather Belt!"Okay, Jerry" she said "If you're going to act like a little boy, then it's time your wife spanked you like one! Would you like that? To be spanked and shamed across your wife's lap?" Janet reached for her new leather belt and took it in her hand. "What a pale bare butt you have" she sneered "I think I'm really going to enjoy spanking it bright red with my new belt. I'll have that ass glowing for a week!" Jerry struggled even harder to get free. "And try not to rub your little cock on my thigh, Jerry" she whispered "I don't want to be cleaning up any little messes!" His wife had always been the dominant one in their marriage, but the thought that she was now going to be disciplining him too was a new sensation for Jerry. His wife was now the BOSS!.."
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This Is Going To HURT!"Get ready" Janet laughed as she snapped the black leather belt repeatedly over Jerry's naked bare bottom "This is going to hurt you a LOT more than it's going to hurt me!" Janet was surprised to feel her pussy start to get wet and throb, she was really starting to enjoy the dominant feeling of having her husband across her lap for an old-fashioned OTK style spanking. The idea of his burning shame and humiliation was arousing her like never before! "Now after each belt stroke you will say "I'm very sorry, Honey, I'll be a good boy", you got that, Jerry?" she said "Otherwise I'm going to whip your ass till it bleeds!" Jerry gulped, she WAS serious!.."
Belt Spanked By His Wife!"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The belt in his wife's hand came down on his bare bottom again and again! "I-I'm S-S-Sorry!" he blubbered as Janet belt spanked his ass with a furious passion. She was liking it! Feeling her husband writhing on her lap as she whipped his naked ass time and time again with the heavy black leather belt was awesome! She was going to have to do this MORE! "Quit crying" she bellowed "Want the neighbors to hear you wailing like a little girl?" Jerry bit his lip, the stinging blows were hurting like nothing he had known before, and the fact that here he was across his wife's lap like a little boy being spanked by his mother was SO humiliating for a grown-up married man!.."
Gagged With Dirty Panties!"After getting sick of his wailing and pleading as she belt spanked his bare ass, Janet grabbed a pair of her dirty panties off the floor and shoved them in his open mouth. "Here!" she hissed "Suck on these and shut the fuck up! I'm sure not done spanking you yet! Not by a long shot!" She took the belt up again and continued to whip and flail at Jerry's naked butt with it. "Just wait till I tell my mother that I spanked my husband with a belt!" she crowed "She'll be SO proud of me..of course, she's going to know what a little wimp bitch YOU are, huh, Jerry?" Her husband's eyes filled with tears at his wife's cruel taunts and blows. "Guess that's what I get for marrying a spoiled brat" Janet said "But at least I know how to make you behave. I think a good belt spanking once a day on the bare ass should do it!" And poor Jerry knew she wasn't kidding!"

At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After my love found she could even cuckold me out in the open and not only would I not leave her I was even aroused by it she knew I was hers to use as she wished. She used to 'go out with the girls' on Friday nights. She often came home looking used but we never talked about it. Then one Friday she came home so drunk she didn't care if I found out. In fact, she lay on our bed and directed me to clean her up. She held my face in her pussy until we both came me spurting in our bed.
Everything changed after that night. Now she would come after work and have me help her to get 'pretty for her man'. I would paint her toes, help prepare her bath, shave all her needed places and anything else she wanted. Sometimes if she felt like it, she would allow me to lick her to orgasm.
When she came home, sometimes not until the next day, she would always show me her messy panties as she took them off. She would say something like "She how naughty I've been." She would rotate them around until she found the wet spot and then rub my nose in them. She always thought this funny. Then of course, my next chore was clean up duty. She seemed to enjoy rubbing her messy pussy all over my face especially sticking my nose inside her. When she felt finished with me, she would roll off me and go to sleep. When I would wake up in the morning my face would be crusted in her lovers cum.

She decided I should wear her dirty panties from the day before. I would wear them all day (even the ones that were full of her lovers cum). At the end of the day, I would hand wash 'our' panties, after drying I would fold, and then put them in her dresser. She started calling me her 'panty boy' and asked me once if the people at work didn't notice I smelled like a used cunt.
All of this humiliation only made me more excited. Of course, she noticed this and kept extending the boundaries trying to see if I would ever 'man up'. Just how could I be a man if my little dick kept getting hard every time she would humiliate me? Once in front of her sister she made me come into the bathroom to help her pee. They had just had their nails done and she did not want to smear them. After I took down her pants and panties, she sat down then spread her legs.
She said,
"Do you want to watch?"
I was so excited I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head as I knelt before her to watch her golden nectar splash into the bowl. When she finished she had me wipe to her instructions, then told me to taste her to see if I did a good job. All this time the bathroom door was open and if her sister didn't watch, I know she could hear.

She started to make me wear a tampon when she had to wear one. I would change both of us at the same time. She even made me kiss her tampon before I flushed it. Another time she was with a man who insisted on using a condom. When done she took it off him and tied it in a knot. She brought it home, put in my mouth, and told me to bite down hard. After I drank all the cum out she pulled it out of my mouth and rubbed it on my nose. After spending a whole weekend with this same man, she brought home a plastic bag of used condoms full of jism and all knotted. She put these in our freezer, and now just loves to empty one on top of whatever I may be eating when the mood strikes her.
No matter how she humiliated me, I loved it until one day she went too far. She said,
. The only thing I have left is my memories and the pair of dirty panties I was wearing when I left. God do I miss her.

At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night I had the worse session ever and all due to my mouth! We were at her parent's house and my sister-in-law and I got into a heated argument over American Idol that let to some foul language from both of us. I should have known better! She's only 17 too and still in school. Well, what made it bad was my sister-in law put her foot down and stopped the fight and gave me r a paddling in front of all for using rude language bare bottom too. I was saying really sorry to her but she was very fast in giving me spanking. When she finished my wife said now it's my turn and proceeded to give the paddle, pulled me over her knees, pulled up my T-shirt, pulled down my pant and panty, which my wife give to wear me, and paddled me very hard. I was so embarrassed that everybody was watching me get spanked and bare bottom too. I just knew that they could see everything. My protest went on deaf ears though as she proceeded to spank me every bit as hard as her sister had given me in front of my father-in-law. To cap it off, when it was over my mother-in-law said I deserved it and it was probably long over due!
Needless to say, I survived the evening and though I had a tender bottom, nothing else was said about it. That changed when we got home. I had another round coming it seemed and this time with the strap thing. I had several welts from my dominant wife when it was over and I was told that I may have another round coming if I didn't behave myself better when we are at her parent's home.
It doesn't seem so bad now, but I was plenty sorry last night and pretty tender too. I agreed with my dominant wife though that this was exactly what I needed. This is what we talked about and is suppose to make me a better person. I do want this and even though it was embarrassing to be punished in front of her family, I feel closer to them now.

At 3:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly I do not know how I became slave to my sister-in-law. I am 32 years old and I live with my younger brother and his wife from last 4 years. His wife my sister-in-law is really dominating 24 years old lady. As I used to wonder here and there she started me to spank and know she made me her toilet slave. I am a slave to my sister-in-law for the last 2 years; I have been brought up to the stage of drinking my Mistress's urine, which is very regular. As a matter of fact I am her toilet all the 24 hours thankfully for urine only. My mistress never goes to bathroom to piss she unloads straight into my mouth, which I am to drink as fast as delivered. Only if those have got the experience will know how fast urine gushes out of vulva of the lady. My mistress as her horse uses me also. like toilet I am now her permanent carrier. she never walks even 2 steps. I will be keeping bending low before her in her bedroom always awaiting orders. She does not order me by words; she orders me by signal by number of whiplashes she gives. If she lashes me with her whip once that means she wants to ride me; I have to kneel before her when she will mount on my shoulders and comfortably sit then lash me with whip twice. I have to get up and run fast carrying her to wherever she wants to go. Similarly If she lashes me 4 times 'whack..whack..' I know I am ordered to drink her urine. I immediately go down on my knees thrust my head into her crotch open my mouth wide so as to cover my mistress's entire vulva. Thereupon the fierce stream will flow into my mouth; without allowing even a single drop of urine spill out I have to drink it equally fast. The urine presents strong odor suffocating with salts taste and pretty warm. first it was repulsive but now I am used to it and drink fast. like an alcoholic I have started relishing it; not only that I can not go without mistress's urine even for one hour I have become an addict. The speed with which the stream flows many times will not allow me to taste, good at that time; When over I am supposed to lick her vulva clean without even a drop of urine. This done I will revert back. If not done satisfactorily, I will be severely punished, my skin will be peeled off or scortched by hot iron hot iron rod

At 1:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when I was 19, feeling a little bored one summer's day, and thinking it would be funny to bother my younger sister, Rebecca, and her friends Wendy, Sarah, Amanda, and Michelle. They were all 15-16, and over at our house hanging around with my sister. I had a real crush on Wendy and thought Sarah and Amanda were very pretty as well. All of them thought it was funny to make fun of me, and they would call me names like "slaveboy" and then giggle and laugh.
So I walked into our rec room, where they were watching TV, and Sarah wasted no time saying "oh hey Paulipoo, you look sooo cool in those Toughskins, did mommy dress you again this morning?" All this girls bursted into uncontrollable giggles and I was very embarrassed. With the wisdom of my 19 year old mind, I decided the only right thing to was turn around, pull down my Toughskins and undies.

Before I could think my sister pulled down my pants , my sister and one of the other girls had me pinned down on the carpet and Wendy said "Let's spank him until he is crying and his bottom is bright red." A long, loud hard fury of spanks started and despite my protests they went on for what seemed like forever. I didn't always know who was spanking me but it was usually 1 or 2 at a time and some of them spanked very hard! Most of the girls used their hands, but one of them took off my belt and gave me some loud, stinging, licks, and another took out her hairbrush and paddled me with it. There was a lot of giggling, my protests were ignored, and comments like "look how red his cheeks are!!, "the top ones or bottom ones - both!", "you better not ever moon us and fart at us again or you won't sit down for a week," "how does it feel to get spanked by us, toughskinsboy?"

With my bottom becoming extremely sore, and feeling totally embarrassed, I started crying and begged the girls to stop.

The girls agreed on one condition,that they will piss into my mouth. My bottom could not take anymore, so I agreed. The girls decided I had to do it over until I got all of the words and first my younger sister and then her finds started giving me piss drink into my mouth one by one. The girls had just burst into uncontrollable laughter, debating whether I should be called "slave panty brother"
Now thoroughly embarrassed, the girls started to let up, each giving me several very sharp smacks over the bottom and pulling and fondling my little penis and passing comment like "hope you can sit down tonight", "need a butt cushion", "hope your bottom is not too sore", "you got what you deserved", and "Rebecca. you you have got real slave brother"

Thankfully, Rebecca never told my mom, but she dominated me rest of 7-8 years.My younger sister humiliated me as and when she get chance in front of her friends.She never pissed in bathroom when she was at home as she use me her piss drinker nad I used to give her bath and wash her lingeries and Just like her slave. Needless to say, when she got married and her Windy married me and I am serving her as she demand.undact

At 3:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me from the day we started dating.She spanked me first when I reached very late on her birthday party and told me that she will never allow me to do this kind of instance.When she does, she starts with her hand, then move up to a 2 inch wide belt. After she has warmed up, she then goes through a variety of leather paddles. Finally she finishes up with the old Hairbrush. She usually take her time, stopping between each toy, allowing the feeling to come back so I really feel the next one.As she earns more than me so from the day of wedding night she has not done any domestic work.It is me who do all the chores of house and she wears pants in our family.She spanks me when ever she feel it is necessary for me.As she has been spanking from last 25 years and from last 10 years she never hesitated to spank me in front of our two daughters.She explains reason for this that my daughter will learn how to dominate their husbands.Thank GOD and my elder 24 years old daughter who has married 2 years back and she had taken all the control over husband.Once my daughter along with husband came to our home at night and my mistress was spanking me and she did not stopped even in the presence of our son in law.
After she is finished, my son in law came to me when I was assigned chores to do around the house that i complete still naked.My son in law helped me in house chores and told me that he too gets spanking daily from my daughter.When along with my son in law served them Bear both laughed on us.When they drink for more than 2 hours they get aroused both came in mood of spanking.My wife and daughter both started spanking us and when they get tired my mistress pissed into my mouth. I am spanked some more and made to
complete the chore properly. She also love to take a bubble bath while I do chore, and then allows me to paint her nails. I am also allowed to please her while getting no relief for myself.
Most of the time my wife has reasons for spanking me, and she will write them down so as not to forget. She then presents me with the list, and after each reason, is the number of swats that I will receive. But sometime she will just need to take out her frustrations on me, and those are usually the worst. But she always is in control, and never goes too far.I am just slave of my mistress.

At 4:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob was 19 years old and I was 15. I was much more mature for my age then my brother. My little titties were just beginning to form as my body was beginning to change from a little girl to a sexy teenager. Dad had run away with his secretary several years ago and Mom was left raising us. Mother gave me the responsibility of raising bob as she went to work because we needed the money. As time went on I began to train Bob to undertake some of the responsibilities around the house. He resented it a first but soon learned to accept his role. At times he would complain to mother about how he was being treated, nevertheless mother instructed him to obey me or face the consequences.I began to take a more assertive role in my relationship with my older bother. Mother saw what was happening but never questioned my role. This went on for years. One day mother became sick and within three months she died. Now it was Bob and I. By this time Bob was fully under my control and did exactly what I told him to do. I loved the power I had over my brother and excised it every time I could.One night I invited my best girlfriend Iris, over to watch TV. I told Bob to prepare some snacks for us. Not only did he not prepare the snacks but also he arrived home after us. I was furious and order Bob to drop his pants and get prepared for a spanking. Iris upon hearing this got really excited and asks to stay and watch. I agreed.
Bob took of his pants and underwear and without any further instruction laid his butt over my lap. The punishment was 10 spanks on each check, I told Bob to count as I began to administer the punishment. By the time it was over Iris was hot from watching and her pussy was itching. I saw the excitement in her eyes. Without saying a word, I kissed her, then took her into the bedroom where I made love to her.After that incident iris and I became great friends and she came over as much as possible. Each time she did she used it as an excuse to punish my brother. This went on for over a year. Finally one day I told Bob that Iris was going to move in with us as her parents had thrown her out of the house.Iris then came over to make sure Bob understood our intentions. She had him kneel before her and asked once again if he was ready to become my slave for his sister. “Yes, Yes he stammered out the reply. Good Iris said. We will do it next week.Bob nodded in acknowledgment.From that day my elder brother married Irish and she and I both dominates and spanks him.My elder brother is my slut slave ready to do anything for younger dominant sister.Poor elder brother.

At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Lee. I have known my husband Anton my whole life. He was my neighbor and my soccer coach while I was growing up. He is 16 years older than me and I first had a crush on him about the age of 8, when he would have been 24. He was very good-looking but more than that he was a nice guy and a great coach. When I was in middle school he became the high school coach, so I played for him for about 10 years -- from 6-18 with a couple years out during middle school.Then I went off to college and didn't see him much except for the summers. His wife died during my junior year, and after I graduated I came back and lived at home while I looked for a job. I was 22 and he was 38 and the sparks flew. One evening we were at his house -- he lived alone by then -- and I was in a short skirt and flaunting it and he started begging me, basically. At first I laughed but then I started to get irritated, and I put my plan into action, saying, "You're acting like a spoiled brat schoolboy and if you keep it up I'm going to treat you like one." He gave me a very startled look, a combination of surprise and arousal, but said nothing. I was sitting in a chair with my legs crossed, and he sat on the floor and put his head on my lap, not in an overt sexual way but seemingly looking for comfort. I stroked his hair and after a long while he looked up at me with an embarrassed look and asked, "May I ... use my tongue on you?" I rolled my eyes and said, "You are such a naughty boy." He said, "But I want to please you!" Now I had already decided that his first contact with my "ruby pendant" was going to be with his tongue. But I wasn't telling him that ... yet. Instead I said, "But you are NOT pleasing me,you are pestering me and I think you deserve spanking." Again he looked startled but he mumbled "Whatever you say, Lee."
I told him to stand up and take off all his clothes. At first he refused but I clearly told him that if we had any chance of really being a couple then he had to obey me. So he stripped while I watched. It was VERY embarrassing for him, which I knew it would be. He hesitated before pulling down his underpants and when he did I saw his penis for the first time -- and it was hard. It looked quite nice, above average in both length and girth, but I had absolutely no intention of him getting any relief from me, or even the satisfaction of having his cock touching my legs. I told him to take the belt out of his pants and to hand it to me and bend over the arm of the couch. He looked miserable but did so. I then started thrashing him. I had never seriously spanked anyone before -- my mom did not think it appropriate for me to spank my brothers, and the boyfriends I had spanked was more teasing than punishment -- and it took me a while to control the belt, so he got welts from his waist to almost his knees. I know it was really getting to him, but he did not cry out or ask me to stop, nor did he cry.When I was exhausted I threw the belt down and went back to the easy chair where I had been sitting. Again he came and put his head in my lap. I noticed there was no erection at all anymore. I stroked his hair and told him he was a good boy for taking his medicine. I made him agree that in the future I would spank him whenever I felt he needed it. After about half an hour of comforting, I told him it was late and I had to sneak home. I put on my coat while he stood there naked. Then I gave him a peck on the cheek and walked out the door.From that day he is my little slave boy.

At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in S. America and am married (30) to a beautiful woman (29)who administers regular spankings whenever she thinks I have misconduct or disobeyed her. Although she has always dominated me orally from the beginning of our relationship, she has just come to spanking one year ago. I think this was the natural consequence of her dominance. She realized that only domination was not sufficient and that a good spanking could make her achieve her objectives more efficiently. But I was horrified when my father came to live with us after apart from my mom and he indulges in reading Pron books and silly jokes.My dominant wife warned her Father in law many times but he ignored that she will not react with him as he is elder person.
The first time she spanked my father was when we went to a party organized by her cousin. My father started saying some silly jokes and pron stories to a group of friends. She immediately told my father to shut up, in such an authoritative way that everybody was frozen, including me. I didn't know where to hide. My father just tried a silly smile and began talking about something else. When we left the party she remained in silence till we reached the car. Once inside she told my father, with a finger at his face, that he had exceeded her patience and that she would give me a spanking when we got home. Those words had a strange impact on him, a mix of pleasure, since I always secretly wished she would spank my father as he has behaved really badly.

After entering our home, she put her bag on the table and went to our bedroom after me. There she took off her high-heeled sandals and, without further advice, started spanking my father with the leather sole. She was very furious, and after some swats he could just ask "Please, Mistress, no more, I'm sorry. Please, stop!" but she just coldn't stop until her rage had vanished. After having printed a lot of red marks, she told my father to take pants down and lay on her lap, with his bare bottom up. She applied the hardest spanking I have ever had seen in my life. My father is 58 years I could never suppose that a spanking he could have bare bottom on single sitting. I was standing fearfull in front of my dominat wife.She pushed my father on floor and from today you are my slave.She called me and I put my pant down and she satrted me spanking mercilessly and I do not know when I started sobbing but she was scolding you and are cunt slave father receive your medicine daily.When she finally finished, she said, still holding the sandal in her hand and pointing it at me, that from now on, things would be different in our relationship. Whenever I misconduct myself or didn't follow her orders, I could expect a similar treatment. She made it very clear that she would not allow arguments from me and that any disobedience would be punished with a spanking.

That has been our routine. My father has become slave of my dominant wife and whenever he misconducts she gets spanking as well as she pisses into mouth of him.But thank god he has become good man as well do all chores of house.I receive at least two spankings a month, some lights, some very severe, after which I always finish in tears. hairbrush. This fact, joined with the sexy appeal that a high-heel adds to every woman, in my point-of-view, is much more exciting to be spanked with shoes than with hairbrushes. Sorry for my bad English.

At 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was 22 years old the first time I spanked Dave, and he was 46.  12 years ago now. I am 34 years old and my slave husband is 59years old.We had got married 13 years ago. The early months took quite some adjustment. I was used to looking after myself, but looking after Dave was something much more tiring. Whilst I did all the cleaning he did all the messing up. I wasn't happy about that. It was grating with me.He was so childish with it and sometimes even rude to me. On one occasion he was just so offensive that I gave him a slap on his bottom and told him off.  He looked at me, a sneer on his face, like a teenager, said sorry and walked off.  I was despairing. Would it ever get better?
The next day he was messing about in the lounge, trying to balance a ball.  Things got out of hand as he was jumping around like an idiot.  I went in and told him to stop before he did some damage. Next thing I knew he tripped, crashed in to me, I fell over, and he landed on top of me."What do you think you are doing?" I screamed.It really hurt me.  I got up slowly and sat on the chair.  I was really cross.  I don't know where it came from, but I shouted "Come over here now"."Why should I?" he barked, eying me carefully but with a nervous laugh.
"Because I said so, that's why" I replied abruptly. I thought how he looked just like my younger brother when he was being told off by our Mother. He would be testing her, to see how far he could push her. She never went any further than telling him off though, and soon he got completely out of control, making her life, and mine, a misery. I did not want that to happen now.I said again, tersely, "come over here now. I am going to spank you.. Act like a child and be treated like one." I just knew this was our last chance. Either he had to change or there was no future for us.Dave looked at me for a moment, and the sneer went, replaced by open eyes, an almost scared look, and asked "You're not really going to spank me Jenny?"
"Yes I am" I said smartly.  "Now come over here before I get really angry".Dave came slowly over, unsure, and stood next to me, looking dismayed. I was in over drive though.  I took down his trousers and pants and pulled him over my knee.  He did not resist at all and lay there, not moving, his arms on the floor in front of him.  I decided just to lay straight in to him. Scolding will come later.
So I gave him spank after spank on his bare bottom, turning his bare bouncing bottom cheeks first pink and then a deeper red. I just thrashed him as hard as I could, almost blind with rage, but after about 5 minutes I had calmed down.  I was thinking I should not be doing this.  I am his wife and not his mother.  I rubbed my hand around his bottom while I was thinking, giving the occasional few smacks just to make sure he did not try to get up.Then I decided what the heck? He deserved to be disciplined because he really did hurt me, and, here he was, across my lap and taking his punishment.  I decided to continue. If he doesn't like it we will be splitting up anyway.He was my father's Friend and I was enough old to be the age of his daughter but I married to him so it was my duty to correct his negligence.It was giving me immense pleasure that 22 years old woman was hard hitting on bare bottom of 46 years old poor man , which was my husband.Dave was crying freely, a old man being thrashed by his young wife. The tears flowing down his face told me he was suffering, and maybe I had got through to him.  I gave him a dozen more even harder spanks before stopping.  I let him get up, and he threw his arms around my neck, hugged me, and said he was sorry.  I hugged him back until he had calmed down and he promised to be more adult in future.I was pleasantly surprised when Dave was much better behaved afterward. He helped around the house, and his silly antics stopped. For a while anyway .

At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am dominating woman and I would say men butt are made only for spanking with different implements.I would say men are nothing but grown up boys and every Girls who has attend the age of 15 - 16 years should have right to spank any age of men.I started spanking my step brother and step father from the age of 15 years with the help of my dominating mother.My mother taught me all these things.She trained me by allowing me to spank from the age of 15.I used to spank my step brother of the age of 19 and my step dad of the age of 42years.When I got married at the age of 24 years luckily I got submissive husband of the age of 25 years and my step father in law of the age of 45 years.Within a month I took control of house and i started spanking both of them.Now I am 42 years old and my 2 daughter of the age of 17 and 15 years have also started learning same procedure.I still spank my step brother and step father along with my husband and step father in law.Another interesting part is that in my office I had one old man of the age of 65 is working with me from last 15 years and I also spank him whenever he does some mistake.I am queen and keep control over any men who comes in my contact.Poor men....

At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am dominant woman.This dominance has been learned from childhood.My mother taught me from the age of 15 that men are nothing but grown up child and it is women duty to handle his man , son and any other male person which is closely contact with that woman.When I was 19 years old and studying fashion design course I came in to contact of vendor who used to make garments by the help of designer and used to sell to big company.I started doing practical work there and I found that owner Garry was 29 years old man very lazy but he was very impressed with my sincerity and dedication of work.With in a six months in his office my words were the last words.As he was very rich man and I was very keen to find a person who can obey me.At the age of 20 I started dating with him and I told him my way of life but I was very to hear that he told me that he and his father both are very brat person.Both had never lived in disciplined way.So soon during dating period I started spanking Garry and he was very happy to get spanking from me.So at the age of 23 years when I completed my Fashion design course soon I married to Garry.As Garry knew me very well I gave lifetime spanking on my wedding night before making love.I told him he is nothing more than my slave.Just in a year I was blessed by a daughter and I was need of help.As I used to remain very much busy with my business work as I took all the control from Garry.An idea came to my mind that my father in law who was good for nothing , simply wasting time in parties , gambling and going to bar etc.One morning when I was feeding my daughter and my slave husband was busy in preparing breakfast I saw my father in law drinking beer in his room.My mind get exhausted and angrily went to his room after putting my daughter on bed.before he could speak I pulled his head towards me and slapped him very hard.Before he could manage to balance himself I pulled his shorts along with brief and I started giving very hard spanking on his bare bottom.He started crying like child and I was scolding him very violently. After 20 minutes when i gave him more than 200 swats I saw Garry standing in front of me.He tried to speak some words then I called him and simply said it is time for your drink.My slave husband could not speak any words and simply started drinking my pee.When my father in law this scene e simply surrendered to me and said Mistress please make me your slave.From that day both my husband and Father in law are slave.
I came to conclusion that men are nothing more than child only simply dare of woman can lead to happy submissive slave

At 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women must be dominant in all relations to men which are related to her.This is my conclusion after dominating many men which are nothing but grown up boys from last 35 years.When I was 13 years old then my mother married to submissive man and I had one 17 years old step brother.When I was 15 years old my step brother misbehaved me in front of Mom and that day my Mom gave me standing order to dominate and spank any men which behaves to you.On that day I spanked very hard to my step brother and he begged me to stop spanking and promised me to wash my panties everyday.That was wonderful idea in my life.From that day I have never washed my Lingerie's/Undies/Bra's/Panties .One conclusion is that we should give them more and more panties to men wash them as they will feel that what is there role in their life.I am spanking and dominating Step brother , Father , Husband, Step Son , Father in Law , Son in Law and give them more panties to wash them daily.In my house no female do household work .It is duty of male person to do.Now days I am controlling my father in law and husband and they do my service .

At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“I am spanked by my wife and sister in law from last 5 years.My wife has never done single house hold work from the day of marriage.I am controlled by my sister in law who dominates me in such a way that as if I am her slut slave.In real sens I am slut slave to my wife and sister in law. I married second time at the age of 43 years .My wife is teacher in a school .She is 28 Years old and her younger sister is 22 years old.The first time was 5 years ago just after we got married, we had a row and I went off to cool down. When I got back my sister in law was there,she launched into me telling me I had upset her sister and I was to apologize and be punished.I did not know what she meant but apologized any way. She sent my wife for her hairbrush when she came back she told me to strip I stood there gobsmacked, she whacked my butt and told me to get on as she had not got all day. I undressed i was so embarrassed being naked in front of her I covered my penis with my hands for which I got another one across my bottom. She told me to put my hands by my sides and do as I was told.My wife sat on a dining chair and I was order to lay across her lap of my wife i did as told, she then started to spank my bottom but not hard enough then sister in law took the brush and really gave me life time hard spanking ,my bottom was on fire and I was crying a child in the lap of mother. It was really very ridiculous situation of 38 years old man was spanked by 17 years old girl like child.Then she scolded me and said you slave your bottom is maid for only spanking and took off her wet panty and put in my mouth.I was made to stand and told not to touch my bottom .my sister in law told my wife to get a pair of her old panties and put them on me.she came back with a pair of white transparent ones and pulled them up tight over my now colored bottom. My sister in law said if I cried like a girl I am to be treated as one, so from then on I was to wear panties full time. Now every Saturday she comes round I have to take my panties off, she shaves off all my pubic and body hair and creams me all over before giving me a good spanking. My wife colors my bottom during the week, when i get in from work I have to undress down to my tee shirt and panties I am not allowed to wear anything else. Its humiliating when her friends call round being made to wait on them and them seeing me virtually naked, with my penis straining against my tight white panties.I cannot hide as I know I will be spanked hard in front of them if I do.”

At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My parents,were poor disciplinarians. They had two
children, Frank, a bratty whiny 18 year old boy, and Betty, a tough
mean 15 year old girl. Both were constantly in trouble. Frank would get everyone mad at him because he was such a whip, tattling on all his class mates, sucking up to his teachers to the point that even they found it obnoxious, and, most annoying of all to his parents. The parents told Frank acting as a goody two shoes, and to stop teasing his sister, but Frank kept doing it, ignoring his parents admonitions.
until one day they discovered the perfect solution, a way to punish Frank for his bratty behavior while providing Betty an outlet for her aggression,all without requiring these fine parents to lift a finger against either of them. What they did, was make Betty the instrument for
disciplining her bratty elder brother, thereby painfully humiliating Frank for his obnoxiousness and allowing Betty to vent her pent up fury in
the process.
It was Betty younger sister of the age of 15 years took all the control of his elder 18 years old brother.As she was more powerful then her poor elder brother.She started him spanking severely.
She often threw her legs around his head and squeezed it in a powerful head scissors which had him gasping and fearful that his head would explode, and then holding him there as the pain mounted. At times she threw him on the floor on his stomach, sat on his back and twisted his arm behind his back and listened to his screams and his begging her not to break his tormented arm. When she pinned him, she not only placed her full weight on his shoulders to cause him agony,
but now pinned him with each of his thin arms squeezed between the
upper and lower part of her legs as she bent the arms backwards over her legs and listened to the screaming that treatment caused as
though it was music to her ears. She not only slapped his face as he lay pinned with her hands, but also pushed her bare feet into his
face over his nose and mouth, pushing until tears welled
involuntarily in his eyes. As she sat on his neck, she now bounced
up and down with her full weight so poor little Frank gasped for
breath as he sobbed for mercy. Next she would swivel herself around and plop down on Franks face, sitting on his face and facing his legs. She then bounced up and down on his face and the settled there, sitting on his nose and mouth, whereupon she proceeded to punch her brother in his stomach and slap him hard in the groin. Frank would have screamed from the agony of these blows, but the suffocating pressure of Betty's ass virtually sealing his nose and mouth prevented him from doing so. He could not even get the relief, which might have been obtained, from screaming in his pain. Her activity while perched on her elder brother's face sometimes caused Betty
to expel her gas into his nose and mouth. When this happened Betty
laughed while poor Frank thought he would die, not only from the
odor and pressure on his face, but also from the humiliation as he
realized what was happening to him, what his younger sister was doing to him and forcing him to endure. She extended the duration of Frank's punishment sessions to several hours, making herself comfortable by watching TV programs, often Frank's favorites, with the remote nearby for her use, while Frank lay helpless underneath her able to
watch nothing but the darkness of Betty's ass on top of him, usually
forced to endure the pungent odors emanating from that part of her
body, or, if she was holding him in a pin position, the gloating
expression on Betty's face. She even never hesitated to piss into mouth of her elder brother by saying that baby drink the cola. And she learned to respond to Frank's pleas for release, to his begging of her to get off of him, to his promises to be good and do anything she wanted if only she would stop torturing him even for awhile.

At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When my husband demanded female domination I was shocked as I have been raised in a traditional Indian household where the father is the dominant figure.Ours is an arranged marriage, and none of this was revealed until this point. I am under a lot of stress right now and feel cheated, not sure how to react. Has anyone else seen/heard anything like this? I'll be most grateful for any suggestions/advices on how to deal with this situation.Then my close friend told me story had an almost identical experience few years back. After the initial shock and denial, I had 2 choices, either to leave him or try to work it out. The fact that he was loving and caring somehow made me work it out. Today I am the mother of a wonderful 3 years old daughter. I asked him why he didn't tell him for the first few months of marriage. He said that he wanted to know me better before he revealed this; he was worried about the shame and ridicule that
he would face in society if this became public. I then spent some time on the internet to read about this and too my surprise I found that being subservient to their wife is on top of the list of male fantasies. I also realized that this is not a deal breaker like being a gay or something. Of course how many women get husbands who are willing to listen to all their whims and fancies ! I just think because of the
conservative Indian culture it's not out in the open. I wont be surprised to see a lot of people having this lifestyle behind close doors in India also.Based on further reading, I decided the best way to handle this is to become the 'boss' and set a rule that this is the maximum that I am willing to tolerate; no going to porn sites or infidelity or something. My husband readily agreed and I am better since that day. I trained/ordered him to take care of most of the household chores. Today he is a really good cook, and is very very helpful around the house. Both of us work, so it makes my life lot easier is the husband is a significant contributor in the household chores and not just a couch potato as many Indian men are.
Regarding our sexual life, I realized he wasn't very good in the typical male-on-top position, so again on the suggestion in some websites, we tried the female-on-top position with me being in control.
I had greater penetration, was in control and never felt so much sexual pleasure before. I also bought a cane online and started disciplining him regularly, the difference being that he wanted to get spanked for
his pleasure, but I made him realize that he's also going to get some pain, so that he doesn't repeat these mistakes again. I had some guilt initially, but then I realized that just as any mother disciplines her child, I am doing this to my husband who has the need for this, which I think is inborn. So now I never hesitate to spank him bare bottom as just like child.Both of us feel fulfilled and he is the ideal husband, who treats his wife as his queen! Life could not be better!(a regular dose of a few hard spankings have been life changing, so try this lifestyle out, it's unconventional but believe me you won't regret it.So after my close friend’s suggestion I started same and believe me in 5 years I am running good business getting very good revenue as well as mother of 2 Kids (4 and 2 years old).My husband do all the chores happily and do my service also and I correct him regularly .My spanking session to my husband is o weekends.I also now enjoy dominating him.Also my and his family knows that I dominate him because of I earn more higher than my husband.I am happy after my close friend’s husband.

At 2:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife(Rosie) was friend of my younger sister(Kelly).Both were in same school.Even at the age of 16 my younger sister used to completely dominate me .I was 21 years old when my sister started dominating me.It started when she caught me red handed wearing and sniffing her panties.She used to never hesitate even spanking me in front of Rosie and also called her to spank me after she completed her spanking .So my wife had completely whipped when we had just started dating. She was easy and I fell in love very quickly. The result is that I have been involved in a wife-led marriage for over a decade now. She is very sweet and loving, and I am a normal guy. But in all honesty, most wives are the "boss;" the only difference with us is that we have both acknowledged my submissiveness to her and her authority over me, and she is the undisputed head of the house. Her sweetness, patience, and incredible sexiness continue to cast a life-long spell over me. I still express opinions, but when she exerts control over me, I always obey her, because she always has the final say in all matters. I am whipped because she is a kind, dear, sweet, loving, beautiful treasure, and a true goddess that I worship completely, and a woman I could not live without.I am clearly pussy-whipped by my wife. We are engaged in a 24/7 Total-Power Exchange, as well as living a truly female-led marriage. I have no problems being p-whipped, because I am a very submissive person. My wife became my Mistress even before our marriage along with my younger sister and declared me pussy-slave after wedding.We consensually signed an Ownership Contract establishing a permanent Mistress/slave relationship. Mistress also presented me with a frill panties and the day from wedding I am wearing panties brought by my wife. As a slave, I am under constant training in order to improve my obedience and service. I am owned property with no rights and have been entered into a register of slaves. My possessions, assets, and income were surrendered at my collaring and are held in Mistress' name.My wife is gradually, but consistently becoming the man in our relationship. It has something to do with me being a cross dresser, loving to explore my feminine side. I am wearing skirts and dresses at home nearly 24/7 (sometimes outside as well when we go out), leaving her the pants.I am already doing a remarkable part of the housework such as cooking, doing the laundry and cleaning. Working out at least twice a week she has become physically stronger than me. She is the dominant in the bedroom, pinning me down and taking me like a girl. So that's my story. I am so deeply in love with my Mistress that I gave myself to Her. I trust Her enough to confidently place my life in Her hands. I never would have even considered submitting if I weren't already in love with my wife. My wife wears the pants in the relationship everywhere. I am completely pussy-whipped- even my most individual of decisions are out of my control. Some must think that it'd be hell living the Lifestyle, but I'm just a slave trying to please an amazing and beautiful Dom me.Mostly once in a month my younger sister comes to my house and both sister and wife do whatever they like with me.

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Susan had only been married to her new husband for a few weeks, but she was already having problems with her step father in law Steven. Numerous times she had caught him up in his room with the door locked masturbating furiously with her dirty panties that he had snatched from the laundry room hamper....She decided enough was enough and that it was time to take the problem firmly in hand and show him that she was not pleased. What kind of would she be if she allowed this to continue with his step father in law? So one day she secretly got the key to his door and surprised him as he held her soiled panties to his nose with one hand and stroked his t robbing penis to orgasm with the other!Of course he was shocked to see his step daughter-in-law standing there with a stern look on her face as she beheld his penis and the mess he had just made on his belly. But what was worse, is that she also held a thick leather belt in her hands and looked like she was well prepared to use it!......" Stinging Bare Bottom Shame He was blushing with shame when dominant daughter-in-law took his pants down and bared his bottom for punishment!
"She demanded he take his pants down even further and bare his bottom for the shameful punishment she was about to administer to his blushing butt. He complained, but she grabbed him by the hair and turned him over on the bed and started to bring that belt down on his bare bottom with hard firm strokes SMACK SMACK SMACK! Steven whimpered and moaned but his step daughter-in-law kept spanking him till it felt like his butt was on fire! She then dropped the belt and started spanking him with her bare hand! Again and again he winced as she slapped his pale naked butt and scolded him for his naughty masturbation with her panties. Finally she stopped and "allowed" him to stand in the corner with his pants at his ankles while she cleaned up the semen he had ejaculated earlier. He was SO ashamed!From that day step daughter-in-law took all the control over his step father-in-law and made him her sissy slave and he do all the chores of home and gets timely maintenance spanking from dominant step daughter-in-law.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am a real good looking older man 53 last febuary and have long fantasised about being spanked pants and underwear down as my first wife used to go yo me, too bad drugs got the best of her!! i still fanatise about being spanked good and ofter even paddled and then tied up bent over stripped naked and whipped with a leather whip!!!! how do i find a woman or a dozen women in eastern ct where i live to punish my ass bare ass and often and call her maam!!! my wife won t even have sex with me and does not have any sex with me for over six years now!!! how does she do it, and all she is interested in is the catholic church!!!! i am sexually frustrated and need a woman like that!! i have been home since a bad motorcycle accident and have to have a doctor replace my right knee and take the extra bone out of my right elbow. doctor leclair is the top surgeon 20 miles north not far over the ct border where i live. then i really want a girlfriend like that as i cannot offord another divorce, two already! if there is a woman who is near north eastern ct who wants to dicipline me good bare ass or even naked then i want to put my e-mail here so i can hopefully get punished by her!!!! please respond and i will put my phone number in the e-mail reply provided she can keep it our diciplinary secret!! my e-mail is let me have it good maam!!! i am sure you can be a good teacher!!! can t wait to hear from as m any women as can read this to let me have a good bare ass spanking that makes my cock hard as hell!! my cock is rock hard now as i write this after i read a dozen or so stories on this site!! i know i will have to jerk off tonight for sure, and i also know i will have to fia sexy woman to spank me for it!!!!!so it is up to maams yeach me a really good l esson and i will obidently give you my phone number!! obedently, david

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men are always child even though become older in does not matter how much old they are all men should be controlled by the women to whom they are attached.Any Mother ,Sister , Daughter , Sister in Law ,Daughter-in-Law can control any men of their family.I am 37 years old woman who keeps control over my 55 years old Husband , 30 Years old Stepson and 64 years old Step father.I spank all the three men accordingly their need.I really enjoy spanking my step father as I am spanking him from last 25 years as i started when i was 12 years old with permission of my mother.All men should be controlled by women.

At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sweet Princess Goddess fucks me with her wet, tight pussy, until she comes again. Every time I get close to exploding, she either stops, or squeeze my balls. Mostly, though, it is the look of mocking power in her eyes that makes me strain to keep from coming. I want so desperately to please her!
Once we are finished, she completes her dominance swiftly and easily: before I can figure out what she is doing, she attaches a male chastity device to me, locks it, and then mockingly waves the key in front of my horrified eyes. "Like I said, daddy, you will NEVER cum unless I give you permission. And guess what? I almost NEVER give permission! You have to earn it."
I gaze into her eyes with complete longing and love, searching for the slightest hint of compassion, and finding none. Finally, I lower my eyes and whisper, "I will do ANYTHING to earn it, my Goddess, anything at all!"
"Oh yes, you will, daddy-slut," she laughs. "You are going to spend the rest of your life feeling unbelievably frustrated!"
"As you wish, Goddess."
She smiles. "Yeah, I know. Now get down there and start massaging and kissing my feet. You have a long night ahead of you."
I feel like the happiest daddy slave in the world, as I move to obey her.

At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best way to explain my relationship I have with my wife is to explain how I became a slave to my wife. My wife is 6'2 and 185 pounds and has a nice curvy figure. Basically she looks damn hot. I am 5'8 and 135 with athletic swimmers build. Not to sound conceded, but I consider myself fairly nice looking man. My wife and I married when I was 41 and she was 19, everyone this is mismatch but we're in love and we're both ready. It is now been 10 years since we married and are still very happy with each other.
But our marriage hasn't always been bliss. About 4 years into our marriage, the sex life was starting to dull. We have always had regular sex up till about that time, you know...missionary, her on top, maybe an occasional doggy style, some oral sex thrown in there...basically normal married life sex.

I was also starting to surf the net looking at Fem-Dom pictures of guys being ass fucked with strap on dildos and being spanked. I don't know why, but I started to find this as a turn on. So I started to masturbate to these pictures as this went on for 2 years. My wife never knew. She and I would have sex about one a month and in between the long stretches I would masturbate to these pictures. Then one day my wife came home early and I didn't hear her come in. I was sitting at the computer jerking off to these pictures when I turned around and saw my wife standing in the doorway. I was so embarrassed that I went limp almost instantly. My wife calmly walked over to the computer and started to click thought the pictures.

I went to say something, and she shouted "shut up." She then got up and left the house in her car, she was gone for about 3 hours. During this time I was shitting my pants. I didn't want to loose my wife, I loved my wife. When my wife returned, she had a large bag of things. She walked right up to my face about an inch from it and sternly said for me to go to the bedroom and strip naked. I went to say something and she cut me off and shouted “What the fuck did I just say?"
So I did as she said. She walked in about five minutes later and I was sitting on the bed naked. She told me to stand at the end of the bed and lean over the end. I felt her spread my legs and tie my ankles to each bed post leg so I my ass was spread wide. She then told me to put my hands behind my back and when I did so I felt her lock hand cuffs on each wrist. She then took a rope and tied it to the center of the handcuffs and stretched my arms up backward and tied the other end of the rope to the headboard of the bed. In a matter of a few minutes I found myself forced into a bent over position with my ass spread wide. I was totally helpless.

My wife then picked up a paddle and started to light into my ass. While she was paddling my ass she was yelling things at me like, "So you like to masturbate to other women" and "Your ass is mine, you fucking pervert." She didn't stop till I was sobbing hysterically, pleading and begging for her to stop. I had no idea that my wife could be so brutally merciless. I then looked to the side and saw her getting naked.
She then left the room for a few minutes and when she returned she was wearing a rather large strap-on dildo. She came right up to the side of the bed that I had my head turned to and said "So you like to masturbate to women fucking guys, well guess what, I'm going to give you a ass reaming of a lifetime."
She then stepped behind me and it felt like she put a tube of k-y jelly up to my ass and squeezed the whole tube into my ass. I felt her put the tip of the dildo to my ass and slowly work it in. When she got about half of it in she started to move it in and out of my ass, then with no warning, she thrust the whole dildo into my ass.
From that day I am bitch of her.

At 4:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 58 years old submissive man to all ladies of my families.They have contributed lot to make me good man and successful businessman.If I recall my old memories then my stories start from when my parents died in car accident and I was in dire strait condition.Then my Aunt mom's best friend took me to her home.She had lot of work as she had Farm house , boutique and one general store all working fine with her command.My Aunt was strict and want me to do all the work in disciplined manner but I was unorganized fellow and i paid the price for that.One day in basement My aunt called me and I was wondered to see that her husband was begging to her stop spanking and she was scolding and punishing him in front of Jenny( 16 ) and Sally(10).She immediately called me and made me nude in front of all and she started me spanking 22 years grown up man mercilessly.When she finished spanking she told jenny and Sally to do same .On that day both gave me spanking for more than 45 minutes.After that spanking I became such a tame person of my Aunt and Jenny and Sally that my life changed.I learned all the business trick and did study with the help of my Aunt.My Aunt also taught me love techniques while making love with me.Jenny spanked me and taught me that it is very easy to be loved by female by washing undies of females.Sally was more gorgeous and when she attend the age of 18 years she married me and she controlled me in all respect.I have 2 daughters and one son .My daughter in law also spanks me with permission of Sally.I am much pleased all the female has given me opportunity to serve them and made me good fellow.

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m a thirty-six year-old man who had just received an over-the-knee spanking from his nineteen year-old younger wife whom I just married few months back. That’s when my dominant wife went to a party at a neighbor’s house and left me alone at home. About an hour passed by and I got bored watching TV. I went on her computer searching for porn. Before I knew it, I had stripped nude and was pleasuring myself to some hot video clips. I had the sound up and did not hear my dominant wife open the door until she yelled, “You pig!” I quickly jumped in the air but it was too late. I was caught. All I can remember next was watching the green blur of my wife’s bikini come toward me. Suddenly, I was over her knee with my butt high in the air and my head on the carpet. A rain of hard hand spanks descended on each of my bare cheeks and I was more shocked than embarrassed. I tried to get off her lap, but each time she was able to push me down again causing me to get excited. “Please stop,” I gasped, knowing I was close to finishing. I was overwhelmed by thoughts of my wife in her bikini slapping my butt. I relaxed as slap after slap landed on my bare bottom. As I finished and my dominant wife realized what happened, she screamed. I thought that might be the end of it, but she didn’t skip a beat pulling off her flip-flop and spanking me with it. “You’re a disgusting old man doing this in my house!” she shouted as the sandal slapped across each cheek. After about a hundred slaps, she lifted me by the neck off her lap and pushed my nose in the corner. As I stood there, she chastised me for my indecent deeds. “You ought to be ashamed of yourself; what if your friends knew!” she clamored. As she stood up, she said, “You stand right there and think about this old man, while I clean up.” As I stood with my nose in the corner and my bare butt still stinging, I couldn’t think of anything but that. My wife is pretty, sexy, and young woman and thinking of her in the shower was too much. My excitement began to rage again. “Well did you learn your lesson?” she asked. “Turn around.” “No, I can’t,” I said, embarrassed by my condition. “I said turn around,” she shouted, grabbing my arm. She gasped and I started to cry. “I’m sorry,” I blubbered, “I can’t help it.” I half expected to get another slap as she sat down on the bed next to me. “Oh, you poor thing,” she said, rubbing my bare bottom. “I forgot how confusing it can be for someone who has not done sex for the last few years. Is that what has you all worked up?” I shook my head, too embarrassed to say anything. “My, my, this is quite a piece of equipment you have here,” she said. “Now tell Mistress why this thing is still loaded?” I couldn’t bring myself to say I loved being over her knee with my bare bottom being spanked, so I just stood there. “I think you enjoyed being spanked, didn’t you?” she said. I nodded, hiding my face. “Do you often think about girls putting you over their knees and spanking your bare bottom?” I nodded again. My wife laughed as she rubbed my sore bottom. “Would you like it if Mistress took you over her friend’s house and spanked your naughty bare bottom in front of everyone?” “Yes,” I said, barely able to talk. “Because you’re such a Momma's bad boy, I might have to spank you more often. Hm mm, I’d have to slap each cheek like this,” she said lightly tapping my bottom. "I’d just keep spanking and spanking, oho!” she laughed. After that, she just patted my bottom and told me to get dressed.From that day I receive weekly spanking from my dominant wife.

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Julian and the following is one of my many true experiences which my younger sister dominated me on my birthday.
It was my 21th birthday and I was sleeping in late. My parents had long left for work. I planned to have a lazy relaxing day, but my sister Jill had other plans. She was 3 years younger and she and three of her girl friends came into my room.
“Time for your birthday spankings”, she exclaimed with a huge smile on her face. I told her to get out and leave me alone, but she and her friends quickly grabbed me and positioned me on the edge of the bed with my ass on display. My T-shirt, shorts and brief was pushed up leaving my bare ass only.
The girls took turns spanking me with their hand each giving my 21 swats. At first I cried and screamed as they were not holding back and my ass was soon stinging. About the time the second girl started her swats was when I started to enjoy the pain - my cock became hard. I stopped protesting and started enjoying it and at the time the third girl finished. All had given me their swats except my sister. The girls released me and when my sister told her girl friends she would see them later they promptly left. I remained on the edge of the bed, too sore to move. Jill felt the wetness and hardness of my cock and said, “I knew you were enjoying it.” I blushed at the thought of my sister knowing I came in front of her from spankings. She soon stopped feeling the wetness and started rubbing my cock in her hand.
“Get undressed and back in the same position”, she commanded. I did as she asked without hesitation, shocking myself as I did and lay naked in a vulnerable position in front of Jill. She started spanking me hard and rubbing my red ass in between spanks. She brought me to multiple orgasms as she slowly spanked me. When she was done giving me my 21 swats, which seemed like it took forever, she told me to get into the bed. She removed her clothes and climbed in behind me spooning and holding my cock from behind as we drifted off to sleep. Just as I was falling asleep, she whispered in my ear, “I love spanking you”.

At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I caught my elder brother in law (he is almost 35) masturbating in his bedroom, and he was doing it while he was looking at pictures of ME at the beach with my friends earlier this summer!!! When I walked in he did not even stopped he just keep going then his white shoot across the room almost hit me! I knew he was very much submissive person so my mind clicked with the idea of dominating my brother in law
I was going to tell his wife but he begged me he would rather be spank by me than his wife and she will also not let him drive a car next year. So I spanked him with my flip flop shoe and made him promise much better behavior for me than ever before. If he is very good to me I sometimes even let him masturbate while he looks at me in a bikini or my nightie (but not naked), but he must also accept my spanking when I think he needs. I also make him tell me EVERYTHING about his spanking from me to all his friend.

My brother in law always didn't care about me and was mean before but now he very changed, he even does things for me he even washes my lingerie's and helps me with my work. When he starts to drive he knows its only because I didn't tell his wife, so he promised to drive me when I want to go someplace when he has the car.My poor spanked slave brother in law.

At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Sister in-law spanked me. Should I tell my brother?
A few hours ago after dinner we were cleaning up, well I was because I was trying to be nice (seriously Ii just wanted to help) and my younger brother kept asking me to do things that he was fully capable of doing, but he just did not want to get up. I kept doing what he wanted and then his wife (My sister-in-law) said she had some work to do outside so I needed to do the rest of the kitchen later on. Well that pissed me off because I already helped more than usual and it was only 5 he had 4 more hours of daylight to fix the fence. I got mad at starting fighting back well she's a lot bigger than me and I always listen to her because she kind a scares me when she yells.
My younger brother was watching TV and doing nothing. I kept fighting back until she said "if u says one more word you going to get it" Well I yelled back at her because I didn't think she'd do anything. She grabbed my arm and took me into the guest room. She put me over her lap and spanked me for more than 15 minutes. it was very humiliating situations for me as 23 years old woman was spanking man of 32 years mercilessly. I don't think my younger brother knew because he ended up going outside before she took me to the room. I am 32 and she's 23. Should I tell my younger brother she did that or just ignore it? I didn't mean to make him mad it just wasn't fair that I had to do it all. Now I'm really scared to go back downstairs or to face her. I apologized a million times, but she kept spanking me until I beg her to stop spanking me.

At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was spanked by my mother and sister and had a strict upbringing. My mother spanked me with a hairbrush for as long as I could remember and from the age of 14 or 15, my sister caned me as I was her sissy slave brother. Although the real epic good hidings were after I was 18.
I met an older woman when I was 22 and started seeing her behind my parents back. She was 30 years old divorced lady with 9 years old daughter. They eventually allowed Jenny to marry me on one condition; actually I think there were a few, but only one mattered to me. Mother and Sister gave Jenny a cane and made us both agree to use corporal punishment in our marriage. That is Jenny had to cane me whenever I needed it. I agreed at once, I really did not think this was at all odd. Jenny was a bit taken aback, but I easily persuaded her to agree.
Married life was great. The one huge disappointment was that we could not have children but we have our step daughter. But I was young and we were very comfortable, even if Jenny was away a lot. So good holidays, my own car and lots of nice things seemed like compensation at the time.
Jenny caned me of course. I did stupid things, like defrosting the freezer and then forgetting so that a hundred pounds of food was spoilt. So whenever Jenny caned me it was bare and bends for six-of-the-best. Jenny caned much harder than Mom and Sister but not so much as to compensate. I felt guilty at first, after all I had promised to actively agree to this and here I was behaving badly and getting my bum tickled. I actually started to enjoy it, only pretending to cry.
This went on for several years. But as Jenny got promoted, she was a way more and more. I had no children and middle class slave and spanked husband did not work as my dominant wife was earning very handsomely. I got bored. That is when I met Alicia. She offered to give me a few pointers at the golf club and one thing led to another. We were soon having a passionate affair.
It lasted six months before Jenny found out. She threw me out and called me a whore. She was right of course, so I went home to my parents. I assumed that Mom would thrash me. She didn’t. She wouldn’t even talk to me. This went on for weeks until Mom called Jenny and she came round. We had a tearful reconciliation and Jenny said she would give a double caning and we would say no more about it. Jenny gave a dozen terrific cuts of the cane in front of Mom and for once my tears weren’t faked.
.After Jenny took me home I was sent to bed. Jenny said nothing, but I knew it was calm before the storm. I think she spoke to Mom once on the phone. Then on Saturday afternoon I was sent to our room. I had to wait there for hours. When Jenny finally came upstairs she was carrying the cane. She had me take off most of my clothes and bend over some pillows piled at the end of the bed. I still had marks from Mom and Sister’s caning but that did nothing to deter Jenny. She wasn’t angry but she told me that she did not appreciate me laughing at her behind her back all these years. I have already said that she could cane harder than Mom and Sister, I found out that evening how true that was. I got the thrashing of my life. She broke me.It was hard to move the next day and my bottom was textured all over with purple ridges. I could not sit down at all for several days and it was two weeks before I wanted to, all that much.
That wasn’t my last caning like that from Jenny. My punishments got quite elaborate after that. I was spanked by way of reprimand in between canings and was introduced to corner time. All this sometimes witnessed by our step daughter daily. My love and respect for Jenny really grew from then on and I secretly began to enjoy it in a different way than before.
It was only years later that I found out that most marriages were not like ours and we were indulging in some sort sexual kink. Funny how life turns out my wife to dominate me

At 2:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was about 12 years old when my mother passed away. After that, I lived with my father, Ted, in our little 3 bedroom house. Dad worked in an insurance office of some kind, a fairly boring job, but he loved me and took very good care of me. Dad was had dark brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin like me. He was about 5'9" tall and was a muscular 160 lbs, fairly handsome, and of a quiet and intelligent personality.I grew up watching him work hard to make our home and we were happy. Dad didn't date much during all that time, but when I had just turned 18 and my dad was 48, he met a woman named Jordan Andre 25 and he fell in love. They began dating regularly and Dad was happier than I'd seen him in a long time. I met her early on since it seemed she always came to our house to pick dad up for dates, and she drove her large Mercedes. She was taller, perhaps 5'11", well over 6' in her heels, quite curvy but not overweight at all. She dressed very feminine in a sort of austere way, heels, skirt, lacey blouse, sharp jacket, and some jewelry, adorned her stunning black hair, grey eyes, and authoritative manner. I remember hearing my father, if she was giving a firm instruction, "yes, ma'am". I just thought it was their way, and it seemed very natural, so I started addressing her that way with "yes, ma'am," and she would smile and call me a 'good boy', just the same way she did to dad. When my dad married to her she took all the control of Dad and me. She gave first spanking to me and Dad after returning from honeymoon. That was really very hard spanking which I remember till today. My dad was more scared then me as she used to spank him more than me and I used to get more aroused to see 5o years man sobbing like child when her dominant wife which was half of her age gives her more and more
She used to say that the men would serve as waiters and entertainers, remaining naked the entire night, and they were required to obey any command given by a woman! She said if I wanted to touch their penises, squeeze their testicles, feel their bottoms, it was totally allowed and in fact I was encouraged to do so. She said this would be the night for me to answer every question I had about male anatomy so that I'd never have to 'learn' in the back of a boy's car. Her rule for males was as follows:

1. A woman must take complete control of the ejaculations of the men in her life, so that her males look to her for their release. She must decide if and when her men will be allowed to ejaculate -- and that means no more masturbation for the boys, unless it is supervised by and with the permission of a woman. Boys must be taught not to touch their penises by themselves, it is something that must only be done with a woman's consent, and it is best if all ejaculations are directly caused by a woman. It's better to make the boy spurt than it is to 'allow' him to masturbate, but either way, the woman must be in control.

2. A woman must discipline her boys, no matter what their age. It must become as completely 'normal' that husbands are spanked by their wives, as it is that sons are spanked by their mothers. The spanking of males should be common practice throughout society, and a subject as easily discussed in mixed company as kissing. If a boy of any age deserves a few swats, they should be given right away, in public if necessary, and should certainly be given openly in the woman's home.

3. A woman's right to sexual freedom must be maintained, regardless of her relationship status, while boys must remain completely faithful to their Mistress. Every woman would be allowed to take as many lovers as she wishes, and to have multiple husbands, consorts, and concubines. Boys must take for granted that they have no exclusive rights to their Mistress, and they must be willing to share her with others easily, while keeping themselves just for her.

At 4:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife punishes me with a cane on my ass to the point of the skin braking . She abuses me in front of our kids, explaining to them that dad has been bad. I have to do what my daughters want. If I don’t, they run to mom and complain to her about me. My wife then canes me in front of the girls, and then they cane me in front of my wife. She also makes me wear nothing but old panties of my wife around the house. Her sons do the same. The boys have to clean up their sisters rooms, and do their chores.
If they don’t, they get a spanking in front of the girls, and the girls get to spank their brothers. A bit of info that you might like. I have been married for 21 years, and my wife has cuckold me sense our wedding night fucking other men. My wife has 4 kids, two boys and two girls all from different men. She is pregnant by another man. She lets me out of my chastity belt once a year for me to masturbate. She does not touch me, but rather watch me master bats looking at porno. Once I cum once, she puts me back in my device till next year. I do clean up duty.

At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 72 years old widower. I like my nephew's wife, who is 26 years old. She is a South Indian beauty. Dusky and tall. Her height is 5'10" and weight about 70 kg. and she has a very curvy, fleshy body. As compared to her my height is 5'6" and weight is 60 kg. My nephew and his wife live with me in my house as they have no house in the city. She always tries to pamper me as an elder but also shows her body parts on some pretext or the other. I had a terrific experience one night when my nephew was away on tour. At night at about 11 o'clock, when I went past her room, the lights of her room were on and she was lying naked. I was shocked. I asked her whether she was alright. She turned and I could see her front parts. She smiled and said she was feeling hot, and so she removed her clothes. Her large breasts, her pubic hair, long legs and strong thighs excited me.She saw my excitement and she made me nude and took me on her lap and she started me spanking very hard.I was shocked first but when my toll started getting erection I did not speak any word as she was scolding and abusing me very hard.She was using very hard words for me like you cunt slave needs hard spanking.After 15 minutes of spanking she made to stand in front of her and she saw my erection then she ordered me to satisfy her. I at once caught her breasts, and started playing with them. I sucked them and breast milk started flowing in my mouths and her hand was fondling on my head and she simply said my slave child and that excited me lot. She embraced me and kissed me over my cheeks, lips and forehead. She asked me whether I like her. I told her she look beautiful and sexy. Then I touched her vaginal parts. She was very excited and wet. I tried to insert my penis as it was erected. she said she will be active partner. She pulled me under her very strong and long legs and huge thighs. Then she asked me to lie down, and she sat with her butts on my face. She sat on me in 69 position for a long time. I got discharged, but she did not leave me and kept sitting on my chest and rubbing her vital parts all over me. Then she asked me to lick her vagina. I licked it but was tired. I had no option but to do what she said, as she was dominating and controlling me. She left me after one hour. I was totally exhausted and about to collapse. Before asking me to leave, she asked me to put her under garments and other clothes on her body. I obeyed like an old slave. It was a wonderful experience of domination.

At 4:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the duty of women to keep control over men.Any women who has attained the age of maturity should be self sufficient to keep control over men.I am 55 years old woman and I married at the age of 19 years to very brat man who was 36 years old widower and he had 15 years son. My first year of marriage was very horrible and my husband and step son never listened to me and they never helped me in household work.I just birth to a girl and I started my business.One day I got very much angry ad without applying any mind I first spanked very hard to my step son in front of my husband.He never speak any word and when tries to escape from there I pulled him put on my lap and spanked him very hard and he cried like child.From that day that means from last 32 years I have dominated all the males which belongs to my family and I have trained my daughters , sisters and daughter in law how to spank there men and how to dominate men.

At 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have written two books about a man who is forcefully transformed into a submissive little sissy. You can read them for free at

I am married and live together with a wonderful little man and it´s from our marriage I have got a lot of inspiration to my books!

At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was age 18 my parents arranged for me to earn some extra money by doing yard work for my cousin sister that they had met who were in their mid 30s. The husband of cousin sister was a tall, thin, and mild mannered man who often traveled away from home for several days as a salesman. The cousin sister was very beautiful medium height woman with long light brown hair and nice round breasts with big nipples that pressed out against the thin cotton tank tops that she liked to wear. She arranged with my parents for me to do yard work one Saturday afternoon and to stay overnight with her and her two sons, who were toddler age, as her husband was going to be away from home and she didn't like being alone in her neighborhood on a Saturday night where there was a lot of traffic and loud parties. That afternoon I became too hot while doing yard work, thus I took my t shirt off and continued working. The cousin sister came out and brought me some cool lemonade and complimented me on my muscular chest and biceps. As she talked to me, she would keep one hand pressed against my stomach as she told me that she wished that her husband would exercise to develop his muscles like mine. She blushed a lot as she talked to me, and she then went back in the house. That evening at 9:00 pm she came into the family room where I was watching TV. She told me to follow her down the hall. She led me into the bathroom where there was a bathtub full of hot water. She told me that she had given both of her sons a bath and had put them to bed, and she informed me that she was going to give me a bath. She told me to take my clothes off and get into the bath tub. When I became embarrassed and told her that I would rather take a shower on my own, she became angry, grabbed my arm, and marched me into the bedroom. She pulled my T shirt off, unsnapped my Levis shorts, pulled them off, and stared at my tight white briefs. She then had me lay down across her body with my white briefs tight against the crotch area of her thin white cotton shorts. She told me that she was going to spank me for being disobedient. She then spanked me with her left hand with hard stinging slaps. I was so surprised that I just lay there and took it. When she could feel that I was getting aroused with a semi hard erection, she had me stand up. She pulled off my white briefs and stared at my large circumcised penis and testicles. She then had me lay down across her lap again. She spread my legs wider, and she proceeded to spank my bottom and upper thighs with slaps that became harder and harder. To my surprise I was enjoying the slaps and pain of the spanking. This caused me to have a big erection. When the spanking was over, she had me stand in front of her. I felt humiliated and vulnerable at that point. She stared a long time at my big erection, and then she grabbed my testicles with her left hand and squeezed them on and off as she lectured me on being obedient in her house. This caused a lot of pain. She informed me that she spanked her husband when he was disobedient. She informed me that the role of a man was to be submissive to a woman. She then marched me back into the bathroom, gave me a bath, and put me to bed for the night. From then on I craved being spanked and having my testicles punished by a dominant woman who is my cousin sister

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One day I came upstairs from doing the laundry and decided to get some more dirty clothes from my sister Jane’s room. I went down the hall and without thinking opened her door and walked in on my father in law Roe sniffing her dirty panties!

Needless to say I was pissed! I don't mind if my father in law likes to masturbate with my panties, in fact I find it a turn on knowing he gets off on my scent, but this was different. My own sister! I decided right then and there I had to teach him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget!!!
I made him put her dirty panties in mouth of father in law and TASTE them, and then I made him take down his trousers and get across my lap like a little boy. Soon my hand was spanking his bare bottom fast and hard! I was getting off on hearing him whimper "I'm sorry, dear!" as his ass cheeks blushed with burning shame and humiliation...

"Lay across her bed!" I commanded "And get your ass in the air for more punishment!” My father in law obeyed without a question, asking only that I not tell his friends that 62 years old was getting spanked so shamefully by his own 25 years old daughter in law.
My hand was getting tired and I wanted him to really feel my anger so I looked around the room for something to do the job. My eyes fell on the thick leather belt from his pants. I grabbed it and began to savagely whip his bare ass. He was yelling enough to wake the dead, but I was getting HOT...

"Tell Mommy you're VERY sorry and won't do it again!" I sneered "Otherwise I'll tell ALL your friends you cried like a baby when I whipped you". He stammered an apology, but as I was about to cum from hearing that belt smack his red bare ass I just hit HARDER!.
Of course I didn't let him off so easy. I made him change positions a few more times while I punished him. Spanking your father in law is a good way for a dominant daughter in law to show him who's the boss when he sniff’s the panties of young girls.
Now my father in law obeys me without question and gets spanking from me on every weekends to remind him who is the boss of house.

At 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very successful business man, who at thirty was well on his way to achieving his life dream of owning his own company. I rose up the corporate ladder swiftly and was well respected among his peers.
At home, however it was an entirely different matter. Nancy, my wife from nine years, controlled the purse strings as well as our sex life. From the very moment after we exchanged vows, my lovely mistress with reddish brown hair that hung to her shoulders, took charge. On our wedding night I had to endure an over the lap red butt spanking before I was allowed to consummate the marriage, which I accepted without protest.
Alan truly I loved Nancy and would do anything reasonable to please her, which meant sucking her pussy every morning before he left for work and every night before bed. I was required to strip naked immediately upon entering their spacious home each evening. I’d be punished, which meant anything from a severe whipping to cock and ball torture for the slightest screw up. I was required to address her as “Ma’am” at all times. I was also required to be on his knees anytime she entered a room she was in. Despite all this, I relished the idea of giving up control to my very attractive wife.

At 2:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 54 years old man who has been dominated by my wife from last 25 years. When my son got married his wife i.e. my daughter in law was well known to my wife and soon both become good friend as both love dominating and spanking men. I have heard lot of times when my daughter in laws spanks my son he cries like baby and soon if my wife is at home my but are also made red by paddle. My daughter- in-law is big and dominates and I have told my wife to put her in her place but hadn't been unable to get her to mind her own business. One day my wife Amanda was away on a weeklong business trip and I came home sick and was home for a day when coming out of the shower I had on put on a bathrobe as I headed down stairs to watch some TV. Around noon I had taken some more aspirin, for my head ache and fever along with a large glass of water and went to the bathroom. When I came out my daughter- in-law was standing in the kitchen (she has her own key for emergencies or if we lock ourselves out) she had brought me some chicken soup as Amanda had told her I was home sick. I thanked her and she started to clean and I told her that wasn't necessary and all that I needed was rest. As usual she didn't listen and continued as if I wasn't even there then wanted to vacuum in the den were I was then wanted me to put one of her shows on and I told her no and to please leave. She then took the remote and changed the channel to which I responded "what the hell are you doing I have a headache, fever and you are adding to my discomfort by being your regular pain in the ass". BIG MISTAKE! I learned why my wife had been reluctant and unable to stop my daughter in law. She came over to me lying on the couch and grabbed me by the back of my robe around my neck and pulled me to my feet. My robe came apart to which she smiled and said well that's convent, sat down and pulled me over her knee while putting the back of robe on my back exposing my honey cheeks and started to spank me. It was then that I learned just how strong big my daughter in law was as I couldn't get up squirm off her lap or get up. She spanked me to tears over her knee. Afterwards she took my robe off as I tried to stop crying and tied the robes belt around one wrist and walked me around to the back of the couch and bent me over the back and came back to the front and wrapped the belt around the leg and tied my other wrist. She then went back around to my blind side and I heard her undo her leather belt telling her that I hadn't seen anything yet, as far as being a pain in my ass, and proceeded to whip my naked ass to her satisfaction. Then on top of all of my embarrassment and humiliation she walked out the back door leaving it wide open and returned a few minutes later and took several pictures of my naked red ass and "how the big old man fell". Later that night I got a call from my wife asking me how my day went. All I could say was fine the usual still not feeling too well and a little fever. She started laughing and chiding me saying really, just a usual day? Just a fever? Is your email up? Yes why? Well I just sent you an email pull it up won't you? As I did I saw why she was laughing? My daughter in law sent her the pictures she took. If today was an average day I can't wait to come home and give you an outstanding day nor should I say just a standing day. Now I am spanked by both my wife and mother-in-law.

At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago, I went over to my brother’s house to water the plants while he and his wife Judy were on vacation. I arrived at the house, picked up the mail and newspaper and used the key to let myself in.

As I entered the house, I heard noises from the bedroom. At first I thought it might be burglars, but then I recognized my sister-in-law’s voice. I was about to shout up the stairs to ask them what they were doing home, since the schedule I was given still had them away for another two days. However, when I made out the words she was saying, I stopped in my tracks. “You dirty little boy. How dare you show me that thing in that condition? I’m going to have to spank you until you learn your manners.”

As soon as I heard he word “spank” I felt a trickle in my panties. Instead of leaving as I should have, I decided to sneak upstairs to see what was going on. I was glad I had my sneakers on as they made me as silent as a ninja. I got into the hallway and I could peek through the partially open door.

There was my father, totally naked, standing in front of Judy. She was dressed simply in a top, shorts and sneakers as if she had just gotten off vacation. From the still unopened suitcases in the hallway, I surmised that it was exactly that situation.

What startled me the most was my father who was standing before her daughter in law with quite an impressive erection? Judy pointed to her lap and simply said, “Assume the position!” My father got up and lay over her lap. It was so comical to see my huge masculine father draped over her petite frame. She grabbed him by his testicles and pulled him into the position she wanted, clamping his penis between her legs. This was really dominating scene of daughter in law for her father in law.

She said not a word, but lifted her hand and brought it down on his cheek. There was a sharp rapport as her skin met his. I almost peed my panties but I was caught. I couldn’t move and was forced to watch. Something stronger than my will and my good sense kept me watching this tableau.

Judy kept spanking my father until his eyes were filled with tears. My big masculine father! Finally she let him up and drew him to her cooing at him and kissing him as she hugged and petted him. Then she slid off her shorts and pulled his head between her legs. My father responded with much more enthusiasm and Judy’s moans and screams covered and scolded my father.

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may have many reasons to spank your man . You might be looking to spice up your life. You might want to gain control of a obnoxious man. You may be tired of his lazy ways. Every women will have a different reason to start spanking the man in her life. The end result is always the same . You will have a more loyal respectful man . Your man will be more in love with you than ever before. Your man will be more attentive to you needs than his own. You will have a feeling of power and control . You will be more self confident. You will relieve stress from your self as well as him . You will be able to get over arguments much faster and you will always come out winning that argument . What ever your reason may be you will benefit from spanking your man .I will list some of the best methods and tools .

I personally think a good old fashioned hair brush is the best tool . I am talking about a big flat wooden hairbrush not a modern day plastic one. you can still buy the old fashioned ones in stores . You can also find them in second hand stores and the ones you will find in there will probably already have some mileage from spanking on them . This brush will be your best tool because it is easy to handle.It is very sufficient for spanking . After he is used to getting spanked by you it can be placed on the mantle every time he sees it he will be reminded of what its for . When you have company your visitors will know they are in a women controlled home. to you it will be a trophy

How a spanking should be delivered .

To me the most effective way would be over your knee . He needs to be placed over your knee there are several ways of doing this no matter how small you are or how large he is . once he is over your knees he should be spoken to. As the spanking begins you will need to focus your swats dead center of the cheek , a few good swats with a nice rhythm. Alternate from cheek to cheek .Take a moment to rub the back of the brush across his bottom while you explain why he is being punished . Then proceed with some more spanking . Do not worry about his bottom turning red as that is the goal here and if it is become red it is becoming more sensitive and your getting through to him At this time he may become very aroused this is normal especially for a first timer . If this happens be sure to be verbal about it and sort of tease him about being aroused . you can proceed as long as you like . Some women like to continue until the man begins to cry a little this will happen with even the toughest of men.

Spanking your man will give your marriage a whole new outlook. You will have a new spark ignited . You may not enjoy doing it at first but as you see the benefits roll in you will learn to love it and start looking for reasons to spank him .

I do not believe enough women are aware of the benefits of spanking so please pass the info on to your friends and family .

The male has always been improved by spanking . Spanking a male takes away his stress , motivates him in and out of the home. Gives him more desire to please his wife.
--By Dominant wife

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine not being submissive. It is the best way.

At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been dominating men for 48 years and now live the Female Domination lifestyle with my slave husband and 2 daughters 24/7 and began dominating when, at age 14, I dominated my 3 elder brothers into cleaning the house who were 21,19 and 16 years old respectively. My twin sister soon became a dominating women after following my example . I started training my daughters to be dominating at age 12 when my slave husband kneel ed and kissed their black leather knee high boots and their black leather gloves. My husband Fred wakes up every morning at 5:00AM. He takes care of the pets, exercises for a half hour and then makes coffee. At precisely 7:15AM he gently wakes me and give the coffee made just the way she likes it.
While I wakes up and enjoys my coffee, Fred gives me a massage starting at my feet and working up to my back and shoulders. Around 7:45AM I sit up and he hands her a pad and pencil and I write down a list of chores that I wants Fred to do that day and then gets up. Once I am up, Fred makes the bed and then makes breakfast, refreshing coffee and give me anything I needs. After breakfast, Fred cleans up and starts with his day.Fred lives his life as my slave, doing whatever I says and always putting my pleasure over his.A lot of men desire this type of relationship and approach their wives about it. Most women are a little shocked and confused by this. There are many advantages to this type of relationship and it can be very beneficial to both partners.I would suggest it is the duty of women to tackle boys right from teen age.I was 14 years old and I started spanking my elder brothers (21,19 and 16 years) for not helping me in household work as my mother used to live house in morning at 7 A.M and she used to come back at 8 P.M.Spanking elder brothers with support of mother gave me lot of confidence and I never hesitated to spank any male of my family.
Strict rules should me made for men so you can make better person .
If he is gaining an erection during a spanking you are doing something wrong. The nerve ending in the ass are closely tied with the nerve ending in his genitals. A gentle spanking does nothing but make your man erect and horny so whenever you spank you husband , brother , son , son in law , father in law etc.hard spanking must be furnished.Our purpose here is to control our men, not to make them excited.The only way to really accomplish this is to provide a stimulus that his body deems as unwanted, so in the future he will do whatever he can to make sure that this stimulus is not introduced again. For the punishment to be truly effective it needs to be applied immediately and severely. A proper punishment is one in which the man will be left in tears or as close as you can get. He will be left very sore and marked for many days to come.
The punishment itself will only serve so much, he must be able to feel the effects of the punishment when he sits for the next several days. 48 hours later you should be able to see the effects of the last punishment, if you do not, then it was not applied well enough. Immediately grab an implement and apply the punishment more effectively this time, making sure that his bottom is thoroughly marked when you are through.

Correct his bad behavior strongly the first time, often you won't need to repeat the punishment. Motivate him to try and please you better, or just do it because you enjoy the power. Giving sound spanking or whipping to men with Useful implements include wooden spoons, your hairbrush, his belt, a ruler, or a ping pong paddle, is very effective.In my years as a dominant woman for 48 out of 62 years of my life, I have found that my slave husband of 32 years enjoys being the true submissive slave.He has never tried topping from the bottom, has never tried to run my life, has never attempted to challenge me in an arrogant way and is willing to endure experimentation of different punishments that I have given to him.

At 2:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am submissive husband as soon as I come home I turn into her slave. I do all the work round the house, I wash up, cook dinner for my Mistress. When she’s having dinner or watching TV I massaging her feet or her back to help her relax. I usually sleep on the floor by her room’s door. Sometimes when my Mistress wants her pussy to get licked I will make her cum trying really hard to please her vagina with my tongue. When she goes to sleep I go on with my work – will iron her clothes and polish her shoes.
I wake up an hour early to make her breakfast and bath. I wake her up with kissing her feet. Sometimes she pull me by the hair and press my face to her crotch to lick her pussy again.My wife calls me her pussy slave. She even had that tattooed above my cock. She always keeps a good supply of her piss; it’s now my favorite drink. I lick her pussy enthusiastically till she has a very strong orgasm. Then she’ll mount me like a horse for me to take her to the bathroom. If she wants she can let me wash her body or just her feet.
She’ll have breakfast then, and I will lay at her feet like a dog by the master. I’ll help her get dressed and then will take her to her car. She’ll go to work, and I’ll g to work too. I spend all money on her, I buy her stones and designer clothes, take her to resorts and trips all round the world.My Mistress usually go shopping on weekends. She take me with her to carry bangs and drive her around.
My wife gives me her used panties a day after she wears them; I wear her panties on my head with the crotch of her panties over my nose and mouth. I love to smell her sweet pussy scent and I love to suck the juices from the crotch of her panties with my mouth. This allows me to savor her sweet pussy juices and scent even when my tongue is not in her pussy.
Sometimes, when I am thirsty, my wife allows me to drink her piss directly from her pussy. She squats over me in the bathtub or shower and she pisses on my face and open mouth. Of course, I have to lick her pussy and ass clean afterward.

At 4:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's fun for younger sister to spank my two elder brothers. I was 15 years old when I started spanking my elder brothers who were 18 and 20 years old .At least I've enjoyed it, being as domineering and aggressive as I am. I always had them doing stuff for me when we were young. And they knew they were to obey, otherwise they'd be punished. I loved forcing them to do things for me, even embarrassing and humiliating them sometimes. It all seemed so natural to us. I guess I was born with a dominant streak, and they sure took to submitting to me. Pretty soon I had them completely under my thumb, doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then I grew older and lost interest in that for awhile. Then I used to give them both a spanking, much harder all the time. After all, they were men now. Their smooth, muscled cheeks turned red and they winced when the palm of my hand came down sharply on their bare butts. But I knew they still loved it, as they loved it when I spanked them when we were all younger, the younger sister punishing her brothers. God that used to turn me on so much! Pulling down their jeans and their briefs, getting them to bend over or down on all fours, exposing their bare butts and then spanking them nice and hard. Sometimes I'd even use a belt. Now I had boyfriends whom I could boss around! That boy becomes my slave husband. I spank my husband frequently, usually using a wooden paddle, slipper or cane. He is responsible for keeping the house and garden tidy and he gets punished if he doesn't or doesn't do as he is told.
I've been spanking my husband since before we were married, & that's been almost 27 years now. Keep a man's butt blistered on a regular basis & he'll learn to behave, I guarantee!! In our case I initiated it as well, as I planned to, for I had spanked a few boyfriends in the past. He learned if he wanted to be with me, that I was going to be in charge, & he had one of two choices if he stayed with me, learn to love it or learn to accept it, either would do, & I really didn't care which he chose, for it was going to happen if he was going to be with me.If more wives would take charge of their marriages, punish their husbands when they need it, & help them to get rid of so many of those ridiculous macho tendencies, marriages would be much more harmonious & peaceful, & with less problems, strife & stress. My husband is very obedient, respectful, attentive & loving, & that's because I "wear the pants" in our marriage.

At 1:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife (48 years old) walked in unexpectedly on my 50th birthday and found me over my daughter in law’s (23 years old) knee getting a bare bottomed birthday spanking. I (5'6" 165 lbs.) tried getting up but my daughter in law (6'2" 190 lbs.) held me down and had a conversation with her without missing a beat. She said she wanted a turn wishing me happy birthday to. My wife laughed very loudly and said good ,very good his butt is just made for spanking. My wife asked daughter in law how this started and then my bossy daughter in law told her this sissy did mess in my panties and he was caught red handed. My daughter in law spanked me mercilessly in front of my wife and my wife told her she is spanking me from last 25 years. My wife (6'3" 225 lbs) let me up and pulled me down over her knee for my most embarrassing spanking because I was spanked by my wife as well as by my daughter in law to tears with just in few minutes.

At 2:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Nadal J.Karan 23 year’s old .My mother got separated from my father 10 years back and my father Harry Karan 46 years old took my responsibility. My father owned the business of bakery and being very brat person I used to take lot of money from my father and spend it on useless things. One year back my father appointed one young lady of the age of 19 as a Personal secretary named Sophie. Within a one month she understood whole business and my father got dependency on her. My father started dating her and I didn‘t like that but within a 6 months dating my father married to Sophie. I was very frustrated because my step mother put all the restrictions on my pocket money and she took all the control of house and business. Even I was 4 years older than my step mom but Sophie took hold over me and my father. I used to hear cry of my father when she used to spank him like a small baby. Sophie used to call my father BABY and he used to call MISTRESS. My step mom 6 foot tall and have beautiful body to attract any body. As I used to leave at home she ordered me to do all the house chores. One day when I was washing the clothes in washing machine and when I found 4 dirty panties of my step mom with her clothes. I sniffed my step mom’s Dirty Panties and the aroma of that pantie was making me hard and suddenly she came from office to take important papers …and she caught me! I was in dream with a pair of nice pink silk panties near washing machine sniffing that deliciously tart spot that covered her hairy pussy, when I noticed I had stupidly forgot to lock the door and she was standing there watching me with a strange look on her face…..She got very much angry and shouted you little pig how dare you to sniff my important panties. I just can’t speak any word and she simply pulls me from hair and shouted in strong voice take off your pant I have decided to teach you lesson. I just said please mom she got angry and pulled me towards her and opened my shorts and brief and made me bare bottom and sit on the chair and laid me on her knees. “You dirty little boy! I see I’m going to teach you lesson for your whole life and started giving me very hard spanking from her hand. I complained, but she grabbed me by the hair and turned me over on the bed and started to bring belt down on my bare bottom with hard firm strokes SMACK SMACK SMACK! I whimpered and moaned but my step mother kept spanking me till my butt was on fire! She then picked the belt and started spanking me with belt! Again and again I winced as she slapped my pale naked butt and scolded me for naughty masturbation with her panties. Finally she stopped and "allowed" me to stand in the corner and pulled my erected penis and said you will be my slave from today I was SO ashamed!

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been married for five years. I am 36 and he is 28.Even though I am 8 years old then him but I have submitted to him completely and I married when I was 31 and he was 23 years old. When we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii he gave me playful spankings before making love. He did make it clear though that he was the boss in our house before we got married. I stay home and he has an excellent job. We have a very happy relationship and a great marriage. After about 6 months of marriage we had our first real argument. He smacked my bottom and told me to go to the bedroom. I just went and sat and I was really mad at him, now I can't remember why. After forever he came in and said "old lady, you are getting a good spanking". I was shocked but didn't know what to do. He sat on the on the bed and put me across his lap, I was scared, when he pulled up my dress. He gave me some hard pats on the bottom and then took off my panties. He proceeded to give me a spanking with his hand. It hurt and he spanked me long after I started crying. He then held me and told me that we should talk not argue. He still spanks my bare bottom sometimes if we argue, but it is rare. He is the boss in our house and he has never spanked me unless I really deserved it. I am pregnant now so he said he would never spank me when I am pregnant, and he doesn't think I need spankings anymore anyway. I guess I was young when we married and needed to grow up a little, no damage done, just a red bottom now and then.

At 4:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dominant wife (27) was very happy to note that I (32) was very obedient and submissive husband.When she asked how did I learn all these things then I told her that "AS BABY SITTING MY LITTLE SISTER AND SOME OF HER GIRL FRIENDS WHEN ARE PARENTS WHERE OUT OF TOWN FOR THE DAY. I WAS ANGRY THAT I GOT STUCK WATCHING THE GIRLS SO I SUCK OUT FOR A WHILE. WHEN I TRIED TO SN EEK BACK IN MY LITTLE SISTER CAUGHT ME AND SAID YOU NO YOUR NOT TO GO OUT WHEN YOUR WATCHING ME AND SAID SHE WAS GOING TO TELL MOM AND DAD UNLESS I LET HER SPANK ME. I WAS STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE BECAUSE IF SHE TOLD MOM AND DAD I WOULD GET THE BELT. SO I SAID TO MY LITTLE SISTER THAT SHE COULD SPANK ME SHE TOOK SHE STRIPED ME NAKED AND TOLD ME TO LAY ACROSS HER LAP I WAS SPANKED BY HER AND HER GIRL FRIENDS FOR A GOOD HOUR I WAS 16 AND SHE WAS 13 years old" From that day my younger sister has dominated me for 15 years.In these 15 fifteen years she taught me that women are superior then should always obey women.In fifteen years she has spanked me almost daily even I was obedient to her just to remind me that women are superior then men.
My wife was very happy and she started giving spanking me daily.

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 75 and my wife is 48. She began hand spanking me about 25 years ago when we just married at that time I was 50 and she was young 23 years old.It was my bad habit of smoking which was really disliked by my wife.And just after 6 months of marriage it was just
out of control she was ready to leave me after nothing worked to control my behavior. A trusted friend of hers came over and recommended using harsh spankings and whippings to punishment me when I misbehaved, just as you would a teenager. Faced with this I reluctantly agreed and within minutes I found myself over her friends lap getting the worst hairbrush spanking of my life on my bare ass. My cries for mercy through my agonized sobbing fell on deaf ears. She taught my wife how to implement this in our home and although I have had to suffer through countless severe belt whippings and hairbrush spankings I know this is for my own good and I have given her no other choice. She does it because she loves me. When I feel sting and welts and the eventual inching all over my bottom for days afterward, I have a great deal of respect and a healthy fear of her that strengthens my love for her.So from last 25 years my dominant wife owner spanks me every day to remind me of my status as owned property. My daily maintenance spankings are usually given with a leather paddle. More severe punishment spankings are administered with either a thick leather strap or a riding crop is used to target my exposed anus and butt crack.
We now have spanking sessions several times a week. In fact, she has laid down a rule of no sex without a spanking first. And the spankings have gotten progressively longer and harder. She tells me that I'm a bad boy and she is going to keep spanking me until I learn to behave. I never complain, although I do squirm around and grunt a lot.My two daughters who are 23 and 21 years old know my position and both tease me by saying "Mamma's Boy".

I actualy enjoy it, especially the anticipation when she tells me to expect a hard spanking after dinner. Another plus is our sex is great now. Better than ever.

At 2:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the panty slave husband of a 45 year old wonderful dominant woman. I am 49 and we have been married for 29 years in July. Our marriage has been good over the years, having bad and good times. We have bickered and argued maybe a normal to slightly high amount, but nothing ever physical. We have tried, usually a pure sexual fetish thing, where my wife was the boss right from the first day of dating. She has the personality of the more dominate . She is pretty assertive to most everyone who knows her, an in charge and powerful woman.
She is the boss it ended in a few days with me not listening or being bad so she spank me. Well at a recent family get together my mother was making comments and said, ".....and Josie controls Ron"...I was embarrassed and she said it as a fact. It was then I knew my wife did control me from the years .So I read about FemDom and Loving Female Authority marriages. I got some books and showed my wife everything about it. We both learned a lot and we decided it would be something that we should try. I mis-understood what it meant. It was ALWAYS about me and my fetish of a dominant wife. It wasn't about actually being attentive to my wife, or being subserviant to my wife. It was about me!....after I read about the loving female authority I learned my role and then I was ready to be submissive to my wife, truly submissive. All of those years wasted on it being a kink, not a true lifestyle. My wife makes all the rules and I follow them. I ask her before I spend money or buy something. It is not a BDSM or like that, we are in a D/S, Loving female authority relationship. We joke and laugh, we tickle each other! We are both very happy. I am so attentive to her, I kiss her leg and cunt all the time, just as she likes. I massage her daily or every two days and shaves her pussy. We have an active sex life and always have had one, but its usually at her desire and I am not allowed to enter her until she says so and she controls if and when I orgasm. I am not allowed to masturbate unless I ask....I follow these orders as she knows when I lie and I know better than to lie to my Wife.I have been doing hand laundry for bra and panties from last 29 years.She allows me to wear her used panties and which I wear with no hesitation. Our sex is often and it is great and my wife would say the same.The best thing my wife likes about our new female led marriage is we do not fight. No bickering no smart remarks, nothing. The reason is I am not allowed to talk back. She lets me have an opinion but I can only say it when she says I can and I do not yell or raise my voice. If she yells or verbally berates me I just listen and say I am sorry.I am disciplined when she decides to. This leads me to my only concern..spanking. I am spanked weekly even if I've been good, as a reminder of who is in charge. If I break any of her rules I am also spanked. The severity of the spanking depends of what I have done wrong. She only spanks me when I deserve it and it keeps our marriage happy and strong. We both feel our marriage is more strong and happy than ever. Sometimes after she spanks me as just part of being kinky before sex give me her piss drink which I like it to drink as and when she offers me.
I love her so much.

At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 50 years young and married for 30 years, I have been wearing women's undies for 4o years and I still love it My stepmother found out about my love of panties and bras and since then she made me to wear them anytime. She used to snap my bra straps just to let me know that she is checking and even pull my pants out to see what color panties I have on and used to spank if I don't wear it. Now I wear panties because my wife makes me. She is really dominant and spanks me daily to remind me my position, and she has thrown out all my male underwear and replaced them with black and white sheer panties which she made me go shopping with her for. She made a point of holding them up in front of me so other people would know they were being bought for me, she also bought a couple of short nighties for me to wear in bed as she said she wanted me fully available on demand. I have to wear panties to work, I'm terrified in case I have an accident and have to go to hospital. She just thinks it's a huge joke having me wearing panties to work and has threatened to send photos to work if I don't do as she tells me to do. She also threatens to expose me to her family and tell them that I like wearing women's panties. I have to also wear her used and dirty panties to feel them from last 5 years.

At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's an old saying that at heart all men are boys. I would say that at heart all men are boys and that when there are bad boys they need to be spanked soundly.Even they grow older.I am 31 years old and my husband is 55 years old and he was my father's best friend.
The first time I spanked my husband John was early in our relationship and I was 18 years old and he was 42 years old. I remember my first spanking to my husband because it was my first show of dominance over males.We had been dating for several weeks and had slept together twice. I really liked him and thought that he was "the one". He had been fifteen minutes late picking me up for our dinner date.I went over to the night stand and got an oak ruler and a hairbrush from the drawer and sat down on the bed.John took his spanking without protest until I started to spank him with the hairbrush. After the first few strokes he protested "Ow, that hurts, Lisa. Ow. I won't be late. I promise". "Spankings are supposed to hurt. That's why naughty boys get spankings", I reminded John as I spanked him with the brush. When I finished punishing him his bottom was blushed red and hot under my hand as I caressed him.It has bee nearly 13 years Mom is punishing her bad boy for her pleasure.

At 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a man aged 35 from India. I used to work as accountant at one shop from last 10 years.The owner of shop was divorced lady.She had one daughter who liked me to dominate and she used to humiliate me and at last I got married almost 2 years back . My wife is very beautiful and smart and very younger then me.She was 21 and I was 33 at the time of marriage. I am not a tall good looking. I was thinking why such a pretty girl choose a man like me? But then I thought of it as my good luck. But I did not know what was stored for me in future.One wedding day my tall wife with good athletic built spanked me severely on my bare butt.Frankly I cried like baby and she enjoyed it.
She continued spanking me while my head was still under her sandals “Do you know why I married to you?” I replied “No” , in pain. She told “because I wanted to make you my slave. From today you are my slave and I am your Goddess. You will call me Goddess and follow all my orders. Your place is under my feet. Understand?” I could not say anything. She again asked, crushing my head even harder “Do you understand?” I said “Yes”. Say “Yes Goddess”, she ordered crushing my head as hard as she can. I said “Yes Goddess”From that day, my wife became my Goddess and I became her slave.
Daily Duties:
Wake up before Goddess wakes up. Wake her up by gently massaging and rubbing her feet. Do it till she gets up.
When she is about to get off from bed, put her slippers in her feet before her feet touch ground.Then she will directly pee into my mouth.Prepare tea and breakfast for her by the time she gets fresh and takes bath.Then she takes breakfast on dining table and I sit at ground near her feet and take breakfast.When she gets ready for office, put her clothes, laptop bag, shoes everything at place. She is a big head in her office and wears shirt, trousers and blazer with leather shoes in office. I help her wearing blazer and then put socks and shoes in her feet.Then she sits on couch reading news paper and I sit near her feet and polish her shoes. She likes her shoes shining. I have to polish it everyday.
Then she goes to office in her car. Her car is already cleaned by me in the morning before she wakes up. She commutes to office in her luxurious car and I commute in city bus. No need to say she earns much more than me. Anyway slaves do not deserve a car.Then I quickly get ready for office and leave for office.I have to come back from office before my Goddess comes.
When she arrives, I open the door and take her bag from her and put it at its place. She sits on couch and stretches her feet on the table.
I give her glass of water and cup of tea. While she enjoys her tea, I take off her shoes and socks and then I massage her feet as long as she orders me to do. Sometimes when she is tired, she orders me to massage her head as well as her shoulders also.Then I prepare dinner for her while she gets fresh, watches TV or surfing net or talking on phone.While she takes dinner, I am there to serve her. After she finishes, I clean the table, and take my dinner.Than I clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. I clean whole house as she likes everything clean.
After finishing all work, I need to get back to her feet till she decides to go to sleep.Very important point is that my mistress has thrown all my briefs and I have to wear all her used panties.My mistresses is very fond of panties and she used to change 2 times and I have to wear them.After she is slept, I can sleep.

At 6:45 PM, Anonymous dakota klein said...

not that im against this or anything, and i find it very interesting, but im not for it, ive been with my girl for 3 n a half years now, plus we dated for a year n a half before that, n shes the submissive one, personally, i will never ever let any women control me. im not messy, im very neat, im organized, im a successful welder earnin more money than doctors, and i have always demanded obedience and loyalty, ive only been with 3 girls, the first 2 felt like they were not good enough to serve me, and the 3rd girl is the one im with now, she is my slave, my pet, my plaything, i will never ever be a submissive man, i know theres many out there, and i know all too many women who like to be in charge, but i know many many more that like to have that control taken away, i dont mind dominant women all that much, and i tend to break down that control, i used to hate my mom bein in control, and my dad was cool and calm, and easygoin, i hated it once and never again will i give up my power, even tho i was a teenager then, and didnt have powere anyways, my wife loves me being in charge, i spank her, and whip her, i use her as a fucktoy, not to mention she loves bein humiliated like a little slut, she loves to please me and she loves to serve, and she loves to be disciplined and used, and i wouldnt want it any other way............................

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My step mom introduced Female Domination to my wife. She says that she loves being a dominant and liberated wife and that she will never agree to go back. I have no one to blame but myself because my submissiveness gave encouragement to Female domination. She knew nothing about Female Domination but my step mom was the one who introduced her to it and encouraged her to embrace her dominant side. She was hesitant and refused at first. My step mom tells her that I would like to be her slave as my step mom made my dad her slave. One day my step mom spanked me and my dad in front of her changed my wife's opinion. My step mom told my wife to think of Female Domination in the terms of the benefits to the woman. She suggested that my wife to use me as her slave to get me to do the housework and to be more accountable to her. This is what sealed my fate. My wife loved the notion of me doing the housework and having to give an account of all my comings and goings, while she could come and go as she pleased. My wife made me her slave; she spanked and whipped me, and began to incorporate D&S into our sex life. It was a blast and I was never happier. She gave special remarks to wash her panties by hand. My wife wanted to take me into deeper submission to her. She loved being a dominant woman. I did all the housework and that was fun the first couple of months but she kept adding more chores on me. I work a fairly stressful job but my wife expects me to come home and do housework. If I don't, she punishes me. My wife also started to deny me orgasms.
My wife gave me the details of her sexual experience with my dad and how much she enjoyed having his nice sized cock inside of her. She said my Dad knew how to use his cock and that he didn't have a problem with premature ejaculations like I did. My wife kept slamming me with the dildo as she humiliated me about her sexual liberation. I will confess that I drifted into subspace and I was enjoying the moment. I even climaxed from the dildo and that was the first time that has ever happened. My wife told me that she would never bring another man into our house but she will on occasion have sex with my dad. She enjoyed it more than she thought she would and she felt not the least bit guilty about it.
I like being dominated by her, disciplined and taken with her strap-on. I like it when she gets bitchy with me. I like it when she is getting ready to go out with her girlfriends and she dresses so hot. I feel overwhelmed with submission, knowing that she is going to be flirting with my dad and I have to stay home and clean her house. The thought of this is exciting but I find the actual living of it is not. Doing chores gets old and now that my wife has crossed over the line and has actually had sex with another man, I find that I am enjoying my plight less and less. Is there any chance we could ever go back to being a more traditional husband and wife?

At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was an amazing report. After this particular couple married, his wife was employed in the family freight-forwarding business. However, the guy was a lawyer and so was in a different profession.By all accounts, the wife was a bit of a "head turner" and very popular in the office. After having a couple of kids she returned to work. By now in her mid 30's. And was very well aware of her figure and the effect it had on men. Her skirt hems seemed to get shorter.Anyway the couple were having female domination relation as she used to spank her husband.Turned out her father in law was having a passionate affair with the sexy female sales director. The daughter in law found out and went berserk. She gave the sales director his marching orders. His father-in-law begged her not to tell her wife i.e her mother in law. So instead she said she would treat her panty slave boy. And apparently on the day in question, she was wearing a tailored red jacket and short black skirt. She put him across her knee, pulled his Pant and brief down. And she was wearing tiny white knickers, no doubt to please her slave and after making her father in law nude she gave good spanking and her father in law cried like baby and also begged to stop spanking. Leaving him humiliated and crying she throw her wet panty on the mouth of her father in law and order to wear the wet panty . But she kept his job and spanked her father in law on her wish.

At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I have been married 5 years now and she has been spanking me right from the start. Two weeks before we were to be married we got into a spat while at my younger sister's house. My dominant younger sister has been controlling me from last 12 years. It started when I was 17 years old caught red handed by dominant younger sister while I was wearing her panties. My dominant sister was 14 years old when she spanked me severely .From that day she has been controlling me. My dominant younger sister to my total amazement suddenly to me by my ear and drug me over her knee baring my bottom in front of my future wife. Holding me helplessly over her knee she then proceeded to explain to her in detail how at times I needed to be treated like a naughty child and a good spanking was always the best remedy for me. My wife Donna was totally amazed as she watched me squirm and struggle to get away from dominant younger sister but to no avail. I could feel the rush of embarrassment in my face as Donna giggled and laughed at how I was going to get a spanking on my bare backside. It wasn't long and I soon felt the sting of dominant younger sister paddle being delivered to my soon reddening bottom as the tears of embarrassment and steady crack of the paddle had in total humiliation in front of Donna. I was soon sobbing over her knee as dominant younger sister questioned me on my behavior asking me if I promised to be a good little boy now or did she need to continue. She finally lifted me off her lap and stood me up pants down in the corner as I continued to suck back the tears and myself back in control of my emotions. My dominant younger sister went on to tell Donna that any future problems she had that she would help her deal with. The night before our wedding my dominant younger sister put me over her knee again paddle me to tears. She squeezed my toy and warned if I misbehaved with Donna then consequences will be worst and gave me her wear panty and kissed on my forehead and said lovely Puppy. She then gave Donna her own personal wooden paddle and hairbrush to use on me as needed. The next days as we were married we soon left for our honeymoon. That night she made me put on her wedding dress put me over her knee and spanked with her new hairbrush my dominant sister got her. It has been 5 years now Donna has been spanking me regularly ever since and still on occasions am put back over my dominant younger sister's knee. Donna will also humiliate me in front of her mother and sister and others by spanking me when they are around.

At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am my wife's sissy slave.She has never allowed me to make love with her.I am just her sissy panty househusband.It was late Friday afternoon and I had just returned home after a long day at work. The minute I walked in the door, I knew the evening would be a mixture of indescribable pleasure/torture. My wife, Connie greeted me at the door with a glass of wine in her hand, and a gentle kiss on my cheek.She came over and gently pulled on the tampon string hanging out of my pussy ass. My wife just shook her head and smiled to herself, and then proceeded to spank me 10 times with her riding crop.y ass cheeks were on fire as I pulled my panties up and smoothed out my skirt. By this time, Connie was sitting on the couch in the family room and opened her legs seductively, rubbing the riding crop on the inside of her thighs.I quickly plunged my tongue deep into her moist cunt, and sucked on her pussy lips for all I was worth. Connie pressed her legs against my head and I felt her first orgasm. Relieved that I had performed as expected, I slowed my pace down as she panted sexily, rubbing her nipples.Well then – get up and just follow me." My wife led me into the living room. I timidly trailed behind her, watching her sexy ass sway underneath the silk nightgown she was wearing.In the living room, sitting on our couch, was Jim, my Uncle.She went over to him, leaned over, and gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth.Connie said, "and you're a good little girl."I couldn't believe it. My wife was going to fuck My Uncle Jim her lover right in front of me.My wife and her lover slowly began to fuck as I impotently stood by and watched. From time to time, Connie would look me squarely in the eye and a wicked smile would form or her lips. At other times, she just closed her eyes in ecstasy and bit her lower lip with her teeth, grunting as Jim shoved his black monster into her hungry pussy.
I helplessly thought to myself, "No wonder Connie likes Jim's cock – he's big, hard, long and he has incredible stamina." Then another thought raced into my mind; "Jim's everything I'm.Finally my wife started to orgasm, and Jim began thrusting his cock in a very rough way into her cunt. His balls kept slapping my wife's ass and she just begged for more and more. not."hey both grunted and moaned in front of me as I helplessly watched my Uncle Jim's seed in my wife's fertile womb. I could only imagine how much sperm Jim had just deposited into my wife.I felt degraded and humiliated, as my wife sneered, "Get over here and clean us up – I don't want any cum to drip on the sofa."I quickly leaned over and put my mouth close to her vagina. Then I stared in astonishment as my eyes, only inches from my wife's pussy focused on Jim's big, cock as he began to withdraw.Connie gently guided it into my open mouth and I began to lick and suck the liquid essence of their love. After a moment or two, Jim pulled his cock out of my mouth and then I moved my head slightly to look at my wife's pussy.I quickly began to lap their love juices I knew if I let Jim's cum drip from my wife's pussy onto the leather sofa, I would be punished severely.I quickly began to lap their love juices u I knew if I let Jim's cum drip from my pussy onto the leather sofa, I would be punished severely.Now go upstairs and put on some fresh lipstick, Timmy. You're a mess from eating me," my wife commanded, "and then get back down here."

At 2:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and Lisa, my dominant wife was home and my sister-in-law Karen was over to spend the evening. My dominant wife Lisa said to Karen shall we game with my slave pointing towards me. Karen laughed and said sure Lisa. Lisa said You have to serve both of us in any way we ask, anything goes, you must grovel at are feet, ass etc. anything, even you have to take pee in your mouth. I knew my dominant wife's nature if I refused it my ass will be as red as chili. I looked at her in shock.
Karen said “get on your knees" in commanding voice. I kneeled down before the both of them. My wife removed the loose pair of warm up pants, she had on and she was wearing spandex also. Karen looked at Lisa. “Just then Lisa yelled "Slave come here and press your face between my cheeks." I went over to her on my knees and inserted my nose in her behind, seconds later she farted in my face. "Sniff that fart, slave ". I inhaled deeply, and this was a first, I never before had intentionally smelled my wife's farts. Both laughed in my face as I inhaled. Karen sat on the couch and said Slave go get us two beers, then get back to my feet" I ran to the kitchen and got two beers, came back and handed the beer to them, and got back on my knees. "Good boy", Karen said.
"Take off your clothes and come to my knees". Commanded my sister-in-law Karen and I did I was told and she started spanking me severely. I was crying like baby but she was scolding and saying that I need my medicine from time to time.I opened and she stuck it in, and I sucked."Keep your mouth open wide commanded my Karen my sister in law and she sit on my mouth and started pissing directly in my mouth and I drink ed her piss. “Karen looks at me “Get up, go over to your wife and lick her armpits. Lisa puts her hands behind her head, exposing her pits and says "Yes slave boy, tongue my pits clean, it was hot today." I lower my head and lick my wife's pits. "Bet it tastes good, I'm next, Karen said. I walk over to Karen; she lifts her arms and pushes my head to her armpit for cleaning. "That beer went right through me", Lisa says "I have to take a leak toilet boy, get on your back". My wife looks right at me and points to my mouth "I'm going to piss right in your mouth and you have to drink it, on your back". Lisa removed her panty and squatted over my face. Karen got in close for a good look at the human toilet. Lisa sent a hot stream of piss in my mouth; I gulped her salty gift as fast as I could. Karen went to the kitchen and got a glass. She giggled in my face, right before she started to urinate, then she filled the glass, and put it on the table. She grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face to the glass. “Smell my golden wine, I made for you." My nose was an inch from the piss and I inhaled the urine stench to satisfy her. "Dip your tongue in the piss and taste it, whose piss tastes better." I dipped my tongue in the liquid waste and sampled its flavor; it was much less acidic than my wife's piss. Karen went in the kitchen and got a straw. "Drink it with this straw, you can taste it better and you can't gulp it. I drank Karen's piss. When I finished, Karen got me down on my knees, at her ass. A smile came to Karen's face "That's the best idea all day, your little fagot hubby eating me out till I come.

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know some families think spankings should be this whole private affair, occurring behind closed doors and never discussed. I don't understand that mentality myself. It's not like everyone in the house doesn't already know or isn‘t going to know. If you've ever been in a house where a spanking is taking place I'm sure you would agree. In my family we keep it right out in the open. If someone has misbehaved and is going to get a spanking, everyone in the house knows about. In fact, you might even say that we want everyone to know. Everyone knows what you've been up to and why you deserve one so there is no good reason for them to be excluded from the execution and certainly a few reasons for them not to be. Also, let's not forget how much more effective a little humbling humiliation can make a spanking. I'm absolutely certain anyone who has suffered a spanking in front of witnesses can attest to the veracity of my claim. When you are spanked in front of everyone and keep it an open topic for discussion, it's a lot harder to act like you are too old for them. Not to mention, younger family members are very good about pointing out just how recent your last spanking was and how soon the next one could be. In our house the lead has been taken by younger brother's wife .She is very dominant and the whole house runs around her finger. Obviously, I am well aware of my younger brother wife i.e. my sister in law spank equally me and my brother. What might be a little bit of a surprise is that I am 44 years old and my sister in law who is 34 years old never hesitate to spank me also well aware of my sister in law spank my father in front of us.. For some I guess this would be weird, strange, or even unbelievable, but for me it's happening from last 15 years. My sister in law is tall and fit with a nicely rounded bottom and ample bosom. You guys can stop drooling anytime; remember she is married to my brother. Anyway, when she spanks me, my brother and father it nice treat. There are the obvious reasons for the guys but for me it's also nice to see someone older than me took my panties (In our house gents are allowed to wear panties) down. As our bottom turns pink and then red, I get a nice sense of satisfaction knowing when it comes to bending over for a spanking, we are all equals. I recall an incident when my sister in law went and got her big paddle, we're talking hefty wood with holes in it. She was clearly a little angry as she ordered my father and took off her panties. My sister in law took her time laying on swats. She raised the paddle high in the air and then waited. Father clenches his teeth and probably his buttocks in expectation, but then nothing. Eventually he'd start to relax and that is when she'd swing. The pop echoed in the living room like thunder in a canyon. He'd cry out in discomfort and his feet would bounce around as he tried to absorb the pain, but his hands stayed tightly gripped to the edge of the coffee table. I think she gave him about 25 swats. I could be wrong because I sure wasn't counting. Since that incident, I don't think she has lost her temper quite like that again. Sure, she still spanking us for various things she does, but that's just life. I think my father learned an important lesson .

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am slave husband of my wife from last 3 years and I was married at 25 to my dominant wife of the age of 30 years and she had 12 years dominant daughter and my dominant wife treated me as slave during our dating. As she had handsome job and plenty of money and I was need of shelter and I accepted her proposal to become her slave On the wedding day my Mother in Law came to me when I was getting ready in the church she came in and in front of my Maid she pulled me over her knee, pulled down my pants and briefs and spanked my bare bottom ($%!@) with a hair brush until I was crying like a baby and had a very sore and red bottom. I did not like it, but was in better spirits after the spanking. At the reception I got a second surprise, my father in law, told me that sister in law wanted to see me up in our room, we had our reception in a hotel and received a free room. We went upstairs and my dominant wife, mother in law, , and my 20 years younger sister in law where waiting for me. I was escorted by my henpecked Father in law. My Sister law had her hair brush in her hand and said she wanted to show me what I could expect from her when I needed it in the future, I said nothing but just went over her knee and let her give me my second bare bottom spanking of the day. I am still spanked by my Mom in Law and am also spanked by my Sis in Law, who is 5 years younger than me. My dominant wife never hesitate to spank me in front of my step daughter because she says in future she too will spank me, I poor guy under the control of dominant women.

At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am slave househusband to my dominant wife.I married her at the age of 21 when she was 19 years old.I was brought from Indian village at the age of 14 when my parent died by her parents.The day i came to her house she started dominating me.My first humiliation and slapping was done at the age of 15 when I refused to wash her bra's and panties.She slapped me very hard for 5 times for that.From that day I am washing her inner garments by hand from last 3o years. She is breadwinner in our family. Her parents have kept enough money for her. She doesn't allow me to do job. I am her male wife. Doing all her house work and leave as her slave. she has made me wear bangles. She has not allowed me to cut my hair and now its shoulder length. i tie this in many girlish hairstyles. I love to be her slave househusband. She is in complete control of our relation. She calls her female friends at home and shows her power on me, humiliating me by telling to wear bangles, clean her feet, applying lipstick. I love this slave life.

At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I have always been confident in the power of my beauty. And the fact that I was able to marry two men and live with them under the same roof, was a great booster to my self-belief. I've always dominated both my husbands.I am 27 years old and my first husband whom I divorced 3 year back named Same is 25 years old and my second husband Rate is 13 years older than me i.e 40 years old.But Sammie my first husband even after divorce lives with me to serve me.Every morning, Rattie gets up early and starts preparing breakfast for all of us. Then he brings me and Sammie our bed tea. I sit up naked in bed and sip it. Usually I ask Rattie to give me a gentle shoulder massage, to get my circulation going. My child from the two of them is generally a late riser, and by that time I enter the bathroom and have a shower. Both my husbands share the task of washing me, soaping me with zeal, shampooing my hair, and applying conditioner to it. Sometimes I get excited, and we have sex in the shower. They towel me dry. Then they carry me to the bedroom, place me on the bed, and apply moisturizer to my naked body. Then they put on my clothes, beginning with my panties.

My baby is usually awake by now, and I take care of his needs. Often Rattie's Father stays with us to help take care of the baby. Rattie serves breakfast, and then Sammie prepares to go to work as he is good earner. Rattie does the dishes and cooks the afternoon meal, before going to college to take classes. He comes back in the afternoon and cleans up the house. Then he goes back for some more classes.When Sammie gets back from work, he and Rattie get together to do the laundry.My special order fr them is to wash my lingeries by hand.Then they cook the night's meal. Meanwhile I go to the gym to keep my body in shape and Rattie's father is always with me to help me in gym.When I come out he helps me in changing clothes and fun part is that I usually throw my et panties on his mouth ad also spank him there for 5-10 minutes.When my father in start crying like baby I order him to drink my piss.Which he do obediently.
My husbands do everything to please me. They buy me roses and chocolates and even an occasional diamond. If they do anything wrong, or try to be lazy, I scold them unhesitatingly, even spank them severely in front of Rattie's father. One day, I made rattie's father naked and pull him on my leg and spanked him very hard and I made my two husbands go down on all fours, like dogs, and lick my sandals. Both my husbands now use my surname.Yes, I do treat my husbands like dogs, but I give them all the sex that they want, and in ways that no woman can give them. So they love me, and despite my harshness, I'm also a loving mistress.

At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 62 years old man living with my son and dominating daughter in law (DIL).My DIL is 30 years old.I have been very badly behaved lately and made my best friends and family very unhappy. DIL has taken over most of my family punishments now and she happened to come across this suggestion.Daughter in Law gave me a good hard spanking on my bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush. Just when i thought my punishment was over,She made me stand with my hands behind my head while She spanked me very hard, but only with Her hand. Still, six hard spanks on each side had me sobbing and pleading, with tears running down my face. Even that wasn't all.She put me in the diaper position, ankles wide apart and tied to the bed while She spanked my very exposed and vulnerable "private" area. So when we went out afterward to a New Year's Eve party, and i didn't sit down the whole evening because it was paining a lot.

i still have a family punishment to come, which Daughter in Law will administer. She thinks i deserve a real dose of what Jennie recommends and says she has just the implement for it! i have to agree with everyone that the wearing panties is a very effective, and is necessary way to punish a grown bad man like me.I think every woman should punish bad man like me.

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am in the same situation i love my wife very much i would do anything that she asked but she does not like the idea of dominating me. h e l p please

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous mistorture said...

very unusal, she usually cant wait to get a collar and leash on her husband, when i take mine to bed i make him massage me all and if im not satisfied i will take the paddle to his arse then the dildo straight up there without any gentle easing. one thing i do is gag the bitch first, then when ive finished i tie his leash at the bottom of the bed put a cover over him.

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wot ur waiting for get him collared,gaged,whipped, anally violated thats wot i did and he loved serving me.

At 6:54 AM, Anonymous sue said...

my man obeys me to he loves it to, whatever i demand he will do with pleasure.

At 1:55 PM, Anonymous stev said...

sounds great

At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world is full of automatic responses that people use to common questions. One of the most common questions among submissives is “Why do you submit?” and what’s the response 9 times out of 10? “To please her.” Sure it’s a selfless response, but is it always the best answer and perhaps not the most honest? I’m going to talk about why I think we need to reflect on the question more before we consider the auto-response to be the true and valid one for our personal submission.

It’s an honorable thing to think that your submission is only to please another, your Dominant, but I only know of a smaller minority where this is the full truth. And it doesn’t apply to me at all. Sure I love to serve my Dominant and when She’s happy I’m on cloud nine, but what I get out of it is a far greater reason for my submission. When She’s happy I receive peace and joy. I’m content and stress-free. Her pleasure is a conduit to that end. Without his happiness of my service I can’t obtain that peace and that’s why I serve her.

It doesn’t make me any less submissive because I need something in return for my submission. In fact, I’d wager many of you reading this right now are realizing that the results of pleasing her are what really drive you to continue doing so. What are some other valid reasons that you submit?
Your pleasure
A sense of accomplishment
For the good of the family/community
To fee order and a release of control
The need of structure and discipline
A sense of true self
To recapture a moment of child-like innocence
Any other reasons?

Why do we need to think beyond the words, “to please her?” For most of you, you won’t need to. Your contentment in service doesn’t require looking deeper and further inward to yourself. My Dominant has taught me to always look inward and deeper than I ever have before and that’s where my realization that just saying that I submit to please her just wasn’t good enough. I know there are some of you who also feel a need to look inward on your submission and understand the root of your desires.

Why do you submit? Is it more than his pleasure that drives you?

At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother who raised 2 boys and 2 girls after my father left her regularly used the strap to keep the boys in line. My brothers learned to respect women and did most of the housework. When I brought my boyfriend, John, he was 32 years old and i was only 19 years old,home to meet my mother, he was surprised to see my 20-year old brother standing in the corner after having received a thorough strapping for looking at porn on the web. My mother explained to John that the world would be a better place if women were in charge and males of all ages subject to strict, but loving, discipline. I agreed with my mother and told John that I would not have sex with him until we were married and I would not marry him unless he agreed to be subject to my discipline. He looked longingly at my mini-skirt and agreed to my conditions.I told him he will be always Mummy's boy.

After we were married, I spanked John several times for masturbation, but he did not learn his lesson and continued this dirty behavior. One day I discovered he had set up a spy camera in the guest bedroom when my sister was visiting and was masturbating while watching her undress. I discussed this my mother who pointed out that males become even more macho if they can take punishment without flinching. What was needed was punishment that was severe and humiliating to break down the macho traits.

When John came home from work, I confronted him with the evidence of his wrong-doing and ordered him over a padded bench and proceeded to whip him with a leather strap turning his bare ass a bright red. I then ordered him into a tiny dark closet to await the rest of his punishment. I left him there for a full day. I then invited my sister to witness the remainder of his punishment. He was ashamed and humiliated when he had to stand naked in front of my sister and apologize. I then ordered him to hold out his hands so that he could receive the appropriate punishment for masturbation. I brought down the strap full force on his hands. This was extremely painful and soon he broke down and cried like a little boy. He pleaded with "mummy" for mercy and kept withdrawing his hand. I handed the strap to my sister, grabbed John's wrist, and told him that naughty boys who don't accept their punishment would get extra. After my sister finished the hand strapping, I gave him his extras with a dozen strokes of the cane on his ass and thighs. He cried and cried for a very long time.

Since then John has been a much better husband. He cleans, irons, and cooks while wearing panty. He is expected to bring me to orgasm with his tongue. If he does not perform these tasks well, as seems to happen every week or two, he has to bring me the strap that hangs in the kitchen and ask for correction. I always bring him to tears during the punishment and often add to his humiliation by inviting female friends over when he is doing corner time. Of course John is not allowed any sexual relief for several days after he is punished. And when I do permit him to have sex (with me on top of course), he knows that he will be caned if he comes before I give him permission.

John seems to enjoy this unusual relationship: he likes being "mummy's little boy" and I allow him to suck my breasts and let him rub his little pee-pee against my soft thighs while getting an over-the-lap hand-spanking. I feel very close to my little boy when I comfort him when he cries and like the praise I receive from other women for having such a well-trained husband. I also get a thrill from strapping him and wonder if women are missing out on this pleasure.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I had been married for a months when we went to stay with my parents for a few weeks. During our courtship Bart had asked about the way my siblings and I were disciplined by our parents. I had explained that my parents were very old fashioned and that rudeness was often met with a trip over a parents knee. Bart said that he found the idea of a bare bottom spanking was "hot". I explained that my experiences were purely discipline and something to be avoided at all costs. I explained that the girls were spanked with a large wood hair brush and that mom would make the boys cut a switch. The second day during lunch Bart told my mom she was ridiculous during a discussion about abortion. My mom explained that while in her house he should watch his attitude or else. Not getting her meaning Bart pressed his point angering mom by telling her she was backwards. As things escalated my mom warned Bart again to no avail. I could see mom was really getting upset and my sisters and I implored him to apologize and change the topic. Well I guess in some way Bart was testing mom and instead of apologizing he insulted her by saying her attitude was from the dark ages.
Bart is a small trim man and mom is a rather large stocky woman. Things had gotten pretty heated when mom got up and steamed out of the room. She returned a minute later carrying the dreaded hair brush. My sisters and I pleaded with both of them but mom said Bart had gone too far and that she was going to teach him some manners. Bart said to mom that she must be joking. She told him to come with her or leave her house. So against our pleadings Bart left the kitchen with mom. A minute later we could hear the sound of the hair brush slapping and soon howls and pleading from my new husband. 30 minutes later they emerged and we noticed Bart sitting very hesitantly. Mom explained that if I were smart I would give him a good hiding when ever he was rude or smug. Later Bart showed me the result of his session with mom and was he ever black and blue. That was the beginning of our marriage and for years now I have been spanking him. He has been very careful around mom all these years!

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it would be best to castrate the men and make a girl out of them make them wear panties ,,,bra ,, and a dress ,, shave their legs and grow long hair like a girl

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thank that you should castrate the men and make a girl out of them shave their legs and body grow long hair put on panties, bra and a dress and lipstick

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A naked 10 year old girl has nothing to look at

At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be best to castrate these men.their dick would not get hard and they could not cum,they would not have any desire for sex, type in CASTRATION and watch a horse get castrated, A girl that castrated a horse said that it gave her a thrill when she cut the balls off,a him is now an it,,tell these men how easy it is, just make a one inch cut in the sack the skin will strech and pop the balls right out,you will get so excited that you will pee in your pants,invite all the girls to come and watch,he will be put to sleep.don t say castration ,tell him he need to have his balls removed for his own good,if a man has prostate cancer the first thing the doctor does is remove the balls,tell his you think that he has a prostate problem and he will let you remove his balls,,You ll be better off without these,you will have so much fun with him after that,when you shit he will wipe your ass and you will not have to do that any more, he will lick your ass like I ve see dogs do,the little girl children can poke an enema tube in his ass and watch the water shot out,they would think thats funny ang giggle like those little girls do,he would be so much fun to have arround that I think that Ill go get me one,

At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, after my marriage i come to know about my husband's desire to be a women rather then man. he wish to wear saree, sandals, bra panty etc. and live like a housewife. in start i was very confused. but after some time realize, that not allowing him will make him unhappy and it will affect our relationship. so i started to wear male dresses and he started to wear saree, salwar suit etc. at present i m working member of my family and he is househusband and a bahu for my mother-father. i drove his bike and its make him very happy. he do all the job like cleaning, brooming etc. in night he comes to me wearing saree with bra-panty and i have to remove them for sex. as i m only child of my parents its working good for us. as i am from well to do family and have a good job he don't need to do anything. sometimes he irritate me and i punish him and I spank my slave husband severely and I also piss into his mouth.He feel good in that situation saying that it is part of his life and he needs to control in that way. my friend and family member also treat him just like my wife.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger john said...

ood luck bioth of you and your journey. i think its better life than normal.woman is always best and men under woman .i beleive this ideas.i am now introducing my wife to this life style.she enjoying

At 12:51 PM, Blogger john said...

Good luck bioth of you and your journey. i think its better life than normal.woman is always best and men under woman .i beleive this ideas.i am now introducing my wife to this life style.she enjoying

At 12:52 PM, Blogger john said...

i love this life style very much.i always obey my wife.she is very strict and very knowlede woman. i always learn lots from her. so i can be obey and do all house work including wash her cloths.she punish me only if i do wrong or not doing. its ok for me. i love her very much. when we have sex she lick my cock. so i am very happy.i always lick her pussy and feet nicly as a dog.

At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know? This is the best way to live for a couple. They never get bored with their marriage. It would be feeling as if they just got married. Husband should always be in control and such marriages will last long

At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my wife has now managed to get me totally under her control. It started with her controlling my orgasms and then denying me any sexual release for long periods.i wanted to please her so i did my best to control myself. I became so frustrated despite regular cold showers that i would have done anything to get relief.My wife came home from work one day sat on the high kitchen stool and asked me to massage her feet.I knelt down took off her boots and massaged her feet. she then said take all your clothes off. i thought i was at last going to get relief but she again asked me to massage her feet. she then raised her foot to my mouth and said kiss it...soon i was kissing and licking both feet...and i think that at that moment i had become her slave! from then on every night i had to strip and massage and tongue bath my wifes feet.eventually after weeks of no orgasm i lost control but she caught me masturbating. It was then that a punishment regime started. I got a hard caning for that from then on she started to set me tasks with a caning if it was not done to her satisfaction. all this time i had to satisfy her with oral sex which just made it worse for me. then she caught me masturbating again but this time i didnt get the cane she said she could not trust me so for my own good the problem would have to be sorted once and for all. a week later after my cold shower she produced a chastity device with a lock which i have to wear all the time.she releases me for a shower but makes sure i dont touch my cock..if i get an erection she turns the shower to cold until she can put the chastity device back on me.occasionally when my wifes has the need for full sex i get release but it is not very often!I used to masturbate far too much so i am glad it is now under control i love my wife and am now happy to be under her control but just wish the canings were not so hard and frequent i do my best to please her but she always finds a reason to cane me and if i protest i know that she will just cane me harder and administer more strokes.I will just have to try harder to please her!

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was given the option, accept or get out.I wasn't happy but had know where to go.She's the bread winner I am the submissive house husband.As times gone on she's slept with many men,singles,pairs and even groups of them.There's no condoms I clean and hope.I do worry what if she gets pregnant especially by one of the black men. A new development I'm not happy with I'm now a fluffer. She knows I can't refuse. I wank,suck and prepare big cocks,small cocks, white cocks and coloured cocks for my greedy wife.I've had some that have cum in my mouth and have been made to swallow for my incompidence.The word is she wants me to be buggered.What can I do but lube up and take one?

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 42 years old and happily married for 18 years and regularly
spank my husband when he has done
something that angers me. I usually
make him undress before I drape him
over my lap and take the paddle to
his bare cheeks. When I am really
upset with him and plan to give him
a extremely painful spanking I have
to make certain he is going to hold
still until I finish blistering his
butt. I am 5'8" 140 lbs with strong
shapely legs. To render my husband
helpless I make him lie on across
out bed with his head over the side
and I straddle his head locking his
neck between my muscular thighs in
a crushing standing scissor hold as
I take the paddle to his bare rear
until he is bawling like a baby and
at time feeling his tears trickling
down my calves. My husband tries to
avoid doing anything to anger me so
that he won't have to suffer one of
my excruciating standing scissor

to render him helpless. I am 5'8"
and 140 pounds with shapely strong
legs. To keep my husband

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Megan said...

I lost my 15 years relationship during December. My husband left me with so many pains and since then i have been heart broken and shattered. I have contact 7spell casters and 7 of them has rip me off my money without no result. I have Emailed so many sites online looking for a good spell caster untill i was directed by a 20 years old boy to At first i never believed him because he was requesting for some amount of money to buy items to cast the spell, it took him 4 weeks to convince me and something occur to my mind and i said let me give him a trial. I was very shocked when Nichasin called four days after i sent Dr.Zack Balo the items money. He apologies for all he has done wrong and i am very happy that we are together today now because he proposed to marry me. I will advise you contact because he has done wonders in my life and i believe he can help you out in any problem.

At 6:03 AM, Blogger Faceunder1 said...

For me punishment is my reward for obedience, a job well done.

My mistress wife who's property it is my privilege to be knows full well that I really enjoy having her beat me, and therefore withholds it if my behaviour is not up to her requirements.

However, when she is pleased with what I have done, she will say "Would you like your to have your reward now".

To which I always reply "Yes please mistress" She then gives me what I long for, when she has finished, I am required to kiss her feet, and thank her several times for the reward she has just given me. She will then say "Enough, no problem, it's my pleasure"


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Faceunder1 said...

My new owner than said, Is there anything you would like to ask me ?

Yes please Mistress, I replied, so far all that you have done has given me pleasure, If I am to demonstrate my devotion, I must cost me something, I must experience pain.

No problem She replied, follow me.

She took me naked down into the cellar, fastened my wrists together, and secured them to a steel hook attached to the ceiling. She then separated my feet and clamped them to the opposite ends of a short wooden beam, after which She covered my mouth with several strips of sticky tape.

All this was done in complete silence. She then left the cellar, and went back up stairs for a while. Leaving me strung up for an indefinite period to contemplate what She would do to me when at last She condescended to return.

On the wall in front of me were erected two large full length mirrors, so that I could see Her behind me as She punished me. This was done with a broad leather belt.

Again this was done in total silence, She never said a single word, and I could not make any sound due to the gag. The only noise to be herd was the sound of the leather belt as it struck my flesh

She took Her time, She was in no hurry. there was as much as ten seconds between each blow. After She has given a dozen or more strokes, She left once more for an unspecified time, before returning to continue my punishment which hurt a great deal.

However, the knowledge that I was completely helpless, unable to move, and totally in Her power for as long as She liked, was joy unspeakable.

When She at last released me, I knelt down in front of Her, to kiss Her feet, and thank Her profusely for what She Had done.

Only when She said “That’s enough” did I stop.


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